Downsview Park Film Studios

The Downsview Park Film Studios offers a wealth of opportunities to accommodate the most creative filmmakers. This year our film studios will host the cast and crew of Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man as well as ER’s Juliana Margulies and Dylan McDermott (from The Practice) in a new movie called The Grid. Take a look at some scenes from around the sets of recent productions filmed at Downsview Park…MORE >>



Downsview Park is the home of internationally acclaimed productions such as the Gemini Award winning series Eleventh Hour and has hosted the highly rated and critically acclaimed Mutant X. Over the years, eye-catching sets have been built for successful television series such as Soul Food. Unforgettable scenes from a vast array of commercials and from movies such as Total Recall, Lady in Question, The Jessie Ventura Story, The Ricky Nelson Story, Driven and Iron Eagle 4 have been captured at Downsview Park.





Convenience and location: we have it all at the Downsview Park film studios. Eight studios and 17 buildings on 600 acres of land, lots of clear span hangar-type space, many unique standing sets and more than enough support space to meet your every need. MORE >>



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