Summer Life Pack - Download

The Sims 2 Summer Life Pack - Download


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     Get pumped up once again! Put your Sims in the perfect mood for the hot weather! Dazzle in the heat, or lounge in a Tiki paradise! Whatever you do the summer will be with you! With 40 new objects, over 200 walls and floors, music, and more everything will be ready for a Summer environment. Let the fun begin with Hawaiian, Tiki, and Summer themed sets that will fill up your home. From a bamboo, tiki, bed to a bright in the light outdoor chair, the Summer Life gives you so much customization. So get ready to start a new world of fun for free!


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This pack only requires The Sims 2 and is compatible with all Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs.



The Sims 2 Summer Life Pack is all in one zip file that includes several zips in it. So here is how you install the zip files. PLEASE READ THIS TO INSTALL CORRECTLY


1. Save the zip file to the desktop when you click on download now.

2. Open up the zip file and extract those zips to your desktop.

3. Now open the and extract all the files to My Documents / EA Games / The Sims 2 / Downloads. Now do the same extracting for the,, and in that folder.

4. Next open the and extract those files to My Documents / EA Games / The Sims 2 / Collections.

5. That's it! Your done, go in the game and check it out! If you have music go to the next step to put it in your game.

6. Now open the and extract all the files to My Documents / EA Games / The Sims 2 / Music and pick the section you want to hear the music in and when you play it on a stereo in the game it will be there! Enjoy! If you need help email me!


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