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Drexel U. Marks Opening of Its Brand-New Law School

by KYW's Suzanne Monaghan

New students to Drexel University's new college of law gathered for a reception at City Hall Thursday night to celebrate being part something brand new.

Students, judges, and faculty gathered to celebrate the start of Drexel University's new law school. 

Prospective lawyer Barrett Edwards has relocated from Utah to be part of that first class:

"Everyone is very excited to be part of the inaugural class, and just the opportunity to really set the foundation for the many years and many classes that will come after this."

Jennifer Rosato is the acting dean of the law school and says students can choose from three concentrations:

"We're trying to also fulfill niche areas in the Philadelphia area (that are) strengths of Drexel -- entrepreneurial business, health care, as well as IP, intellectual property."

Rosato says it's been more than 25 years since a top-ranked doctoral university in this country has opened a law school:

"We've had some law schools that have started that have not been connected with top-ranked universities.  This is one where we are really complementing an existing university that does a lot of things already well, and we're joining that -- which is, I think, something different than has been done in a long time."

The programs boats a limited class size -- only 180 students are in the class -- and a more flexible quarter schedule rather than the typical semester system. 


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