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Super Panavision 70

All 70mm film lists
Compiled by: Thomas Hauerslev.  
Title Released Cinema Notes
The Big Fisherman 04.08.1959 Rivoli, NYC, USA  
Exodus 15.12.1960 Warner, NYC, USA  
West Side Story 18.10.1961 Rivoli, NYC, USA  
Lawrence of Arabia 09.12.1962 Odeon Leicester Square, London  
My Fair Lady 21.10.1964 Criterion, NYC, USA  
Cheyenne Autumn 19.11.1964 Warner, London “World Press Preview”  03.10.1964 - Lincoln, Cheyenne, USA
Lord Jim 15.02.1965 Odeon LS, London  
Grand Prix 21.12.1966 Warner, NYC, USA New 70mm print screened 23.05.2006 for Academy staff.
2001: A Space Odyssey 02.04.1968 Uptown, DC, USA  
Ice Station Zebra 23.10.1968 Cinerama Dome, LA, USA  
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 18.12.1968 State 2, NYC, USA  
McKenna's Gold 18.03.1969 Royal, Münich, Germany  
Song of Norway 04.11.1970 Cinerama, NYC, USA  
Ryan's Daughter 09.11.1970 Ziegfeld, NYC; USA Empire, London on 09.12.1970
Symbiosis (S) 1982 EPCOT Centre, Florida, USA 30 frames per second and 12 track stereo.
Tron (P) 08.07.1982 State 2, NYC, USA Live action filmed in 65mm. Computer graphics photographed in VistaVision.
Brainstorm (P) 30.09.1983 Ziegfeld, NYC, USA  
AUTO-E-Motion (S) 1984   German film for BMW museum
New Magic 1985   Showscan feature filmed with Super Panavision 70 rack over 65mm camera.
Norway (S) 1989    
Warriors of the Wasteland (S) 1989    
Lawrence of Arabia 04.02.1989 Ziegfeld, New York, USA Restored version
A Year Along the Abandoned Road (S) 11.06.1991 Grimstad, Norway.
Far and Away 22.05.1992 Ziegfeld, NYC, USA Panavision System 65

The Arriflex 65mm camera ARRI 765 was used for short segments
Dead Sea (S) 18.11.1992 Sherman Oaks, CA, USA  
My Fair Lady 21.09.1994 Ziegfeld, NYC, USA  Restored version
Hamlet 25.12.1996 Ziegfeld, NYC, USA Panavision System 65. Technicolor, London manufactured 31 x 4-hour 70mm prints. 5 of which were made from the original 65mm camera negative (Technicolor, February 28, 1997).

The Arriflex 65mm camera ARRI 765 was used for short segments.
The Witness (S) 1999 CT, USA, USA Major parts filmed in ARRI 765
Testaments (S) 2000 Salt Lake City, USA Major parts filmed in ARRI 765
New Ride Film (S) 2002
EMVF in 65mm: Movies for your ears (S) 2003
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(S) = Short film
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