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What is pyroluria, is it an accepted clinical entity and what are the treatment?
Initital question: 48 year old patient with chronic depression also has a son with Attention deficit disorder. The patient has heard about pyroluria and sent me information from the internet about this condition which indicates that it is linked with both depression and ADHD. What is the evidence that this condition a) exists as a clinical entitiy and b) is linked with mental health problems. If so what is the treatment.

We did a search of our usual sources (TRIP Database, Cochrane Library and Medline) and found very little information on pyroluria.  If pyroluria is a condition it does not to have been accepted to any extent.  As such there have been no obvious controlled trials with which to guide potential treatment.

Two records in Medline matched the term (out of over 14 million records), these were.  The most recent was published in 1986 and the other, with no abstract was published in 1978 [2].

A search of NHS websites (using Google) found no records containing the term ‘pyroluria’.

A general search of Google finds a number of sites supporting the notion of pyroluria.  For background you might be interested in the Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyroluria).  NOTE: Wikipedia is a collaborative online resource with many potential authors.  This can have positive and negative implications.  We recommend you treat wikipedia articles with an increased level of scepticism.


1) Heleniak EP et al. A new prostaglandin disturbance syndrome in schizophrenia: delta-6-pyroluria. Med Hypotheses. 1986 Apr;19(4):333-8. (http://www.hubmed.org/display.cgi?issn=03069877&uids=3520252)
2) Cruz R et al. Pyroluria: a poor marker in chronic schizophrenia. Am J Psychiatry. 1978 Oct;135(10):1239-40.

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