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Don’t Kill the Press Release, Shoot the Messenger Full view

posted to press releases by blogfeeder Feb 5    

Includes ten principles (I’m sure there are more) that serve as the foundation for new media releases.
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The Social Media Newsroom Template Debuts Full view

posted to press rooms by tdefren Feb 5    

Following up on Social Media News Release template, SHIFT has a go at a Social Media Newsroom template.
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Web 2.0 Indicators: Tracking Buzz, News and Jobs Full view

posted to media by sherrilynne Feb 2    

Steve Rubel discusses the benefits of Google Trends. I’ve been using this tool since last autumn and have found it to be a great way to benchmark trends. Look into it, if you haven’t already.
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Five BlogTalkRadio Hacks for PR Practitioners Full view

posted to New PR by sbaradell Jan 12    

PR Week recently published an article reporting that Fleishman-Hillard’s plans to use BlogTalkRadio as a communications vehicle for its client, H&R Block. Although BlogTalkRadio is today primarily used for non-business pur...
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"I Sold My Soul And I Love It" Full view

posted to ethics by s.evans Feb 5    

The current "edgy ethics" issue of Creative Review points to an interesting list of the Vatican's guidelines for ethics in advertising -- very germane to discussions of ethics in PR.
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Pitching to media - 5 key factors to keep in mind Full view

posted to media relations by hobbithob Feb 4    

What does it take to sell a story to a journalist? These are some key points that I gathered from my interactions with the scribes over the years.
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The 5 Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging Full view

posted to blogs by sherrilynne Feb 2    

The Copyblogger has drafted the 5 immutable laws of persuasive blogging. There’s not much new here, but it’s a good review of the basics of good copy writing.
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Reality Stalking Full view

posted to media relations by futurepr Jan 29    

Bloggers on both the left and right bedevil corporate media, and I couldn't be happier about it (even though, as a mainstream media pundit at CNN, I get my share of grief from both the left and the right). They keep us ho...
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Is the Telegraph really Number 1? Full view

posted to media relations by sherrilynne Feb 2    

Martin Stabe summarises the recent controversy over’s claim to be number 1. He underlines the need for standardisation of audience measurement for news organisations’ website traffic.
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Late's a, it's a...sin... Full view

posted to agency management by sherrilynne Feb 2    

…the world’s leading...has a go at late payers. Most consultants know what a pain it can be to have to spend effort collecting on invoices. I’m not sure the approach taken here is advisable, however.
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Extreme right in Second Life Full view

posted to Second Life by borremap Jan 28    

La Derniere Heure, a Belgian newspaper reported on January 24 that the Front National, a far right nationalist party in France, has found a new political playground in Second Life.
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An Open Letter to Jimmy Wales from a Lowly PR Person Full view

posted to community by sbaradell Jan 24    

Wikipedia is the Bible. Corporations -- and the PR people through which they speak -- are the Philistines. So sayeth St. Jimmy of Wales.
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Enough Already: Getting the Social Media Release All Wrong -- Brian Solis Full view

posted to press releases by blogfeeder Jan 20    

It’s not about capitalizing on trends in order to take an archaic, dying press release formula and present it to newsmakers in a fancy new package labeled as “social media” just because it has trackbacks, Technorati tags, ...
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Thank You for Bringing Attention to the Need for Change Full view

posted to PR practice by blogfeeder Jan 22    

Some bloggers “get it,” others are forcing us to do a better job explaining what we’re actually doing, while some (and the people who read their blogs) completely miss the point. It also brings to light a much needed disc...
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Communication by Lawyer - References to Dispute Disappearing Off Sites Full view

posted to blogs by ericeggertson Jan 28    

A dispute about franchise fees that were not refunded has gone silent, with various sites taking down content referring to the company in question. The protection of repuation may be legitimate, but some of the tactics se...
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Get a First Life Full view

posted to Second Life by s.evans Jan 21    

Get a First Life is a hilarious Second Life parody by Vancouver web geek and Northern Voice co-organizer Darren Barefoot. Membership perks include “going outside” and the ability to “fornicate with your own genitals”.
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Absurd or Unethical for Charities to Monitor Blogs? Full view

posted to blog relations by hanspfo Jan 24    

Kami Huyse explains why the Red Cross uses PR professionals to monitor blogs on behalf of the organization. It's all about taking part in the global online conversation.
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Empowering Incompetents Full view

posted to careers by iwelsh Jan 26    

American Idol demonstrates how so many people think they're talented, when in fact they haven't put in the practice necessary to develop any talent they might have. Belief in yourself isn't enough!
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Is Public Relations a “profession?” Let's discuss -- Shel Holtz Full view

posted to by cbasturea Jan 22    

Jay Rosen: "It is unwise (meaning self-deceptive) for corporate PR people to call themselves a 'profession.' A profession gains a certain amount of autonomy due to widespread respect for a body of knowledge the professiona...
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International Journal of Communication launches inaugural issue Full view

posted to academia by cbasturea Jan 14    

The IJOC is an interdisciplinary journal that, while centered in communication, is open and welcoming to contributions from the many disciplines and approaches that meet at the crossroads that is communication study.
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Second Life: Money Checks In, But It Doesn't Check Out Full view

posted to Second Life by s.evans Jan 24    

The Second Life economy is essentially a pyramid scheme, where it's easy to pump money in and see it inflate, but it's difficult to cash out.
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Social Media Killed the Press Release Star Full view

posted to press releases by blogfeeder Jan 16    

...A New Year is upon us and I think I’ll start off the New Year with a rededication to the Social Media Release (SMR), the Social Media Club, and why the hell all of this will matter to marketing, communications and PR pr...
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My BlogTalk Radio appearance: 6 p.m. PST Full view

posted to by sbaradell Jan 23    

Listen to Shel get grilled by me :)
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Zombie Causes Teenage Boy To Face Prison Time For Viewing Porn? Full view

posted to case studies by rdfrench Jan 14    

A real-time crisis management plan unfolds. It is a story about porn, hackers, trojan viruses, zombie machines and more. For the PR practitioner, it is a story about crisis management, Web site choices, video, media rela...
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CES Welcomes Bloggers - Changes the Future of Event Marketing Full view

posted to New PR by blogfeeder Jan 8    

This year, CES recognized bloggers as legitimate media. Finally…a huge validation for citizen media.
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The Social Media News Release: A Quick Progress Report Full view

posted to press releases by hex Jan 12    

Todd Defren updates progress of the SMNR.
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