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Franklin's Correspondence About the

1762: Jul. 13 Franklin Beccaria How Franklin Invented the and How To Build One
1762: Dec. 7 Franklin William Strahan "I hope he has got the Armonica in order"
Uncertain Franklin Messrs. Huges & Co. How To Make Armonica Glasses
Uncertain Grey Cooper Franklin Paying a Musical Visit
1763: Feb. 26 Franklin Cadwallader Colden I amused myself...contriving...a new musical instrument
1763: Mar. 25 Franklin Mary Stevenson "I am vex'd with Mr. James...
1763: Nov. 28 Franklin Jonathan Williams "The Armonica Arrived Safe"
1763: Dec. 11 Franklin Sir Alexander Dick "I play some of the softest Tunes on my Armonica.."
1764: Apr. 21 Franklin Jonathan Williams "It grieves me that the Glasses are not yet come"
1764: Sep. 1 Franklin William Strahan "The Musick of a new baby"
1764: Nov. 3 Franklin (Philadelphia) Jonathan Williams "Glasses from London"
1764: Nov. 6 Benjamin Humphreys Franklin Bill/receipt for armonica spindles
1765: Feb. 14 Franklin Deborah Franklin Various
1765: Oct. 5 Deborah Franklin Franklin Various
1766: Apr. 28 Franklin Jonathan Williams "...I have not yet been able to procure one"
1766-9 Mary Rich Franklin A glass armonica hand-crank
1767: Jun.-Aug. Mary Rich Franklin "Just heard Miss Davies..."
1767: July 6 Franklin Rudolph Erich Raspe "I wish your Artist may succeed in making the Armonica
1769: Jan. 5 Franklin Michael Hillegas "...disappointed of your Glasses by their being broken..."
1769: Apr. 15 Michael Hillegas Franklin "...much Obliged..."
1769: Nov. 25 Michael Hillegas Franklin Still no armonica glasses
1771: May 20 Beccaria Franklin "I thank you, excellent sir..."
1772: Jan. 17 Capt. William Outram ? " take care of buying and shipping a good armonica
1772: Sep. 30 The Count of Belgioioso Franklin "...where the person lives who makes the Glasses..."
1772: Dec. 8 Franklin Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg Some on the side, some on the edge...
1775: May 20 Jonathan Williams, Jr. Franklin "the Plan of your Armonica improved..."
1775: June 7 Jonathan Williams, Jr. Franklin Armonica repair went well
1778: Jan. 29 Cecilia Davies Franklin Dinner Invitation
1778: Jan. 30 Cecilia Davies Franklin Dinner Invitation Declined
1778: Sept. 24 Cecilia Davies Franklin Schmoozing Franklin
1778: Dec. 10 Franklin Madame Brillon Paradise
1779: Nov. 1 Franz Mesmer Franklin Invitation
1779: Nov. 1 Madame Brillon Franklin More on "Paradise"
1779 (?) Franklin ? Some Directions for the Drawing out the Tone from the Glasses of the Armonica
1780: Dec. 10 Franklin Madame Brillon "...he had the patience to listen to me play..."
1781: Nov. 19 Elkanah Watson His diary Franklin plays his armonica, hears that the Revolution is won
1782: July 25 Faesh Franklin Who is an armonica supplier?
1783: Apr. 26 Marianne Davies Franklin Appeal for help
1783: Oct. 27 Marianne Davies Franklin Another appeal for help
1784: July 1 Count de Saluces (Turin) Franklin Keyboard Armonica
1784: July 5 Franklin Count de Saluces (Turin) Keyboard Armonica

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