There are hundreds of Rock N’ Roll treasures hidden in every continent of the earth.

One particular man who has had a profound effect on the American society of Rock N’ Roll Is Dave Appell.

Way back in the 1950’s when Rock N’ Roll was really beginning to peculate, Dave was there heating things up. From his own performing talents with his group “Dave Appell and The Applejacks” to witting/arraigning/ orchestrating, producing, engineering, making the coffee and sweeping the floors, Dave was one of the stars behind the stars.

On this site you can download clips of a September 2006 interview with America’s truly oldest teenagers. At 84 years young he is still writing and recording his fabulous melodies. All new idea’s and unique sounds that only Dave can dream up.

As you peruse Dave’s site, you’ll be able to sample some of the biggest hits in Rock N’ Roll that was responsible for or had a hand in. You’ll also get to hear never released archives as well as soon to be release new material.

So enjoy every “Twist” and turn as you “Stomp though Bristol” and “South Street”.