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Sat, 2.10.07

Today, I am proud Max Baucus is my U.S. Senator
I've had my issues with my U.S. Senator, Montana's own Max Baucus (D), on a whole host of economic issues, and I assume I will continue to have those gripes with him (especially if he pulls shenanigans with tax giveaways on the minimum wage bill). But today Max made me very proud that he is my senator. He gave a speech on the floor of the Senate demanding a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq within the next six months, and opposing President Bush's plans for a military escalation.

Baucus originally voted for the war and has previously voted against proposals to bring the troops home, but today said "If I knew then what I know now I never would have voted for the war." That he is now making this bold statement is a major step for him, and for the larger efforts around the country to end the war. I'm really hopeful he signs onto Kennedy's bill and supports all the other legislative initiatives to end the war - but whether he does that is a question for later. Today, let's just cheer him on.

Thank you, Max. You done good today.


  D I S C U S S I O N  

Considering that many GOP senators are siding with the Dems
Baucus couldn't support Bush and not look like a blithering war-monger.

IMO there is nothing brave in Baucus's stance, he stuck his finger into the wind and saw which way the wind is blowing.

Baucus' Nephew
Sen. Max Baucus lost his nephew (Marine Cpl Phillip Baucus)in the Anbar Provence of Iraq over the summer. He joins the ranks of thousands of other grieving relatives who initially supported the war which cost them a loved one.

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