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I Want My MTV - Marines Getting New Body Armor

Posted 03-Nov-2006 10:00
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Interceptor OTV, now O-U-T
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Back on September 25, 2006, DefenseLINK announced that Protective Products International in Sunrise, FL had won a $33.6 million firm-fixed-price contract for 60,000 Modular Tactical Vests (MTVs) with associated training. The MTV is the US Marines' latest body armor vest, replacing the Interceptor OTV. Now Marine Times reports that Commandant Gen. Mike Hagee gave the new vest final approval on October 19.

Marines will start wearing it in February 2007, though it's reportedly only an interim solution over the next 3-4 years. It is a pound heavier than the Interceptor, but reportedly distributes its weight better and adds improved side protection. It uses the same ceramic armor inserts as the Interceptor, and key features include:

New MTV features include:

  • A Rifle bolster to allow the shooter to seat his weapon into his shoulder for proper firing.
  • Increased coverage in the lower back and kidney area, side torso and shoulder.
  • Integrated side armor plate pouches. Some troops have complained that the side plates create serious movement and mobility problems, especially when exiting vehicles, and can therefore be more of a survival hindrance than help.
  • Wiring channels for communications gear.
  • An improved closure strap system, and also quick-release capability for fast exits

Work will be performed in Sunrise, FL (60%); Fenton, MO (25%); and, Lares, Puerto Rico (15%), and is expected to be complete December 2007. Contract funds in the amount of $33.6 million will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This award involved a limited competition with 3 proposals solicited (Marine Times reports that Paraclete Armor & Equipment Inc., of Saint Pauls, NC, and Crye Precision LLC, of Brooklyn, NY also bid on the contract). The Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, VA issued the contract. (M67854-06-C-3044)

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  • DID (May 11/05) - Quality Issues with USMC Body Armor Force Recall. The issues involved Interceptor Alpha Outer Tactical Vests.

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