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The Universal Translator Assistant Project

The Universal Translator Assistant Project

using the technology of today to bring the theories of yesterday to the languages of tomorrow

yIrojqu' * April 29th, 2002 *  Peace!

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Universal Translator Assistant Project FAQ

The Universal Translator Assistant Project is the first, and to my knowledge only, open source translation tool for a variety of Science Fiction languages.   Our goal is not perfect translation, but fast and fun tools to give you access to the languages of the Universe!


Classic UTA for Windows updated to include the Galactic Phrasebook!

April 2002: Phrasebook includes Huttese and Bocce (Star Wars) Lanuages!

Self installing UTA file

Java based Galactic Dictionary - run it in your browser!

Java based UTA program - run it in your browser!

Here is the current (based on the Zvelbil lexicon) Vulcan Dictionary -  now available for download: PC and open source versions

Vulcan Dictionary Look Up:

Search Language:

World English Bible Translation of the Bible:

Look up passages in the World English Bible!

Look up passage:

Translate passage:


(note: passage should be in the form:  BOOK Chapter  [Verse [End-verse] ]  - )

New!  "Targh Hol": UTA translations English <-> Klingon (or language of your choice).

Look For Words:


Important: What is Wrong with this? - why UTA isn't a translator

note: this will work best for the less complex sites

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UTA LITE - JavaScript online translator for Klingon, Romulan, and Vulcan

New Galactic Phrasebook - Plain text Klingon, Klinzhai,  Vulcan  info

here is all you need to start playing around with different extraterrestrial languages.

UTA DaHjaj

[Image]UTA DaHjaj [Image]

thanks to USA Today for being online!

 No copyright infringement intended!


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The Atlantic Magazine Has Published some *EXCELLENT* articles about machine translation - read them here:

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