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02/06/07 - Basketball vs. NC State
02/07/07 - Football Signing Day
02/10/07 - Baseball Road Trip
02/11/07 - Basketball vs. UConn
02/12/07 - RRC Meeting
02/13/07 - RRC Applications due

About Us

Since its founding in 1930, the Ramblin' Reck Club has been an organization of students, committed to the education and promotion of Tech spirit, history and tradition. Members of the Club, who are from all areas of the Tech student community, work together in fulfilling the dreams of such Tech legends as Coaches Alexander and Dodd and Deans Griffin and Dull, that students can infect others in the student body with regard and enthusiasm for all the facets of Tech.

Fan of the Week

Is it you?

Can you name the quarterback for Heisman's National Champion football team? Have you ever painted your body gold for a sporting event? Or is your idea of a perfect spring afternoon one that is spent in the stands at Russ Chandler Stadium watching the Yellow Jackets march towards another ACC title. If so you may be our next fan of the week. Send in your nomination now! Just make sure to write at most 150 words describing why you or someone you know should be our fan of the week. Include a picture so the whole world can recognize who you are!


Stealing the 'T'

Perhaps the most famous of Tech's landmarks is the Tech Tower, home of the 'T.' The 4 letters (TECH) are five feet tall and white and gold, on each side of the tower, but it's the 'T' on the side facing I-75 that has a worldwide reputation. As long as the letters have been up (most of the century), students have sought fame and glory in stealing them and leaving the ones they steal for the college president to find.

The class of 1922, deciding during their freshman year that their contribution to the school should include a symbol that would "light the spirit of Tech to the four points of the compass," gave the tower its first TECH signs. The gold and white painted, wooden signs were placed on alternating sides of the tower.

Plans for today's standard metal frame letters and neon lights were introduced in 1949. The renovation fell around the Christmas holidays so for the only time in its history the gold and white letters were replaced with green and red ones.

There is a pattern to "T" theft. Students targeted the 'T' on the side facing the highway. If that 'T' is taken, they would remove the 'T' to the left and work around. When the 'T's were gone (it has happened), students began taking the 'H's in the same manner. Next would have been the 'E's, and finally the 'C's.

DISCLAIMER: Stealing the "T" is a tradition that is currently prohibited by the administration of the Georgia Institute of Technology. This page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of this activity.