Digital Reference Report

I have conducted a survey of selected university libraries' email reference services. I attempted to look for services offered on Social Sciences & Humanities libraries' sites. Some library systems have a centralized service only, others have one in addition to individual libraries' services, others still have only individual library services. Below links are provided for any combination of digital reference services that I've been able to locate for each university mentioned.

The first four services stand out among all the others I looked at, these are also the services I emailed requesting information on the administration of the respective services. I am currently working on a summary report that reviews key issues; intended user community, purpose, turnaround time of service, form elements ect, and how they are presented or addressed by various services.


University of Minnesota--Twin Cities


University of Michigan--Ann Arbor


University of Arizona--Tucson


University of California--San Diego

Other services worth a look...


University of Florida--Gainsville

Electronic Request Services  (See "Ask a Reference Question")

University of California--Los Angeles

Soc Sci & Hum Email Service

Services Mentioned in the CRL News article


Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary

Ask a Librarian Service

Georgia Southern University

Ask Zach Service

I also investigated other services (listed below) but felt they did not have anything unique to offer.

Last updated August 1, 1999