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Libby trial: Jurors taking note of Fleischer testimony

Posted: Monday, January 29, 2007 12:42 PM by Hardball


While Ari Fleischer’s testimony about a July 7, 2003 lunch with Libby appears to be the most dramatic testimony against Libby so far, inside the courtroom this has also been the first time in the trial we’ve noticed every juror/alternate appearing to write down everything the witness is saying.  Fleischer is answering his questions by looking at the jury as he responds, and as Fleischer testified about being told by Scooter Libby over lunch that “Ambassador Wilson was sent (to Niger) by his wife, she works at the CIA, and she works in the CIA’s Counter Proliferation Division,” all of the jurors/alternates were writing in their notebooks.  A few minutes later, during another question, the jurors all looked down and wrote in their notebooks again when Fleischer said, “The information about Wilson’s was wife was news to me.  It was the first time I had ever heard it.”

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The Fleischer testimony was the most exciting yet. I was happy to hear you say that the jurors were taking notes. It seems the trial is moving along at a pace that will hold their interest. As always, Mr. Shuster, people at the Democratic Underground appreciate the high quality reporting that has become your trademark. Please let Mr. Matthews know that VP Cheney isn't the only one watching his show! Countdown, too.
This is all hogwash. Why won't we prosecute Hillary for magically making 10,000 percent profit in one day by trading commodities? It is widely known that her broker was suspended for some of his activities and was owed a debt to her husband. He paid it off by stealing from innocent investors who trusted him, and giving the loot to political shysters. The U.S. wil surely be destroyed because it is acceptying this and , ahd made her husband President, and will make her President as well
No one on the prosecution has even bothered to ask where the revelation and the orginal source came from. It is a hogwash of blame towards one source and the only reason that source is here is to draw attention from the many failed stages of this administration. Isn't it enough that treason was committed and our National Security further compromised by this mistake. Isn't it enough to make an American think that this war was so important to the Bush administration threw out the name of a CIA officer who worked to keep people like Saddam from getting real WMD's, just to quiet the revelation that Joe Wilson regardless of who sent him had real proof America was in no immediate threat and that Saddam had no weapons to creat Mushroom clouds in America! Weapons inspectors and everyone else warned against this war. With Katrina, America saw real proof that Foreign policy was first and America second. It still shows today. If you are a real American, you see the truth. If you are a product of an impossible and failed dream, then you are truly lost. When does America say enough is enough? We already did in November, now we are just watching and learning where our Government has really taken us, and it doesn't look good..
What a great job, David Shuster, in covering the Libby trial! You, C. Matthews and K. Olbermann are in hot pursuit and the factual and truthful reporting couldn't be better!!
There's alot more to come as Fitzgerald let's witnesses give the secrets of the White House corruption. Now if there are any lawyers on this blog that will follow the criminal White House's orders not to convict any friends or WH staff you should submit your resume to Gonzales. Yes Gonzales is looking for some dishonest lawyers to work for the DOJ, because he is firing all the honest ones. Yes Fitzgerald will be fired after getting the conviction of Libby. As Bush destroys the constitution he will only hire criminals or those who will do crimes for the President. Now Ari will have to change his name because he's known as a liar. Martin/Ari both under oath proved Libby lied. I can't wait for the Buckaroo aka Scotty McCellen to testify that will be good.
It was president Bush who said that outing a cia agent was a serious breach of security and that he would remove anybody who was responsible. I hope that this also applies to elected officials.
So.... Is there a chance that Bush might be mentioned by a witness but won't testify? I can't wait till Rove's and Cheney's testimony. It seems like they are hanging poor Libby out to dry...
I think Libby is being made a scapegoat as someone will have to be blamed. Of importance is the fact that Cheney asked Libby to speak directly to reporters.
Since we already know Novak's source was not Libby, why the lynch mob mentality to get Libby? Any thinking person knew that Saddam was no threat, even if he was trying to obtain uranium. Democrats voted to give Bush the ok to use force because they were chicken to stand up for their principles, not because they were fooled by faulty intelligence.
Every Neo-Conservative Feith,Perle, Krisol,Abrams,Libby,Frum,Wolfiwitz along with W Bush should be tried for war crimes. The civilians of Iraq are paying for their folly.
It's Miller time. Judy has a good story to tell as she was part of the corrupt WH. Now I notice some want to change the subject to the Clintons. Well Bush lied and has over 3000 plus die soldiers he sent in Iraq based on lies. What's more important. We now know nothing about Iran because of the CIA leak as Plame was a covert agent working in Iran. Thanks to the treason done by Cheney and his staff we don't know anything. Not to mention the people that worked with Plame who were outed and killed. Libby asked Addington about leaks and what would happen to someone who did it. Face the facts Libby is guilty and Cheney was the master mind. As for the importance of invading Iraq. Money and greed was why thing plan was done and now Americans have spent 2 TRILLLION DOLLARS and the White House can't say where the money went. So if you believe in treason and criminal acts by the President and don't mind thousands of soldiers dying in an Iraq civil war then I guess you agree with Mike Oliver. No one will have to attack the United States again our country has already be invaded by the enemy within, the real Axis of Evil George W. Bush. Mike you can always find a way to blame Bill Clinton for the invasion of Iraq and the lost of our troops it's sounds like something Cheney would say. Most of my information comes from my son in Iraq oh that's right the troops aren't suppose to tell their families what's really going on over there we're to believe the lies the White House spreads to the media.
Don't you people think that all these blogs and all the media coverage showing, every minute, how many brave American soldiers died as well as their coverage of only showing the acts of war like car bombings - affect the morale of not only the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom but the citizenry in our country. Let's allow the courts to try Mr. Libby's case and let us see more of the GOOD things that are occurring in Irak, not just the bad!
Way to Go David!


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