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HI-TECH Z80 CP/M (freeware) Software

HI-TECH Z80 CP/M C Compiler

The HI-TECH Z80 CP/M C Compiler (version 3.09) is provided free of charge for any use, private or commercial, strictly as is. No warranty or product support is offered or implied. For more information read the z80read.me file.

Important note: This compiler is intended to run on a CPM, Z80-based system. If you attempt to run the compiler on your PC, under DOS or Windows®, it will crash. If you are after a DOS, C compiler please try our freeware Pacific C, or for a Z80 cross compiler (to run on Windows® or Linux® and produce Z80 code) see our commercial Z80 compiler; HI-TECH C® for Z80/Z180.

    • z80read.txt (1KB)
      The readme file for the compiler. Please ensure you read this before using the software.

    • z80v309.exe (203KB)
      A lharc'ed, self extracting archive of the compiler.

    • z80doc.exe (99KB)
      Lharc'ed, self-extracting archive containg the documentation for the compiler.

    • libsrc.exe (84KB)
      Lharc'ed, self-extracting archive containing the library source code.

    • debugman.txt (14KB)
      Text file of the CP/M debugger manual.