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Infinity Ropes

Introduction to the brand


Welcome to the world of Infinity Ropes. On this website we hope to give an insight into the thinking and design factors behind this exciting new brand, explaining more about the ropes we make and how we make them, enabling you to make a more informed choice when the time comes to purchase your next rope.

The Infinity Ropes project evolved from a challenge set by our mega-experienced climbing team to create a series of ropes that were both technically advanced and up to the rigours of ‘top-end’ climbing. Infinity Ropes have the advantage of starting with a ‘blank canvas’ and therefore have been able to produce a very targeted product line made to meet the modern climbers needs.

Initially I counted upon my 28 years experience of ‘top-end’ climbing throughout the world to recognise what individual climbing styles require from a rope. Then I drew on the experience of our climbing team as well as my many years in climbing rope manufacturing to achieve my aims: first as a design brief and then in the factory.

These new ropes feature a number of exciting new developments to ensure that whichever rope you choose and whatever it is put through that you will be using the most tailored and responsive designs on the market today.

Our objective has always been that this initial Infinity range presents a positive purchase option for the majority of climbers in the UK and with the small but focused line we’ve produced I’m happy we’ve achieved this. I‘m excited to imagine all the fantastic trips that this Infinity rope will accompany you on and I sincerely hope and believe that your rope will live up to both our expectations.

Martin Atkinson signature

Managing Director - Wild Country / Infinity Ropes and Designer Infinity Ropes


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Rope Colour Weight Falls Impact Force Elongation Dry Coated Length 50 Length 60 Length 70
Sprint 8.4 Orange 45 6 645 11% Yes Yes Yes No
Sprint 8.4 Blue 45 6 645 11% Yes Yes Yes No
Sprint 10mm Black 64 8 875 8% Yes Yes Yes Yes

Enduro Ropes

Rope Colour Weight Falls Impact Force Elongation Treatment Non Dry Treatment Dry Length 50 Length 60 Length 70
Enduro 9mm Red 52 12 630 11% Yes No Yes No No
Enduro 9mm Blue 52 12 630 11% Yes No Yes No No
Super Enduro 9mm Yellow 52 12 630 11% No Yes Yes No No
Super Enduro 9mm Green 52 12 630 11% No Yes Yes No NO
Super Enduro 10.5mm Purple 70 8 860 9% No Yes Yes Yes Yes



Endure 9mm

Super Enduro 9mm

Super Enduro 10mm

Sprint 8.4mm

Sprint 10mm

New Vision & Elite harnesses 'superb'......
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Website last updated: 8th Feb 2007
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