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Taxation concessions

2005-2006 Statistical Return forms are now due

For organisations listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations, please complete the statistical return of tax deductible donations form.

Tax Deductible Organisations (Register of Environmental Organisations)

Environmental organisations that are tax deductible are listed on the:

Register of Environmental Organisations

The Register is a list of environmental organisations eligible to receive tax deductible donations. It was established under item 6.1.1 subsection 30-55(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (the Act). The Act requires that the Environment Department maintains the Register, and to add or remove environmental organisations and their public funds by direction of the Environment Minister and the Treasurer.

Donations to the public funds of these organisations are tax deductible from the date of their entry onto the Register.

All environmental organisations with tax deductibility status are required by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 to provide the Department with statistical data for each financial year by 31 October of that year.

Organisations listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

A further 13 environmental organisations with tax deductibility status are listed in the Act.

A table listing these organisations is located at the end of this web page. Donations to these organisations are tax deductible.

All environmental organisations with tax deductibility status are required by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 to provide the Department with statistical data for each financial year by 31 October of that year.

The register

Name of Environmental Organisation Name of Public Fund Date of Entry
Aid/Watch Inc Aid/Watch Fund 13/06/96
Albany Biodiversity Park Albany Biodiversity Park Gift Fund 29/12/05
Albury-Wodonga Environment Centre Inc AWEC Murray Environment Fund 12/11/96
Alternative Technology Association Inc Renewable Energy Development Trust Fund 21/02/94
ANGAIR Incorporated ANGAIR Fund 11/09/02
Animals Asia Foundation (Australia) Limited Animals Asia Fund 04/10/05
AQWA Foundation AQWA Foundation Gift Fund 20/01/03
Arid Lands Environment Centre Inc ALEC Fund 21/02/94
Asian Rhino Project Incorporated Asian Rhino Conservation Fund 04/10/05
Armidale Tree Group Inc Armidale Tree Group Fund 19/05/98
Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society Limited Renewable Energy Promotion Fund 19/08/98
Australian Bird Study Association Inc Australian Bird Study Association Fund for Avian Research 12/11/96
Australian Bush Heritage Fund Ltd Australian Bush Heritage Fund 11/06/93
Australian Ecosystems Foundation Incorporated Australian Ecosystems Foundation Incorporated Public Fund 09/05/03
Australian Environment Foundation Limited Australian Environment Fund 03/11/05
Australian Koala Hospital Association Inc (Qld) Australian Koala Hospital Association (Qld) Gift Fund 12/09/95
Australian Landscape Trust Australian Landscape Trust Gift Fund 12/09/96
Australian Marine Conservation Society Inc Australian Marine Conservation Society Public Fund 11/06/93
Australian Marine Environment Protection Association Incorporated AUSMEPA Fund 06/06/01
Australian National Wildlife Collection Foundation Australian National Wildlife Collection Fund 09/03/00
Australian Native Dog Conservation Society Limited Merigal Dingo Sanctuary Gift Fund 23/08/99
Australian Orang-utan Project Incorporated Australian Orang-utan Project Conservation Fund 24/07/02
Australian Platypus Conservancy Inc Australian Platypus Conservancy Research and Conservation Fund 13/06/96
Australian Rainforest Conservation Society Inc Rainforest Conservation Fund 12/03/93
Australian Rainforest Foundation Australian Rainforest Fund 12/11/96
Australian Speleological Federation Incorporated The Australian Speleological Federation Gift Fund 06/06/01
Australian Tropical Research Foundation Ltd AUSTROP Gift Fund 2/12/93
Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers Ltd Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers Gift Fund 12/03/93
Australian Wildlife Conservancy Australian Wildlife Conservancy Fund 13/06/96
Australian Wildlife Protection Council (Victoria) Inc AWPC Public Fund 10/04/95
Australian Wildlife Rescue Service Central Queensland Incorporated Australian Wildlife Rescue Service Inc Trust Fund 30/07/01
Australia's Virtual Herbarium Trust Australia's Virtual Herbarium Public Fund 04/04/02
Avoca Trust Avoca Trust Fund 09/02/01
Avon Valley Environmental Society Inc Avon Valley Environmental Society Public Fund 08/06/00
AWARE Australian Wildlife Assistance Rescue and Education Incorporated AWARE Wildlife Fund 20/10/06
B4C - Bulimba Creek Catchment Co-ordinating Committee Incorporated Bulimba Creek Environment Fund 09/05/03
Balcombe Estuary Rehabilitation Group Inc Balcombe Estuary Rehabilitation Group Inc Public Gift Fund 19/05/98
Barkindji Biosphere Limited Barkindji Biosphere Public Fund 23/12/04
Barung Landcare Association Incorporated Barung Environmental Gift Fund 19/08/04
Bat Rescue Incorporated Bat Rescue Fund 15/06/06
Bicycle New South Wales Environmental Trust Bicycle New South Wales Environmental 13/05/04
Big Scrub Environment Centre Inc Big Scrub Environment Centre Gift Fund 10/04/95
Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group Big Scrub Rainforest Fund 10/08/06
BioManagement Limited BioManagement Fund 24/07/02
Bird Observers Club of Australia Ltd Fund For Birds 29/06/94
Blackbutt Support Group Inc Blackbutt Support Group Gift Fund 19/05/98
Blue Mountains Conservation Society Inc Blue Mountains Conservation Society Public Gift Fund 12/11/96
Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute Limited Blue Mountains World Heritage Fund 31/10/05
The Bower Re-Use and Repair Centre Co-operative Limited The Bower Fund 04/10/05
Brian Robinson Foundation Brian Robinson Foundation Fund 20/10/06
Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association Inc B.I.E.P.A. Public Environment Fund 31/08/94
Bridgetown Greenbushes Friends of the Forest Incorporated Bridgetown Greenbushes Friends of the Forest Public Fund 31/05/04
Brisbane Environment Trust Brisbane Environment Public Fund 23/08/99
Brown Mountain Association Incorporated Brown Mountain Public Gift Fund 08/05/02
Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre Incorporated Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre Incorporated Gift Fund Account 19/08/98
Busselton Jetty Environment and Conservation Association Busselton Jetty Environment Fund 09/03/00
Cairns and Far North Environment Centre Inc CAFNEC Gift Fund 2/12/93
Cairns Urban Landcare Inc Cairns Urban Landcare Public Fund 11/09/02
Caldera Environment Centre Inc Caldera Conservation Fund 13/06/96
Canberra Ornithologists Group Inc Canberra Birds Conservation Fund 08/06/00
Capricorn Conservation Council Inc Capricorn Conservation Council Inc Donation Fund 19/05/98
Cardinia Environment Coalition Incorporated BioLinks Environment Fund 1/02/05
Care for the Bush Trust Care for the Bush Public Fund 30/07/01
Carrajung Conservation Reserve Association Incorporated The Gift Fund 25/06/98
Catholic Earthcare Australia Trust Catholic Earthcare Australia Fund 27/02/06
Centennial Parklands Foundation Centennial Parklands Gift Fund 24/08/98
Central Coast Indian Myna Action Group Incorporated CCIMAG Fund 04/10/05
Central Downs Landcare Group Incorporated Central Downs Landcare Public Fund 1/02/05
Centre for Environment Education Australia Incorporated CEE Australia Environment Fund 30/06/05
CERES [Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies] Inc CERES Environmental Fund 13/06/96
Citizens Wildlife Corridors Armidale Inc Citizens Wildlife Corridors Fund 09/02/01
Claudio Alcorso Foundation Environmental Trust Claudio Alcorso Foundation Environmental Public Fund 10/09/02
Clean Ocean Foundation Incorporated Clean Ocean Fund 30/07/01
Clean Up Australia Limited Clean Up Australia Environment Fund 31/07/98
Climate Action Network Australia Incorporated CANA Public Fund 27/09/01
Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre Incorporated Wetlands Education Trust Fund 19/08/04
Community Environment Network Inc. Community Environment Network Public Gift Fund 11/09/02
Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation Inc C4 Gift Fund 13/06/96
Community Land Management Incorporated CLM Public Fund 19/08/04
Conservation Council of South Australia Inc Conservation Council of South Australia Gift Fund 12/03/93
Conservation Council of the South-East Region and Canberra Inc / Canberra and South-East Region Environment Centre Inc Bogong Fund for the Environment and Conservation in Canberra and the South-East Region 29/06/94
Conservation Council of Western Australia Inc Conservation Trust of Western Australia 12/03/93
Coolum Cliffs Boardwalk Incorporated Coolum Boardwalk Project Public Fund 09/05/03
Daintree Rainforest Foundation Ltd Daintree Rainforest Preservation Fund 11/06/93
Darling Range Wildlife Shelter Incorporated Darling Range Shelter Public Fund 03/11/05
Denmark Environment Centre Inc Denmark Environment Centre Tax Deductible Donations Fund 2/12/93
Doctors for the Environment (Australia) Incorporated DEA Fund 04/10/05
Dolphin Research Institute Incorporated Dolphin Research Institute Environmental Fund 08/05/02
Ducks Unlimited Australia Pty Ltd Wetlands Care Australia Trust Fund 07/07/95
Dunkeld Arboretum Development Group Incorporated Dunkeld Arboretum Development Group Incorporated Gift Account 23/08/99
Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital Incorporated Eagles Nest Wildlife Rescue Fund 04/10/05
Earth Foundation Australia Ltd Earth Foundation Australia Fund 21/02/94
Earth Trust The Earth Fund 09/05/03
Eco-Transit Sydney Incorporated Eco-Transit, Sydney - Public Gift Fund 27/09/01
Environmental Defender's Office Ltd Environmental Defence Fund 10/04/95
Environmental Defender's Office of Northern Queensland Incorporated Environmental Defender's Office of Northern Queensland Tax Deductible Donations Fund 23/03/99
Environmental Defender's Office (Qld) Inc EDO Tax Deductible Donations Fund 29/06/94
Environmental Defenders Office (SA) Inc Environmental Defenders Office (SA) Gift Fund 13/06/96
Environmental Defender's Office WA Inc Environmental Defender's Fund 13/06/96
Environment Defenders Office (Victoria) Ltd Environment Defenders Office (Victoria) Gift Fund 2/12/93
Environment East Gippsland Incorporated East Gippsland Forest Fund 19/05/98
Environment House Inc Environment House Tax Deductible Donations Fund 31/05/04
Environment Victoria Inc Environment Victoria Trust 12/03/93
Environs Australia: Local Government Environment Network Incorporated Local Solutions 10/09/02
Environs Kimberley Incorporated Environs Kimberley Gift Fund 23/08/99
F.A.U.N.A. (Fostercare of Australia's Unique Native Animals) Association Incorporated F.A.U.N.A. Public Fund 01/12/03
Fauna Rehabilitation Foundation Fauna Focus Fund 24/06/03
Fauna Rescue of Queensland Association Incorporated Fauna Rescue of Qld Association inc Public Fund 08/05/02
Fauna Rescue of S.A. Incorporated Fauna Rescue of SA Inc Gift Fund 17/12/99
FAWNA [For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid] (NSW) Inc FAWNA (NSW) Public Fund 13/06/96
FAWNA Incorporated FAWNA Incorporated Gift Fund 27/08/01
Field and Game Australia Inc Wetlands Environmental Taskforce Trust Wetlands Environmental Taskforce Public Fund 24/07/02
Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund Fisheries Habitat Improvement Public Fund 08/06/00
FNPW Gift Fund Trust FNPW Gift Fund 09/02/01
FNQ NRM Limited Natural Capital Fund 27/02/06
Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Inc Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Gift Fund 31/08/94
Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia Inc Anti-Rabbit Research Council Trust 21/02/94
Free the Bears Fund Incorporated Free the Bears Public Fund 19/08/04
Friends of Attadale Foreshore Incorporated FOAF Public Fund 31/05/04
Friends of Chauncy Vale Inc Chauncy Vale Special Donations Fund 13/06/96
Friends of Gardiner's Creek Valley Inc Friends of Gardiner's Creek Valley Gift Fund 12/09/95
Friends of Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park Inc Friends of Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park Gift Fund 29/06/94
Friends of Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens Incorporated Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens Gift Fund 13/06/96
Friends of Lord Howe Island Incorporated Friends of LHI Gift Fund 09/05/03
Friends of Parks Inc Friends of Parks Gift Fund 12/11/96
Friends of Stirling Linear Park Incorporated Friends of Stirling Linear Park Fund 14/06/02
Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens Incorporated Friends of the ANBG Public Fund 01/12/03
Friends of the Earth Australia Friends of the Earth (Australia) Fund 18/08/02
Friends of the Earth (Fitzroy) Inc Friends of the Earth Fund 13/06/96
Friends of the Elms Incorporated Friends of the Elms Public Fund 06/06/01
Friends of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Inc Friends of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Gift Fund 31/10/05
Friends of the Koalas Inc Friends of the Koalas Gift Fund 13/06/96
Friends of the Koala Inc Friends of the Koala Care Fund 29/06/94
Friends of the Porongurup Range Incorporated Porongurup Conservation Fund Public Fund 20/01/03
Frogs Australia Network Incorporated Frogs Australia Network Public Fund 04/10/05
Frog Decline Reversal Project Incorporated Save Our Frogs Fund 20/10/06
Future Environment Association Future Environment Fund 11/08/04
Futurefish Foundation Trust Futurefish Foundation Public Fund 31/10/05
Futureworld - National Centre for Appropriate Technology Inc N.C.A.T. Environment Gift Fund 12/09/95
Garden of Eden Albert Park Railway Station Incorporated Garden of Eden Foundation 24/07/02
Gecko-Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council Association Incorporated GECKO Public Fund 12/11/96
Genesis Foundation Genesis Foundation 07/07/95
Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group Incorporated GPAG Public Tax Deductible Donations Fund 31/05/04
Global Energy Network Institute Foundation Limited GENI Foundation Ltd Public Fund 13/04/99
Global Green Plan Limited Global Green Plan Fund 23/12/04
Goulburn Valley Environment Group Incorporated Goulburn Valley Environment Group Public Fund 10/09/02
Gould Group Limited Gould Group Limited Fund 03/11/05
Gould League of Victoria Inc Gould League of Victoria Fund 21/02/94
Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation Fund 09/02/01
Great Lakes Environment Association Inc Great Lakes Environment Association Inc Public Fund 29/09/99
Greenfleet Trust Greenfleet Fund 26/06/01
Greening Australia (NT) Incorporated Greenfund NT 14/06/02
Greening Australia Queensland (Inc) Greening Australia Queensland Fund 16/03/01
Greening Australia (Tasmania) Incorporated Greening Tasmania Fund 09/10/02
Greening Australia (Western Australia) Incorporated Greening Australia (Western Australia) Public Fund 09/05/03
Greening Western Australia Inc Trees for Tomorrow Public Trust Fund 13/06/96
Greenpeace Australia Pacific Limited The Greenpeace Trust 29/06/94
Green Trust Green Trust Public Fund 06/06/01
Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association Incorporated Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association Incorporated Public Fund 06/06/01
Gympie and District Land Care Group Incorporated Gympie and District Landcare Public Fund 28/03/00
Holbrook Landcare Group Limited Holbrook Landcare Fund 09/02/01
Humane Society International Inc Humane Society International No. 3 Account 12/09/95
Information for Action Incorporated Information for Action Public Fund 09/05/03
The Institute for Earth Education Australia (SA) Incorporated Earth Education - Australia Fund 04/10/05
Institute of Health and Environmental Research Incorporated The Institute of Health and Environmental Research Fund 19/08/04
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - Australia/New Zealand Limited ICLEI - Aust/NZ Public Fund 08/05/02
International Fund for Animal Welfare (Australia) Pty Limited IFAW 28/06/01
International Riverfoundation International Riverfoundation Fund 31/05/04
Invasive Species Council Incorporated Invasive Species Council Fund 09/05/03
JECO: The Jewish Ecological Coalition Incorporated JECO Environmental Gift Fund 20/10/06
Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Inc Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Gift Fund 12/11/96
Keep Australia Beautiful Council (NSW) Keep Australia Beautiful (NSW) Gift Fund 15/06/06
The Keep Australia Beautiful Council (Vic.) Incorporated Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Gift Fund 04/10/05
Kimberley Toad Busters Incorporated Kimberley Toad Buster Fund 09/11/06
Kuranda EnviroCare Incorporated Kuranda EnviroCare Gift Fund 23/08/99
Ku-ring-gai Bat Conservation Society Incorporated Bat Conservation Gift Fund 19/08/98
Lake Cowal Foundation Limited Lake Cowal Foundation Public Gift Fund 27/09/01
Lamington Natural History Association Inc Lamington Natural History Association Inc Donation Fund 12/09/95
Launceston Environment Centre Incorporated Launceston Environment Centre Public Fund 20/01/03
Lawyers for Forests Incorporated Lawyers for Forests Gift Fund 03/11/05
Little Desert Flora and Fauna Foundation Incorporated Little Desert Flora and Fauna Foundation Environment Fund 10/10/00
Live and Learn Environmental Education Incorporated Live and Learn Public Fund 14/06/02
Lockyer Catchment Association Incorporated Caring for Our Lockyer Fund 19/08/04
Mackay Conservation Group Inc Mackay Conservation Group Public Fund 11/06/93
Macquarie Valley Landcare Group Inc Macquarie 2100 Public Fund 26/06/01
Magnetic Island Nature Care Association Incorporated Magnetic Island Nature Care Association Incorporated Public Fund 27/08/01
Maleny District Green Hills Fund Maleny District Green Hills Gift Fund 13/06/96
Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc Community Conservation Trust Fund 12/11/96
Mansfield Agricultural Land Trust Mansfield Agricultural Land Trust Gift Fund 10/08/06
Marine Care - Ricketts Point Incorporated Marine Care Public Fund 1/02/05
Marine Discovery Centre, Bondi Beach Incorporated Marine Discovery Donation Fund 06/06/01
Marine Stewardship Council Trust Marine Stewardship Council Fund 19/08/04
Maroochy Waterwatch Incorporated MRCAN Waterwatch Inc Fund 19/08/04
Mary Cairncross Association Inc Friends of Mary Cairncross Reserve Fund 09/02/01
Mary River Catchment Coordination Association Incorporated Mary River Catchment Public Fund 03/11/05
Merri Creek Management Committee Inc Merri Creek Environment Fund 08/06/00
Mineral Policy Institute Australian Rivers and Mineral Policy Institute Gift Fund 13/06/96
Mitchell River Watershed Management Group Inc Mitchell River Group Public Fund 10/08/06
Moggill Koala Hospital Association Incorporated Moggill Koala Hospital Association Inc Public Fund 10/10/00
Mooloolah River Waterwatch and Landcare Incorporated Mooloolah River Waterwatch and Landcare Public Fund 03/11/05
Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation Limited Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation Fund 11/08/04
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group Incorporated Mount Alexander Sustainability Fund 10/08/06
Murray Darling Association Incorporated Murray Darling Association Environmental Foundation 19/08/98
Myall Park Botanic Garden Limited Myall Park Botanic Garden Gift Fund 25/06/97
National Parks Australia Council Inc National Parks Australia Council Tax Deductible Donations Fund 08/06/00
Native Animal Trust Inc Friends of the Native Animal Trust Fund 19/05/98
Native Grass Resources Group Incorporated Native Grass Public Fund 10/10/00
Natural Capital Protection Trust Natural Capital Protection Fund 20/10/06
Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria NRCL Trees Fund 31/08/94
Nature and Society Forum Inc Nature and Society Forum Public Fund 12/09/95
Nature Conservation Council of NSW Inc Nature Conservation Council of NSW Environment Gift Fund 29/06/94
Nature Refuge Landholders' Association - Queensland Incorporated Nature Refuge Landholders' Association (Queensland) Public Fund 15/06/06
New South Wales Bird Atlassers Incorporated New South Wales Bird Atlassers Incorporated Public Fund 19/08/98
New South Wales Wildlife Information and Rescue Service Inc NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue Service Public Gift Fund 29/06/94
Noah's Ark Wildlife Coalition Inc Noah's Ark Environment Fund 31/05/04
Noosa and District Landcare Group Incorporated Noosa and District Landcare Environment Fund 09/05/03
Noosa Integrated Catchment Association Incorporated The Noosa River Catchment Fund 15/06/06
Noosa Parks Association Inc Noosa Parks Association Gift Fund 25/06/93
Norman Wettenhall Foundation Norman Wettenhall Foundation 13/06/96
North Coast Environment Council Inc North Coast Environment Council Public Donations Fund 29/06/94
North East Downs Landcare Group Inc North East Downs Landcare Group Inc Public Fund 09/02/01
Northern Rivers Environment Trust Northern Rivers Environment Public Trust Fund 10/08/06
Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers Inc Public Fund of the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers 13/06/96
Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers Inc Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers Public Fund 12/11/96
Northey Street City Farm Association Incorporated The Environment Fund 08/05/02
North Head Sanctuary Foundation Incorporated North Head Sanctuary Foundation Public Fund 01/12/03
North Queensland Conservation Council Inc North Queensland Environment Fund 31/08/94
Northern Illawarra Residents Action Group NIRAG Incorporated Sandon Point Coastal Park Fund 30/06/05
Ocean N Environment Limited Ocean N Environment, Save Our Seas Fund (SOS Fund) 19/08/98
Ocean Protection Foundation Limited The Ocean Protection Foundation Limited Gift Fund 09/03/00
Ocean Watch Australia Limited Ocean Watch Fund 31/10/05
ORRCA Inc ORRCA Public Gift Fund 12/09/95
Oxley Creek Catchment Association Incorporated Oxley Creek Catchment Association Public Fund 27/08/01
Oxygen Farm Association Incorporated Oxygen Farm Public Fund 30/07/01
Oz GREEN - Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (Australia) Inc Fund for the Rivers 25/06/97
P2: People and Parks Foundation P2: People and Parks Foundation Public Fund 03/11/05
Painted Dog Conservation Incorporated Painted Dog Conservation Incorporated Public Fund 03/11/05
Pambula Wetlands and Heritage Project Incorporated Panboola Fund 09/05/03
Parkes and Districts Landcare Steering Committee Incorporated Parkes and Districts Landcare Environmental Fund 14/06/02
Parklands Albury Wodonga Limited Parklands Public Fund 27/02/06
Parklands Foundation Limited Parklands Fund 27/02/06
Penguin Foundation Penguin Foundation Gift Fund 30/06/05
Permaculture International Limited Permaculture International Public Fund 19/08/98
Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group Incorporated Petrie Creek Public Fund 23/12/04
Phillip Island Conservation Society Incorporated The Phillip Island Conservation Society Public Fund 1/02/05
Pittwater Environmental Trust Pittwater Environmental Foundation Fund 20/10/06
Pittwater Natural Heritage Association Inc Pittwater Natural Heritage Association Public Gift Fund 16/03/01
Project Platypus Association Incorporated Project Platypus Public Fund 04/10/05
Portland Eco Limited Portland Eco Trust Fund 31/05/04
Port Phillip EcoCentre Incorporated Port Phillip EcoCentre Public Fund 27/09/01
Pristine Ecoscene Limited Pristine Ecoscene Public Trust Fund 23/03/99
Project Aware (Asia Pacific) Project Aware Public Fund 14/06/02
Project Dolphin Safe Association Incorporated Project Dolphin Safe Fund 04/10/05
Project Jonah Australia Inc Project Jonah Australia Gift Fund 21/02/94
Protection of the Earth and Wildlife Association Inc Protection of the Earth and Wildlife Association Public Environmental Gift Fund 13/06/96
Purves Environmental Trust Purves Environmental Fund 11/08/04
Queensland Conservation Council Conservation Trust of Queensland 12/03/93
Queensland Frog Society Incorporated Queensland Frog Society Public Trust Fund 17/12/99
Queensland Landcare Foundation Limited Queensland Landcare Public Fund 15/06/06
Queensland Trust for Nature Queensland Trust for Nature Fund 31/10/05
Rainforest Information Centre Inc Rainforest Information Centre Public Fund 29/06/94
Rainforest Rescue Rainforest Rescue Fund 28/03/00
Reef Check Foundation Limited Reef Check Foundation Fund 04/10/05
Reserve Protection Group Incorporated Reserve Protection Public Fund 24/07/02
Revolve Limited Revolve Public Fund 19/08/98
River Conservation Society Inc River Conservation Society Public Gift Fund 12/11/96
Rockingham Regional Environment Centre Inc Rockingham Regional Environment Centre Tax Deductible Fund 19/05/98
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated Public Fund 19/08/04
Rotary Native Bird Nest Box Project Inc Rotary Native Bird Nest Box Project Fund 19/05/98
Royal Australian Ornithologists Union The Australian Bird Fund 09/02/01
Save Foundation of Australia Inc Save Foundation of Australia Donation Fund 2/12/93
Save the Cheetah Trust Fund The Cheetah Preservation Trust Fund 12/11/96
School Communities Recycling All Paper Limited SCRAP Ltd Public Gift Fund 23/03/99
Scientific Expedition Group Inc Scientific Expedition Foundation 10/04/95
Silvery Gibbon Project Incorporated Silvery Gibbon Project Conservation Fund 14/06/02
Society for Responsible Design The Society for Responsible Design Sustain Fund 19/05/98
Southern Oceans Seabird Study Association Inc (SOSSA) SOSSA "Donations Fund" 25/06/97
South Gippsland Conservation Society Land for Wildlife Fund 19/05/98
South West Environment Centre Inc South West Environment Centre Gift Fund 12/09/95
STEP Inc The Step Environment Protection Fund 25/06/97
Stop the Toad Foundation Incorporated Stop the Toad Fund 09/11/06
Sunshine Coast Environment Council Inc Sunshine Coast Environment Council Gift Fund 2/12/93
Surfrider Foundation Limited The Surfrider Foundation Fund 10/10/00
Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation Public Fund 04/10/05
Sustainable Living Foundation Inc Sustainable Living Foundation Fund 30/07/01
Sustainable Population Australia Incorporated Sustainable Population Fund 10/04/95
Sutherland Shire Environment Centre Inc Sutherland Shire Environment Centre Public Gift Fund 2/12/93
Taiwan International Society of Wilderness in Australia Incorporated Australian Taiwan Society of Wilderness Public Fund 10/08/06
Tamar Region Natural Resource Management Strategy Reference Group Inc Tamar Region Natural Resource Fund 11/08/04
Tamborine Mountain Rainforest Trust Tamborine Mountain Rainforest Public Fund 07/07/95
Tarkine National Coalition Incorporated Tarkine Fund 27/02/06
Taroona Environment Network Incorporated Taroona Environment Network Fund 01/12/03
Tasmanian Bushland Garden Incorporated Tasmanian Bushland Garden Public Fund 09/03/00
Tasmanian Environment Centre Inc Tasmanian Environment Centre Public Fund 12/03/93
Tasmanian Landcare Association Incorporated Tasmanian Landcare Fund 22/12/03
Tasmanian Land Conservancy Incorporated Tasmanian Land Conservancy Fund 24/07/02
Tasmanian National Parks Association Incorporated Tasmanian National Parks Association Public Fund 19/08/04
The Athena Foundation Limited The Athena Foundation Gift Trust Fund 14/09/00
The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden Trust Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden Public Fund 09/10/02
The Bunbury Timber Jetty Environment and Conservation Society Inc Bunbury Timber Jetty Environment and Conservation - Public Fund 31/05/04
The Catholic Education SA Environmental Trust Catholic Education South Australia Environmental Public Fund 10/05/06
The Clarence Environment Centre Incorporated The Clarence Environment Centre Gift Fund 24/07/02
The Coastwatchers Association Incorporated Coastwatchers Environment Fund 20/01/03
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd The Colong Wilderness Fund 25/06/93
The Crossing Land Education Trust The Crossing Land Education Trust Public Fund 06/08/06
The E'co Kids Trust E'co Kids Public Fund 23/12/04
The Eden Whale Discovery Centre Research Trust Eden Whale Discovery Centre Gift Fund 28/03/00
The Environment Centre NT Inc The Environment Centre NT Public Fund 25/06/93
The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Incorporated The FNCV Environment Fund 14/06/02
The Friends of Oolong Association Incorporated Fund of Friends of Oolong 09/05/03
The Jewish National Fund Environmental Association of Australia Inc The Jewish National Fund Environment Gift Fund 22/08/97
The Landcare Revolving Loan Fund Limited The Landcare Revolving Loan Fund Gift Fund 17/12/99
The Lead Group Inc Lead Education and Abatement Fund 23/08/99
The Men of the Trees (NSW) Inc The Men of the Trees (NSW) Inc Public Gift Fund" 19/05/98
The Men of the Trees (WA) Inc The Men of the Trees Public Environmental Gift Fund 11/06/93
The Nature Conservancy Australia Trust The Nature Conservancy Australia Public Fund 19/08/04
The Nature Trust Nature Trust Public Fund 24/06/03
The Noosa Community Environment Trust Noosa Environment Public Fund 1/02/05
The North West Research Association Inc North West Research Association Fund 30/06/05
The Rotamah Island Bird Observatory Incorporated Rotamah Island Bird Observatory Environmental Fund 10/08/06
The Tree Project Inc The TreeProject Public Fund 25/06/97
The Valley Centre for Environmental Research and Education Inc The Valley Public Fund 09/03/00
The Wetlands and Grasslands Foundation Wetlands and Grasslands Fund 27/09/01
The Wilderness Society Inc The Wilderness Fund 11/06/93
The Wombat Foundation The Wombat Foundation Public Fund 30/06/05
The Xeriscape Gardens Council Inc Xeriscape Gardens Environmental Education Fund 14/06/02
Tilligerry Habitat Association Inc THA Environmental Gift Fund 13/06/96
Total Environment Centre Inc Total Environment Centre Public Gift Fund 11/06/93
T.R.E.A.T. (Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands) Incorporated TREAT Environmental Benefit Fund 09/03/00
Treenet Incorporated Treenet Fund 11/08/04
Trees for Life Inc Trees for Life Growing Fund 2/12/93
Trees Please! Inc Trees Please Donations Fund 23/08/99
Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers Incorporated Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers Public Fund 10/08/06
Understorey Network Incorporated The Understorey Network Public Fund 15/06/06
Underwater Conservation Society Inc Underwater Conservation Education and Research Fund 13/06/96
Upper Lachlan Catchment Co-ordination Committee Inc Upper Lachlan Catchment Coordinating Committee Gift Fund 26/06/01
Urban Ecology Australia Inc EcoCity Foundation Fund 13/06/96
Victorian Association for Environmental Education Incorporated Public Grants Fund 19/08/04
Victorian Cliffcare Trust The Cliffcare Fund 09/03/00
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (Australasia) Incorporated Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society Research Fund 27/02/06
Waterfall Springs Conservation Association Incorporated Waterfall Springs Foundation Endangered Species Fund 04/10/05
Watermark Incorporated Watermark Incorporated Public Fund 28/03/00
Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council Inc Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council Trust 21/02/94
Western Port Seagrass Partnership Western Port Seagrass Public Fund 27/09/01
Wetlands and Wildlife Limited The Wetlands and Wildlife Public Fund 25/06/93
Wetlands Conservation Society Incorporated Wetlands Trust Fund 23/03/99
Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council Incorporated Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council Incorporated Public Fund 27/02/06
Wildcare Incorporated Wildcare Gift Fund 31/10/05
Wildcare Queanbeyan Incorporated Wildcare Queanbeyan Public Fund 24/07/02
Wildflower Society of Western Australia Inc Wildflower Society Bushland Conservation Fund 12/09/95
Wildlife Advocate Incorporated Wildlife Advocate Public Fund 20/10/06
Wildlife Assistance & Information Foundation Incorporated Wildlife Assistance & Information Foundation Incorporated 23/12/04
Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical Queensland Ltd Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical Queensland Public Fund 25/06/97
Wildlife Education and Rescue Service of Central Qld Inc WEARS Donation Fund 13/06/96
Wildlife in Secure Environment Trust Wildlife in Secure Environment Trust Fund 12/03/93
Wildlife Land Fund Limited Wildlife Nature Reserve Fund 22/04/02
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Gift Fund 11/06/93
Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Fund 09/03/00
Wildlife Rescue and Information Network Incorporated WRIN Public Fund 30/07/01
Wildlife Victoria Inc Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Fund 09/02/01
Wildlife Volunteers Association Incorporated Wildlife Volunteers Association Fund 31/05/04
Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Limited Wildlife Warriors Public Fund 20/01/03
Wild Mountains Trust Wild Mountains Fund 19/08/98
Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve Trust Deed Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve Public Gift Fund 28/03/00
Wirraminna Environmental Education Trust Wirraminna Environmental Education Trust Fund 30/06/05
Woady Yaloak Catchment Group Incorporated Woady Yaloak Catchment Improvement Fund 04/10/05
Wooragee Landcare Group Incorporated Wooragee Landcare Fund 10/08/06
WSPA Australia Limited WSPA Public Fund 02/08/01
Yea Wetlands Trust Yea Wetlands Trust Fund 23/12/04
Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby Preservation Association Inc Bunker Block Project Public Fund 08/06/00
Zoo Peru Inc Zoo Peru Conservation Fund 10/08/06

Environmental Organisations Listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

The following 13 environmental organisations are listed by name under various items of table 30-55(2) in subdivision B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 as eligible to receive tax deductible donations from the dates shown.

Organisation Effective Date
Australian Conservation Foundation 26 October 1966
Greening Australia Limited 17 August 1982
Landcare Australia Limited 01 April 1990
National Parks Association of New South Wales 17 August 1982
National Parks Association of Queensland 17 August 1982
National Parks Association of the Australian Capital Territory 17 August 1982
Nature Conservation Society of South Australia 17 August 1982
Nature Foundation SA Incorporated 17 August 1982
Tasmanian Conservation Trust 17 August 1982
Trust for Nature (Victoria) 17 August 1982
Victorian National Parks Association 17 August 1982
Western Australian National Parks and Reserves Association 17 August 1982
World Wide Fund for Nature Australia 13 October 1978
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