The Ethanol Story


Why Panda loves Ethanol!!

The world energy and especially the liquid fuels market, is huge and growing.  At the same time much of the world’s crude oil is in politically unstable parts of the world.  World oil production may not be able to keep up with this demand and in the event of political unrest, may be threatened.


Alternative fuels such as ethanol are a useful and economic way to assist the US and the World in this critical market.  Panda has chosen to get into ethanol production and marketing because:



Energy and liquid fuels are critical to the National Security and National Economy of the United States.  We must do more to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and other energy sources- ethanol is a significant step to these goals.



 Ethanol significantly reduces pollution when added with fossil fuels.


The markets for ethanol in many forms are huge.  The US currently uses over 140 billion gallons a year of gasoline, over 60 billion gallons a year of diesel fuel and almost 25 billion gallons of jet fuel.  Applying ethanol to just a small percentage of these markets is a significant opportunity.



 MADE IN THE USA!  Ethanol is renewable.  It is a limitless supply.  Our fuel grows every year!  It supports farmers and the agriculture industry.  The development of large, complex production facilities effectively utilizes the experience and expertise of Panda Energy.


Panda will further improve and resolve these issues, making Ethanol a virtually seamless auto fuel.

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