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Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources #55:

Notable Descendants of Henry and Margaret (----) Howland
of Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, Parents of John Howland of the Mayflower

by Gary Boyd Roberts

As a descendant of Henry Howland (Jr.) (d. 1670/1) of Duxbury, I have been collecting notable Howland descendants for probably 30 years, and my current total of "major historical figures of Howland descent" totals just over 120. These descendants of John Howland of the Mayflower or of his brothers Henry or Arthur, this last of Marshfield, Massachusetts, include FDR and the two Bushes (descendants of John), Nixon, and Ford (descendants of Henry), and Mrs. Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt (John) among presidents and First Ladies, and Sir Winston (Leonard Spencer-) Churchill and the second wife of (Robert) Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon, among British prime ministers (descendants of Arthur). These presidential connections are explored in my 1995 first edition of Ancestors of American Presidents, pp. 246, 343 esp. For the descent to Churchill and his niece, see NEXUS 13 (1996): 210-11, 166-72, 14 (1997): 72.

I also treated various Howland descendants in the two volumes of Notable Kin (1998, 1999). These are Canadian First Lady Mrs. John George Diefenbaker (1:84), G. H. W. Bush (1:120), Constitution signer Nathaniel Gorham, Jr. (1:148), Ralph Waldo Emerson (1:173-74), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1:182-83), Henry and Brooks Adams (1:192, via Nathaniel Gorham, Jr.), artists Frederick Edwin Church and Albert Pinkham Ryder (2:26, 28), Register editor Henry Edwards Scott (2:54-55), Episcopal bishop Phillips Brooks (2:88-89, also via Nathaniel Gorham, Jr.), writer O. Henry and U.S. senator Samuel James Ervin, Jr. (2:89), actor Humphrey Bogart (2:117), ALCOA executive Roy Arthur Hunt (2:196-97), novelist Louis Stanton Auchincloss (2:199) - all descendants of John of the Mayflower. Descendants of Henry (Jr.) treated in Notable Kin are millionairess "Hetty" Green (1:23), Supreme Court Justice David Hackett Souter (1:158), artist Norman Rockwell (2:28), genealogist Clarence Almon Torrey (2:66), singer "Bing" Crosby (2:117), television personality "Johnny" Carson (2:126-27), and very likely (if her father was Newport, R.I. native Charles Stanley Gifford) actress Marilyn Monroe (wife of baseball hero "Joe" DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller) (2:136-37). In my last column, I noted that Harvard presidents Edward Everett and James Walker, the former also Secretary of State under Millard Fillmore and a vice presidential candidate in 1860, married first cousins - Charlotte Gray Brooks, an aunt of Henry and Brooks Adams, and Catherine Bartlett, daughter of George Bartlett and Mary Gorham. Harvard president James Bryant Conant married Grace Thayer Richards, daughter of chemist Theodore William Richards and Miriam Thayer, daughter of Joseph Henry Thayer (and Martha Caldwell Davis), son of Joseph Helyer Thayer and Martha Stevens Greenough, daughter of William Greenough and Lydia Haskins, a maternal aunt of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The actress Charlotte Saunders Cushman was a daughter of Elkanah Cushman, Jr. (and Mary Eliza Babbitt), son of Elkanah Cushman and Mary Lathrop, daughter by Mary Thomas of Ansel Lathrop, brother of the matrilineal great-grandmother of Longfellow. Newport "cottage" architect Richard Morris Hunt married Catherine Clinton Howland, sister of a great-grandmother of L. S. Auchincloss and niece of Mrs. Susan Howland Aspinwall, great-grandmother of FDR. Auchincloss himself, through his mother, also had two Gorham-Denison-Stanton descents. Among forebears of statesman John Milton Hay, philanthropist John Hay Whitney, and Mrs. Stuart Symington, Jr. (all treated in New England Ancestors 1:2 [2000]: 40), William Rounseville was a son of Philip Rounseville and Mary Howland, daughter of Samuel Howland (and Mary Sampson), son of the immigrant Henry of Duxbury and Mary ----. Hannibal Hamlin, Abraham Lincoln's first vice president, was a son of Cyrus Hamlin (and Anna Livermore), son of Eleazer Hamlin and Lydia Bonney, daughter of Ichabod Bonney and Elizabeth Howland, daughter by Anne Colson of Abraham Howland, brother of Mrs. Mary Howland Rounseville. President Thomas Clap of Yale (ancestor of President Charles Seymour of Yale) - see New England Ancestors 1:5-6 (2000): 41 - was a son of Stephen Clap and Temperance Gorham, daughter by Mary Otis of John Gorham, Jr., son of John Gorham and Desire Howland. Among Thomas Clap's other descendants was Emily Baldwin Perkins, wife of Unitarian clergyman Edward Everett Hale, author of "The Man Without a Country." Emily was the daughter (by Mary Foote Beecher, sister of Henry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe) of Thomas Clap Perkins, son of Enoch Perkins and Anne Pitkin, daughter of Timothy Pitkin and Temperance Clap (daughter of President Thomas). For the line of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith (Jr.) from John Howland, Jr. and Mary Lee, and for that of his wife Emma Hale from Hope Howland and John Chipman, see Mary Audentia Smith Anderson, Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale (1929). For the Chipman line of Serena Alleyne Stanhope Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley, daughter-in-law of HRH Princess Margaret of Great Britain, see #14 in this column series.

In examining the remainder of my list of major figures of Howland descent, I am able, I think, to identify 40 who are sufficiently well known to interest the general membership. These are General Motors founder William Crapo Durant; Joseph Wharton, founder of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania; Mrs. Paul Mellon, wife of the philanthropist and art collector; Mrs. Chester William Nimitz, wife of the World War II admiral; Mrs. Andrew Dickson White, wife of the first president of Cornell; Mrs. James Gordon Bennett, Jr., wife of the editor of the New York Herald; Mrs. Vannevar Bush, wife of the computer pioneer; Peter Bulkeley Greenough, husband of opera soprano Beverly Sills; Mrs. Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr., wife of the historian and presidential advisor; the statesmen Henry Cabot Lodge and Henry Cabot Lodge (II), plus their cousin, philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce; Mrs. McGeorge Bundy, wife of Kennedy's foreign affairs advisor, later president of the Ford Foundation; Kingman Brewster, Jr. of Yale, and Josiah Quincy (III) of Harvard; baby doctor Benjamin McLane Spock; Mrs. Oliver Hazard Perry, wife of the naval hero, and her granddaughter Mrs. John LaFarge, wife of the artist; Mrs. John Dewey, wife of the philosopher and "progressive educator"; Mrs. Upton Sinclair, wife of the muckraker and novelist; California capitalist Charles Crocker; Mrs. John Joseph Pershing, wife of the World War I commander; Mrs. Harold LeClair Ickes, wife of the Secretary of the Interior; both wives of aviator "Billy" Mitchell; Mrs. James Savage, wife of the genealogist; at least one Mrs. Brigham Young (Mrs. Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs); capitalist Henry Huttleston Rogers; Mrs. Henry Francis duPont, wife of the builder of Winterthur; Mrs. Philip Danforth Armour, wife of the Chicago meat packer; Crawford Hallock Greenewalt, president of E. I. duPont & Co.; International Harvester president Brooks McCormick; poet Harriet Stone Munroe and her sister Mrs. John Wellborn Root, wife of the Chicago architect; Chicago merchant Potter Palmer; Mrs. John O'Hara, wife of the novelist; Laredo Zadoc Taft, the sculptor and his sister Mrs. Hamlin Garland, wife of the muckraking novelist; Sanford Ballard Dole of Hawaii; Mrs. Norman Thomas, wife of the political leader and socialist; and Helen Louise Leonard, the actress Lillian Russell.

John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, and Richard Warren founded the three largest Mayflower progenies. Of these five, only Howland had siblings who later immigrated (to Plymouth Colony). Most of Henry (Jr.)'s and Arthur's early descendants were Quakers, as were many of John's descendants on Cape Cod. Collectively, the progeny of the three Howland brothers suggests much of the scope of Pilgrim and Quaker contributions to American history generally. Trends in New England Quaker history include considerable absorption into families of Massachusetts Bay, the development of New Bedford and the whaling industry, some early migration to New Jersey and Pennsylvania (and among Cape Cod and Nantucket Quakers, to North Carolina). Other, mostly later trends include a significant contribution to the Unitarian or Episcopal "Boston Brahmin" mercantile élite of the early and mid-nineteenth century; the migration of some North Carolina Nantucketers to Ohio, Indiana and points west; and connections among New Bedford, New York City, Wall Street, the Social Register "400," Newport, and Philadelphia's "Main Line."

John Howland's often non-Quaker descendants were associated largely with both the "Boston Brahmins" and Harvard's "intellectual aristocracy" of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Emerson, Longfellow, Adamses, and Cabot Lodges). Other associations include Rhode Island (Perrys and LaFarges), Connecticut and Yale (Presidents Clap, Seymour, and Brewster), New York (Roosevelts and Auchinclosses), North Carolina (O. Henry and Sen. Sam Ervin), and a sizeable number of "Connecticut Yankees," plus those from western Massachusetts, Vermont, and upstate New York who went west and were successful (Mrs. Armour and Mrs. Ickes of Chicago and Illinois, Mormon prophet Joseph Smith and a wife of Brigham Young, and Charles Crocker and Mrs. Sinclair of California). Nineteenth-century tycoons and twentieth-century corporation executives among John Howland descendants are represented by Henry Francis duPont, Henry Huttleston Rogers, Crawford Hallock Greenewalt, and Brooks McCormick (Henry Howland descendants include "Hetty" Greene, Mrs. James Gordon Bennett, Jr., Joseph Wharton of Philadelphia, Durant of General Motors, Mrs. Paul Mellon, and John Hay Whitney.)

Outlined below, in the format of my "Notable Kin" columns in NEXUS and New England Ancestors, are the Howland descents of the 40 figures listed above. Following the figure's name, birth, and death years, and a brief description of achievement are his or her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., back to John, Henry (Jr.), or Arthur Howland. As always, semi-colons separate generations, and commas separate couples in the same generation back from the figure.

1. William Crapo Durant, 1861-1947, founder of General Motors; William Clark Durant & Rebecca Folger Crapo; Henry Howland Crapo & Mary Anne Slocum; Jesse Crapo & Phebe Howland; Henry Howland & Rhoda Chase; David Howland & Lavinia Russell; Thomas Howland & Content Howland, Paul Russell & Rebecca Ricketson; Henry Howland & Deborah Briggs (parents of Thomas), Nathaniel Howland & Rose Allen (parents of Content and Rebecca), James Russell & Rebecca Howland, Jonathan Ricketson & Abigail Howland; Zoeth Howland & Abigail ---- (parents of Henry, Nathaniel, and Benjamin), Jonathan Russell & Hasadiah Smith, Benjamin Howland & Judith Sampson; Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ---- (parents of Zoeth), John Smith, Jr. & Deborah Howland; Arthur Howland & ---- ----.

2. Joseph Wharton, 1826-1909, manufacturer, philanthropist, founder of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania; William Wharton & Deborah Fisher; Charles Wharton & Hannah Redwood; William Redwood & Hannah Holmes; Abraham Redwood & Patience Howland; Joseph Howland & Rebecca Hussey; Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ----.

3. Paul Mellon, 1907-1999, Pittsburgh banker, art collector and philanthropist (second wife, Mrs. Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd; Gerard Barnes Lambert & Rachel Parkhill Lowe; Arthur Houghton Lowe & Anne Elizabeth Parkhill; John Lowe & Sarah Mead; David Lowe & Louise Adaline Messenger; Calvin Messenger & Betsy Phillips; Seth Phillips & Elizabeth Hamlin [aunt of Hannibal Hamlin above and great-great-great-granddaughter of Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ----]).

4. Chester William Nimitz, 1885-1966, naval commander of the Pacific during World War II (wife, Catherine Vance Freeman; Richard Rich Freeman, Jr. & Mary Turner Manson; Richard Rich Freeman & Rebecca Higgins; Edmund Freeman, Jr. & Betsy Rich; Edmund Freeman & Ruth Wiley; Isaac Freeman & Thankful Higgins; Ebenezer Freeman & Abigail Young; David Young & Anne Doane; John Young & Abigail Howland; Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ----).

5. Andrew Dickson White, 1832-1918, historian, diplomat, first president of Cornell University, 1867-1885 (second wife, Helen Magill; Edward Hicks Magill & Sarah Warner Beans; Jonathan Paxton Magill & Mary Watson; David Watson & Rachel Twining; Stephen Twining & Mary Wilkinson; John Twining & Elizabeth Kirk; Stephen Twining & Abigail Young; John Young & Abigail Howland, see #4 above).

6. James Gordon Bennett, Jr., 1841-1918, capitalist, editor of the New York Herald (wife, Maud Potter, wife firstly of Baron George Jenks de Reuter; John Potter & Helen Norris; Thomas Fuller Potter & Lydia Hubley Jenkins; William Jenkins & Mary Hubley; Adam Hubley & Lydia Field; Robert Field, Jr. & Mary Peale; Robert Field & Mary Taylor; Benjamin Field & Experience Allen; Jedediah Allen & Elizabeth Howland; Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ----).

7. Vannevar Bush, 1890-1974, computer pioneer, director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II, president of the Carnegie Institution (wife, Phebe Clara Davis; William Humphrey Davis & Jennie Rogers; Timothy Davis & Clarissa Hathaway, Joseph Briggs Rogers & Phebe Thacher Gorham; William Davis & Elizabeth Tripp, Paul Hathaway & Clarissa Hamlin, John Gorham & Mary Baker; Nicholas Davis & Sarah Williams, Lot Hathaway & Abigail Howland, Hezekiah Gorham, Jr. & Phebe Thacher; Obadiah Williams & Catherine Wady, John Howland & Abigail Pierce, Hezekiah Gorham & Abigail Sturgis, Solomon Thacher & Susanna Crosby; Joshua Howland & Elizabeth Hathaway, George Williams & Joanna Bills, Josiah Gorham & Priscilla Sears, Edward Sturgis [III] & Thankful Hedge, Joseph Thacher & Abigail Hawes; John Williams & Elizabeth Allen, Samuel Howland & Mary Sampson, Joseph Gorham & Sarah Sturgis, Edward Sturgis, Jr. & Mehitable Hallett, Judah Thacher & Sarah Crosby, Ebenezer Hawes, Jr. & Sarah Hedge; Jedediah Allen & Elizabeth Howland, Henry Howland [Jr.] & Mary ---- [parents of Samuel and Elizabeth], John Gorham & Desire Howland [parents of Joseph, Temperance, Lydia, and Desire], Edward Sturgis & Temperance Gorham, John Thacher & Lydia Gorham, Ebenezer Hawes & Sarah Norton; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley, John Hawes & Desire Gorham).

8. Peter Bulkeley Greenough, who married secondly Beverly Sills, b. 1929, opera soprano and director; Henry Vose Greenough & Emery Holden; Charles Pelham Greenough & Mary Dwight Vose; Henry Vose & Martha Barrett Ripley; Elijah Vose (III) & Rebecca Gorham Bartlett, sister of Mrs. James Walker above, and granddaughter of Nathaniel Gorham, Jr.

9. Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr., b. 1917, historian and presidential advisor (second wife, Alexandra Temple Emmet; William Temple Emmet & Lily Dulany Cushing; Howard Gardner Cushing & Ethel Cochrane; Alexander Cochrane, Jr. & Mary Lynde Sullivan; John Langdon Sullivan & Mary Eliza Lynde; Thomas Russell Sullivan & Charlotte Caldwell Blake; Francis Blake & Elizabeth Augusta Chandler; Joseph Blake & Deborah Smith; Samuel Smith & Bethia Chipman; John Chipman, Jr. & Mary Skiff; John Chipman & Hope Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

10. Henry Cabot Lodge, 1850-1924, U.S. senator, opponent of the League of Nations, and father by Anna Cabot Mills Davis of George Cabot Lodge, himself the father by Matilda Elizabeth Frelinghuysen Davis of Henry Cabot Lodge II, 1902-1985, U.S. senator, ambassador to the United Nations, and vice-presidential candidate in 1960; John Ellerton Lodge & Anna Sophia Cabot; Henry Cabot & Anna Sophia Blake; John Welland Blake & Abigail Jones; Joseph Blake & Deborah Smith, see #9 above.

11. Charles Sanders Peirce, 1839-1914, philosopher, the founder of pragmatism; Benjamin Peirce & Sarah Hunt Mills; Elijah Hunt Mills & Harriette Blake; Joseph Blake & Deborah Smith, see #9 above.

12. McGeorge Bundy, 1919-1996, Kennedy's foreign affairs advisor, president of the Ford Foundation (wife, Mary Buckminster Lothrop; Francis Bacon Lothrop & Eleanor Abbott; William Sturgis Hooper Lothrop & Alice Putnam Bacon; Francis Edward Bacon & Louisa Crowninshield; Daniel Carpenter Bacon & Desire Taylor Gorham; Edward Gorham & Abigail Taylor; Benjamin Gorham & Mary Sturgis; John Gorham [III] & Prudence Crocker, Edward Sturgis [III] & Mehitable Hallett; John Gorham, Jr. & Mary Otis, Joseph Crocker & Anne Howland, Edward Sturgis, Jr. & Temperance Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland [parents of John, Jr. and Temperance], John Howland, Jr. & Mary Lee; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley [parents of Desire and John Jr.]).

13. Kingman Brewster, Jr., 1919-1988, president of Yale University, 1963-1977, diplomat; Kingman Brewster & Florence Foster Besse; Lyman Waterman Besse & Henrietta Louisa Segee; Sylvanus Besse & Lucy Ann Waterman; Jotham Waterman & Olive Phinney; Timothy Phinney & Temperance Hinckley; Ebenezer Hinckley & Mehitable Sturgis; Edward Sturgis (III) & Mehitable Hallett, see above, #12.

14. Josiah Quincy III, 1772-1864, mayor of Boston, president of Harvard College, 1829-1845; Josiah Quincy, Jr. & Abigail Phillips; Josiah Quincy & Hannah Sturgis; Samuel Sturgis & Mercy Howes; Edward Sturgis, Jr. & Temperance Gorham, see above, #12.

15. Benjamin McLane Spock, 1903-1998, pediatrician and peace advocate; Benjamin Ives Spock & Mildred Louise Stoughton; Charles Bradley Stoughton & Ada Ripley Hooper; Robert Chamblet Hooper & Adeline Denny Ripley; James Wolf Ripley & Sarah Denny; Thomas Denny, Jr. & Lucretia Sargent; Phineas Sargent & Mary Edson; Jonathan Sargent, Jr. & Deborah Richardson; Jonathan Sargent & Mary Lynde; John Sargent & Lydia Chipman; John Chipman & Hope Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

16. Oliver Hazard Perry, 1785-1819, naval hero of the War of 1812 (wife, Elizabeth Champlin Mason; Benjamin Mason & Margaret Champlin; Christopher Champlin [IV] & Margaret Grant; Christopher Champlin [III] & Lucy Stanton; Christopher Champlin, Jr. & Elizabeth Denison; George Denison & Mercy Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

17. John LaFarge, 1835-1910, artist in stained glass (wife, Margaret Mason Perry; Christopher Grant Perry & Frances Sergeant; naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry & Elizabeth Champlin Mason, see #16 above).

18. John Dewey, 1859-1952, philosopher and "progressive" educator (first wife, [Harriet] Alice Chipman; Gordon Orlen Chipman & Lucy B. Riggs; Orlen Chipman & Sarah M. Burritt; Daniel Chipman & Mercy Turner; Thomas Chipman & Bethiah Fuller; Barnabas Chipman & Elizabeth Hamblin; Samuel Chipman & Sarah Cobb; John Chipman & Hope Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

19. Upton [Beall] Sinclair [Jr.], 1878-1968, the muckraker and novelist, author of The Jungle (second wife, Mary Craig Kimbrough; Allan McCaskell Kimbrough & Mary Hunter Southworth; Hunter Holmes Southworth & Mary Morgan; Peter Southworth & Elizabeth Fisher; Samuel Southworth & Abigail Aspinwall; Peter Aspinwall & Rebecca Storrs; Thomas Storrs & Mehitable Joyce; Hosea Joyce & Elizabeth Chipman; John Chipman & Hope Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

20. Charles Crocker, 1822-1888, California merchant, capitalist and railroad builder; Isaac Crocker & Elizabeth Wright; Levi Crocker & Hannah Bryan; James Crocker & Alice Swift; Jonathan Crocker & Hannah Howland; John Howland, Jr. & Mary Lee; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

21. John Joseph Pershing, 1860-1948, World War I army commander (first wife, Helen Frances Warren; Francis Emroy Warren & Helen Maria Smith; Matthew Smith [V] & Maria Delight Root; Matthew Smith [IV] & Betsey Ward; Matthew Smith [III] & Asenath Annable; Joseph Annable & Temperance Crocker; Nathan Crocker & Joanna Bursley; Eleazer Crocker & Ruth Chipman, John Bursley, Jr. & Elizabeth Howland; John Chipman & Hope Howland, John Howland, Jr. & Mary Lee; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley [parents of Hope and John, Jr.]).

22. Harold LeClair Ickes, 1854-1952, U.S. Secretary of the Interior 1933-1946 (first wife, Mrs. Anna Hawes Wilmarth Thompson; Henry Martin Wilmarth & Mary Jane Hawes; Shubael Hawes [III] & Nancy Blackmer Smith; Shubael Hawes, Jr. & Mary Austin; Shubael Hawes & Elnathan Worthington; Samuel Hawes & Elizabeth Jenney; Benjamin Hawes & Dorcas Smith; John Hawes & Desire Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

23. William Lendrum "Billy" Mitchell, 1879-1936, Army officer and aviator (first wife, Caroline Stoddard; Enoch Vine Stoddard, Jr. & Caroline Sarah Butts; Enoch Vine Stoddard & Mary Smith Allen; Lewis Allen & Mary Denison Smith; Denison Smith & Waity Smith; Oliver Smith & Mary Denison (parents of Denison); John Denison & Mary Noyes; Edward Denison & Mercy Hedge; George Denison & Mercy Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley) (second wife, Elizabeth Trumbull Miller; Sidney Trowbridge Miller & Lucy Trumbull Robinson; Sidney Davis Miller & Katherine Sproat Trowbridge; Christopher Trowbridge & Katherine Whipple Sibley; Solomon Sibley & Sarah Whipple Sproat; Ebenezer Sproat [III] & Catherine Whipple; Ebenezer Sproat, Jr. & Bathsheba Wood; Ebenezer Sproat & Experience Hawes; John Hawes & Desire Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland, John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

24. James Savage, 1784-1873, antiquary, author of A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, and his son-in-law, William Barton Rogers, geologist, founder and first president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and husband of Emma Savage (Mrs. Elizabeth Otis Stillman Lincoln, wife of James and mother of Emma; George Stillman & Rebecca Crocker; Josiah Crocker, Jr. & Rebecca Allen; Josiah Crocker & Desire Thacher; John Thacher & Lydia Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

25. Brigham Young, 1801-1877, Mormon leader and colonizer of Utah (Mrs. Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs, one of 16 wives by whom Young left issue; William Huntington, Jr. & Zina Baker; William Huntington & Presinda Lathrop; John Lathrop, Jr. & Lucy Gray; John Lathrop & Anne Thacher; John Thacher & Lydia Gorham, see #24 above.

26. Henry Huttleston Rogers, 1840-1909, capitalist (associate of Charles Pratt, William Rockefeller and E. H. Harriman), friend of Mark Twain; Rowland Rogers & Mary Eldredge Huttleston; Abisha Rogers & Judith Cushman; Cephas Cushman & Judith Clark; Joshua Cushman & Mary Soule; Robert Cushman & Persis Pratt; Thomas Cushman & Ruth Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

27. Henry Francis duPont, 1880-1969, E. I. DuPont Co. finance officer, founder of Winterthur (wife, Ruth Wales; Edward Howe Wales & Ruth Holmes Hawks; Francis Hawks & Gertrude R. Holmes; Jabez Holmes & Ruth Gorham; Isaac Gorham [III] & Sarah Thomas; Isaac Gorham, Jr. & Jemima Potter; Isaac Gorham & 1st wife Mary ----; Jabez Gorham & Hannah Sturgis; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

28. Philip Danforth Armour, 1832-1901, Chicago meat packer, founder of Armour & Co. (wife, Malvina Belle Ogden; Jonathan Ogden & Mary Elizabeth Gorham; Timothy Gorham & Martha Smith Merrill; Miles Gorham & Abigail Morris; John Gorham & Lydia Dorman; Isaac Gorham, see above, #27, & his 2nd wife Hannah Miles).

29. Crawford Hallock Greenewalt,1902-1993, president of E. I. DuPont & Co., 1948-1962; Frank Lindsay Greenewalt & Mary Elizabeth Hallock; Samuel Hallock & Sarah Tabet; Homan Hallock & Elizabeth Fleet Andrews; Moses Hallock & Margaret Allen; Robert Allen & Desire Norton; Matthew Norton & Mercy Daggett; Thomas Daggett & Elizabeth Hawes; John Hawes & Desire Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

30. Brooks McCormick, 1917-19__, president of International Harvester Co. 1963-19__; Chauncey [Brooks] McCormick & Marion Deering; Charles Deering & Marion Denison Whipple; William Deering of International Harvester & Abigail Reed Barbour, William Denison Whipple & Caroline Mary Cooke; Charles Barbour & Joanna Cobb, Jeremiah Whipple & Jerusha Murdock; Jedediah Cobb & Abigail Jordan, William Murdock & Saba Denison; Ebenezer Cobb & Rebecca Whitfield, George Denison & Jemima Post; Jonathan Cobb, Jr. & Elizabeth Vaughan, Samuel Denison & Mary Lay; Jonathan Cobb & Hope Chipman, George Denison & Mercy Gorham; John Chipman & Hope Howland, John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley (parents of Hope and Desire).

31. Harriet Stone Monroe, 1860-1936, poet and editor, and her sister Dora Louise Monroe, second wife of John Wellborn Root, 1850-1891, Chicago architect, designer of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1890; Henry Stanton Monroe & Martha Mitchell; Henry Monroe & Sylvia Thomas; Gaius Thomas & Elizabeth Stanton; Phineas Stanton, Jr. & Esther Gallup; Phineas Stanton & Elizabeth Stanton; Thomas Stanton & Thankful Denison (parents of Elizabeth); George Denison & Mercy Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

32. Potter Palmer, 1826-1902, Chicago merchant and real estate promoter, builder of the Palmer House Hotel; Benjamin Palmer & Rebecca Potter; Samuel Potter & Deborah Ricketson; John Ricketson & Phebe Russell; Jonathan Ricketson & Abigail Howland; Benjamin Howland & Judith Sampson; Zoeth Howland & Abigail ----; Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ----.

33. John [Henry] O'Hara, 1905-1970, short-story writer and novelist (third wife, Mrs. Katharine Lansing Barnes Bryan; Courtlandt Dixon Barnes & Katharine Lansing Barney; Henry Burr Barnes & Hannah Elizabeth Dixon [sister of Pauline Williams Dixon, wife of Louis Lee Stanton, mother of Priscilla Dixon Stanton, wife of Joseph Howland Auchincloss and mother of novelist Louis Stanton Auchincloss, b. 1917]; Courtlandt Palmer Dixon & Hannah Elizabeth Williams; Ephraim Williams, Jr. & Hannah Eliza Denison; Ephraim Williams & Hepzibah Phelps, Amos Denison & Hannah Williams; William Williams & Martha Wheeler [parents of Ephraim and Hannah], Joseph Denison, Jr. & Bridget Noyes; John Williams & Desire Denison, Joseph Denison & Prudence Minor; George Denison & Mercy Gorham [parents of Desire and Joseph]; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley).

34. Lorado Zadoc Taft, 1860-1936, sculptor (and father by Ada Bartlett of Emily Taft, wife of U.S. Senator Paul Howard Douglas), and his sister Zulime Taft, wife of Hamlin Garland, 1860-1940, novelist and muckraker; Don Carlos Taft & Mary Lucy Foster; Orin Foster & Cynthia Haskins; John Haskins & Mary Peirce; John Peirce & Sarah Rounseville; John Rounseville & Sarah Holloway; Philip Rounseville & Mary Howland; Samuel Howland & Mary Sampson; Henry Howland (Jr.) & Mary ----.

35. Sanford Ballard Dole, 1844-1926, president of the Republic of Hawaii, first governor of the Territory of Hawaii; Daniel Dole & Emily Hoyt Ballard; Calvin Ballard & Hannah Blish; Stacy Blish & Mary Baxter; Joseph Baxter & Hannah North; John Baxter & Desire Gorham; Thomas Baxter (her second husband) & Temperance Gorham, Joseph Gorham & Sarah Sturgis; John Gorham & Desire Howland (parents of Temperance and Joseph); John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

36. Norman [Mattoon] Thomas, 1884-1968, political leader, socialist (wife, Frances Violet Stewart; William Adams Walker Stewart & Frances Loring Gray; William Gray & Sarah Frances Loring; William Rufus Gray & Mary Clay; William Gray & Elizabeth Chipman; John Chipman, Jr. & Elizabeth Brown; John Chipman & Rebecca Hale; Samuel Chipman & Sarah Cobb; John Chipman & Hope Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

37. Helen Louise Leonard, the actress Lillian Russell, 1861-1922; Charles Egbert Leonard & Cynthia Hicks Van Name; John Jarvis Leonard & Delina Cone Skeele; Moses Skeele & Mercy/Marcy Otis; John Otis & Prudence Taintor; Nathaniel Otis & Hannah Thacher; John Thacher & Lydia Gorham; John Gorham & Desire Howland; John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

(nos. 38, 39, 40 are Henry Cabot Lodge II, Mrs. John Wellborn Root, and Mrs. Hamlin Garland, covered under nos. 10, 31, and 34 respectively.)

General Sources:

1-3. The Howland Quarterly 28, nos. 2 and 3 (Jan.-April 1964), pp. 6-7 (English origins); National Genealogical Society Quarterly 71 (1983): 84-93 (Arthur), 75 (1987): 105-116, 216-25 (Henry [Jr.]).

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8-9. Franklyn Howland, A Brief Genealogical and Biographical History of Arthur, Henry and John Howland, and their Descendants of the United States and Canada (1885), and William M. Emery, The Howland Heirs (1919) (the latter covers "Hetty" Greene and her near kinsmen).

10-12. Henry S. Gorham, "The Gorham Family" (28 vols., 1931-44) (bound typescript at NEHGS, abbreviated to Gorham in references below); John H. Chipman III, A Chipman Genealogy (1970); Joseph A. Cushman, The First Seven Generations of the Cushman Family in New England (1964) (the best printed treatments beyond six generations of the three families into which married the three daughters of John Howland through whom notable descendants are traced above. For good printed treatments of the progeny of the other two daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Howland Hicks Dickinson and Mrs. Hannah Howland Bosworth, see Wesley L. Baker, Dickerson and Dickinson Descendants of Philemon Dickerson of Southold, Long Island, New York, also Long Island Descendants of Captain John Dickinson of Oyster Bay [1978] and Mrs. Mary Bosworth Clarke, Bosworth Genealogy [6 parts, 1926-40]).

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