About Us
Mission:  The Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center provides  opportunities for social physical and cultural growth.

The Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center (DLCCC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) providing services to Detroit Lakes and the surrounding communities. The Lakes area is rich in history, tourism, tradition, and growth.  The construction and renovation project that built the DLCCC exemplifies the importance the community places on enriching the lives for people of all ages and walks of life.  The center is equipped with a fitness and aquatics area, theater, learning center, senior center, child care and more.

The Fitness & Aquatics Center

The Center is equipped with a state of the art pool and fitness area that serves over 3,000 members.  A strong scholarship program allows people of all Socio-economic levels to use and enjoy the facility.  The facility offers the following amenities:

Weight room  - free weights and circuit weights

Running/walking Track

Women’s only workout room called the X-Zone

Cardio Fitness Area – complete with many different kinds of machines

Tennis Volleyball

Racquetball courts

8 lane pool

120 foot waterslide


Massage Therapy


2 basketball courts

Golf driving and putting range

Poolside party room

Personal training


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The Historic Holmes Theatre

The Historic Holmes Theater brings the arts into our daily lives through a beautifully renovated 837-seat theater providing music, dance, theater and visual arts to the residents of Detroit Lakes and surrounding communities. The performances range from local talent to nationally and internationally known artists. 

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The Area Learning Center

The Area Learning Center provides a strong educational environment for at risk youth.  The ALC provides a unique atmosphere for students to work and grow academically despite difficulties in a traditional school setting.

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The Senior Nutrition Center

Over 20,000 meals are served per year through Meals on Wheels and another 10,000 meals are served on site annually to seniors in Detroit Lakes and surrounding communities.

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The Holmes School was constructed in 1931 and was a center for education in Detroit Lakes for many years.  It served as both a High School and Jr. High School until 1978 when a new school was constructed.  The building was empty, except for one floor, for many years.

In 1999 a group of community members came together to discuss a community center – a dream that had been talked about for over 20 years.  Eventually, the decision to renovate the “Old Holmes School” became a part of the conversation.  The proximity of the “old School” to the downtown area would bolster the region’s tourism economy and make use of the empty building.  Discussion about the old school brought visions of renovating the 800+ seat theater, creating conference rooms out of old school rooms, and maintaining some classrooms for an alternative school.  Excitement grew as the vision expanded into a full fitness and aquatic center, day care facilities, and additional space for commercial tenants.   

This all came true, and more, when the renovation and additional construction ended in January 2001 with a building over 105,000 square feet.  Today the Detroit Lakes Community  & Cultural Center currently houses a Fitness & Aquatics center, a Senior Citizen’s Center, an Alternative Learning Center, multiple daycare facilities, and of course, the beautifully renovated 837 seat Historic Holmes Theatre and Event Center. 

The most impressive part of this facility is the willingness of community members to raise nearly $4 million in one year to support the renovation and construction of this awesome vision.  The total price tag of the facility was $9.5 million  and the center continues to pay off a construction loan of $1.5 million from the City of Detroit Lakes. 

The facility is managed by Holmes Center, Incorporated and has a board of directors consisting of 8 representatives from the city, school, community and the Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation.  There are over 60 employees that run the center including, lifeguards, fitness instructors, theatre operations, maintenance staff and more!  The Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center is a place for everyone.  Not only is the fitness and aquatics center impressive, but the renovated theatre is a wonderful place to entertain audiences. 

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Board of Directors

Dennis Winskowski, Chaiperson

Cyndi Anderson

Catherine Black

Mike Herzog

Lynn Hummel

David Langworthy

Greg Potvin

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Scholarship information:

The scholarship program's primary goal is to provide reduced rate Basic Annual Memberships for individuals or families for facility usage.  The Scholarship Program has been developed for individuals or families in what would be considered a crisis situation. A "crisis situation" would include: a disability, a medical referral, rehabilitation, a family situation, or any other situation where assistance is needed.  The applicant must provide information that substantiates their need for a reduced membership. The first step to acquiring a Scholarship Membership is to come to the Detroit Lakes Community Center and fill out a confidential application. Please ask the front desk staff for the application.  The membership rate is based on a sliding scale.  Everyone is asked to pay a portion of the membership fee unless extreme circumstances exist. Please contact us at 844-4221

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