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Page 2: Predictions: Jacko Convicted, But Blake Gets Off

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Psychic Sylvia Browne on 'The Montel Williams Show' last year
Browne on 'The Montel Williams Show' last year

By Ramin Setoodeh
Updated: 1:17 p.m. ET Jan. 14, 2005

Jan. 14 - When did you first realize that you had psychic powers?
[When I was] 5 years old. I was sitting with [my] father, and I was sitting on the couch and I was looking at my two great grandmothers. And, it sounds like a horrible thing, but I saw their faces [melt] like in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” I didn’t know what that meant. Two weeks later, they died.

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What do you say to people who think psychics are phony?
I don’t even like that word “psychic” anymore. It conjures up Miss Cleo. You’re always going to have detractors. But doesn’t everybody? Everybody doesn’t like Cher.

Are Jennifer and Brad going to get back together?
No. I think they will find love in time. I don’t think [it's] going to be right away. They might have friendships or maybe an encounter--but nothing’s going to be permanent.

You’ve appeared on “Larry King.” Does he ask you to predict his future?
Well, yeah, privately--but I wouldn’t tell you [what I saw].

But you can predict the future for individual people?
I know, for instance, that you have to watch out for your stomach. I’d really lay off your dairy for a while. I know that your back is in stress. You should do some stomach crunches. There’s a dark-hair male that’s going to be very significant to you, with big brown eyes. I know also that you’re going to move.

I’m going to move?
Yes. [Pauses.] Not far away. Just to another residence--like a residential move.

What other predictions do you have?
The economy is going be slow until the middle of the year. Michael Jackson will be convicted. Strangely enough, I think Robert Blake is going to get off.

I hear you think aliens are going to land on Earth?
We are going to be visited in about 10 years. They’ve always been here. I mean, come on. Let’s face it. How stupid [are we to think] that we’re the only life that exists on this tiny little dot on the Milky Way? I think they’ll just come in a group.

How will they get here?
Ships. God, I hope they don’t land on the White House lawn. They’ll probably shoot them.

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