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AUSTRALIAN SOUL CD Cover This is a career album. Not a compilation, but all new recordings that sum up all the influences that have gone into a lifetime in music. Rock, Soul & Country and a lifelong obsession to create something that is meaningful to the Australian experience.

The earliest song here was written in 1973 (Bendigo - Welcome Stranger) and the latest 2001 (I Know The Feeling) in between are songs about real life and imaginary characters, matters of the heart and social commentary dressed in pristine acoustic or bluesy rhythmic stylings. The common denominator is quality songs that tell a story and/or tug at the emotions.

On board are some of the best musicians around:
Keith's childhood mate Mick Hamilton who has followed his own musical vision around the world. 1960's pop-star Terry Dean who has become a latter day master slide guitarist. Ex-Mondo Rock, current Revelator and record producer James Black. Ex-Black Sorrow and ace bassist Steve Hadley, Uncle Bill's current one Paul Gadsy, everybody's favourite drummer Gary Young, another fab basher Peter Luscombe and warbler supreme Lyndsay Hammond. Not to mention the international contingent of Amazing Rhythm Aces, Billy Earheart, Jeff 'Stick' Davis, Tony Bowles and Bryan Owings. Plus the other players of similar high standing.

During an action packed career, Keith survived the 60's (and lately found his first recordings prized collectors items now re-released on CD), became a music icon in hometown Melbourne, was responsible for instigating a goodly slice of 70's/80's Australian music history, prior to building a 100 song recorded catalogue initially spurred by US country chart success for a song in the 1980's leading to him being signed to the Virgin label late in the decade for two solo albums. These were followed by three albums as one third of Glass/Hamilton/Young.
He produced stuff for US artists Billy Joe Shaver, Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Butch Hancock in Australia then travelling to Los Angeles to mix US players from Dwight Yoakam's band with Keith Urban's trio for actor/singer Cameron Daddo's pop/country album. Further production duties were John Wibberley's critical rave 'Heart's On The Run' and Wayne Law's similarly afflicted debut 'Small Town Dreamer'. His own 'Smoke & Mirrors' made critics end of year lists in 1998 and garnered many nominations and more than a few awards, with the song 'Larrikin Town' becoming a staple of ABC Radio and featuring on three compilation albums.
1999's 'Southerly Buster' gained a 'Best Independent Release' for the duet with Lyndsay Hammond 'Standing In The Way Of Love' and continued the critical raves.
Together with Mick Hamilton he won The Australian Heritage Commission's initial 'Songs Of Place' award in April 2000. That song 'Wilderness Trail' appears on the new album.

Australian Soul has upped the ante considerably - there simply hasn't been another album like this one. Like Rodney Crowell in the US and Nick Lowe in the UK, Keith has melded his international influences into a totally unique whole and celebrates his birthright by bringing it all back home. Comparisons are meaningless, this is only identifiable as Keith Glass music but it is totally accessible, commercial and immediate. Every song tells a story and the art is in the craft. The first pre-album release single 'Victoria (There's A River)' was a difficult to program, five minute epic that has nonetheless touched a lot of people due to the strength of the story and the relevance of the issues raised. With the hard stuff out of the way, next up is 'Salvation Jane, Patterson's Curse' a unique flight of fancy fable that will become an Australian classic. The album is packed with more classics. A fresh version of the award winner 'Wilderness Trail', a definitive bushranger story 'Mad Dan Morgan' the rocking 'You Tore The Heart' and the latest vocal collaboration with Lyndsay Hammond 'Hank & Townes' shows a willingness to experiment that flies in the face of settling into a comfortable middle-age musical rut.
Keith Glass and Townes Van Zandt
Keith Glass and Townes Van Zandt

CD back cover The tracks are:-
(click on an underlined title to hear a RealAudioTM sample)
1. Salvation Jane, Patterson's Curse 3.01
RealAudio Sound2. You Tore The Heart 3.40
3. Bendigo (Welcome Stranger) (Glass/Edwards) 4.15
4. Victoria (There's A River) 5.05
5. Look Away Now (Glass/Hamilton) 5.02
6. Mad Dan Morgan (Glass/Hamilton) 3.26
7. It'll Come To Me 3.27
8. Where You Come From 3.55
9. Wilderness Trail (Glass/Hamilton) 2.58
10. I Know The Feeling (Glass/Hamilton) 4.43
11. Hank & Townes 2.56
12. First Son 2.33
13. Lasseter's Dream 2.59

All songs written by K. Glass unless noted, published by Festival Music. Get The RealPlayer FREE

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