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Microsoft and Opera Browsers More Popular Among Swedes Than Rest of World

WebSideStory, Inc. (www.websidestory.com ), the world’s leading provider of outsourced e- business intelligence services, today reported that Swedish Internet users overwhelmingly prefer Microsoft over Netscape, even more than the global average. In addition, Opera’s usage share in the country is three times higher than the worldwide average, according to WebSideStory’s StatMarket, a Web site design and optimization service and the leading source for data on global Internet user trends. StatMarket (www.statmarket.com ) publishes information gathered from more than 50 million Internet users a day to more than 125,000 sites worldwide using WebSideStory's HitBox® Enterprise ( www.hitboxenterprise.com) and other HitBox e-business intelligence services. The service segments information from visitors in 245 countries.

As of Oct. 25, Microsoft’s browser usage share in Sweden was 93.04 percent, while Netscape’s share was just under 6 percent, StatMarket reported. (Usage share is the percentage of people in the country that are using a particular browser). This compares to the global average of 89 percent and 10.5 percent respectively. Opera, meanwhile, had a browser share of nearly 1 percent in Sweden, compared to .33 percent worldwide. StatMarket’s sample size in Sweden included 780,582 visitors.

For information about a StatMarket subscription, visit www.statmarket.com or call 858.546.0040 x232.

As of October 25, 2001:

Browser Usage Share - Sweden Global Average
Microsoft IE 93.04 % 89.03 %
Netscape 5.96 % 10.47 %
Opera .96 % .33 %

About StatMarket
StatMarket (www.statmarket.com) is a Web site design and software optimization service that provides valuable market share data on browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, and more. The service is geared for Web site designers, software developers, and market researchers who need accurate data to build the most effective sites and products possible. StatMarket publishes information gathered from more than 50 million Internet users a day to more than 125,000 sites actively using WebSideStory’s HitBox® Enterprise and other HitBox real-time, e-business intelligence services. StatMarket segments global Internet user trend data from visitors in 245 countries to sites in 120 industry categories. For more information, call 858.546.0040 x 232.