October 32006

'People' Pays $1M for Pics of Anna Nicole's Wedding/Suffering

annahoward.jpgYou have to hand it to Anna Nicole Smith: despite the sudden, tragic death of her son Daniel just days after the birth of her baby girl, she seems to have made quite the comeback. Financially speaking, that is. Immediately following Daniel's death, she had Getty Images broker the final photos of her son and daughter, taken hours before his death, which were eventually sold to In Touch for a nice $375K or so. But that's not enough to assuage this woman's suffering! So last week, when she had her emotional, fake wedding to her lawyer Howard K. Stern (who also claims to be the father of her new child), she had someone whip out the PowerShot and take a whole new round of snaps. And wouldn't you know it, Getty Images came to the celebrity weeklies with 30 images, ready to broker an offer. The lucky winner? People, who is said to have forked over $1 million for the not-wedding wedding photos in a classy little bidding war (Radar confirms the sale).

So what's People ed Larry Hackett getting for his money? Pictures of Anna in a wedding dress with Stern, posing on the catamaran where they wed, and several images where sad little 3-week-old Dannielynn is being held. So what makes these banal shots worth $1 million? In one pic, Anna is supposedly holding the baby while wearing pasties. Apparently, they're saving the one with the titty tassles for Cookie.

i thought all mothers posed for photos with their new baby while wearing pasties. you know, for the baby book. or to sell to the tabloids for seven figures.

i can't wait for these two to start bitching about how the press follows their every move & they have no privacy.

So does this mean that the NYTimes won't run these photos, since she was posing in pasties with the baby?

Image of zibby zibby says:

I wish I could think of something clever to say, but really I just want to punch someone's lights out right about now.

Image of KarenUhOh KarenUhOh says:

Can you blame her? Has she the ability make one cent from anything other than pix of herself or contrived matrimony?

No commenter image uploaded BillieXX says:

I love me some Anna. No matter the situation, she is going to get her cash.

she'll still be around with Cher and the cockroaches in the year 2525.

Is anyone really that surprised? I mean, it's not like Anna oozed class before.

don't all mothers pose for photographs with their new baby while wearing pasties? you know, for the baby book.

(or to sell them to tabloids for seven figures)

i can't wait for anna n. + howard k. to start bitching about how the press follows them everywhere they go + their lack of privacy.

Why are we suprised?
She fellated a 90-year-old, for crying out loud. Everything she has done since, from the reality show to the Trimspa ads, has actually been a step up.

Anna's vows "You like my boooodddddy, you want to touch meeeee"

No commenter image uploaded ljnd says:

Wookie, bingo. At least now, grief and the Supreme Court give her the gravitas she was so desperately lacking.

Is 'pasties' some American word I'm not familiar with, or was it just a typo for 'panties' ?

Or was she wearing a pair of Cornish pasties? Vegetable or steak and mushroom? Mmm...

Clash, pasties are basically bandaids for nipples. Think stripper.


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