A Thorn Is A Thorn Is A Thorn

CAFTA is almost upon us. The Senate passed it and now the House is waging war within its perimeter as a House divided. The vote will be very close as our elected Representatives work into the final weekend before the August recess to tie up loose ends and decide a major part of our economic and social fate as a sovereign nation. Or not. That’s the issue. The issue is our sovereignty, it is NOT CODEX. CAFTA is a bad idea. Tell Congress in no uncertain terms to defeat it but it is NOT a health freedom fight. I know, I know, that puts me squarely in the minority on this issue. But the facts bear me out and the hype and hysteria, the red 38 pt. italic type does not make a error of analysis true.

CAFTA needs to go down because it is bad for America, bad for American workers and bad for American society. But why isn’t everybody screaming about CODEX and NAFTA right now? Just because CODEX is mentioned in the CAFTA agreement? Since every country in the CAFTA deal is a member of the World Trade Organization [WTO] (another really bad idea, by the way), why wouldn’t CODEX and other WTO agreed-upon standards get mentioned? It seems obvious to me that every trade agreement or treaty between WTO members will mention CODEX because that is part of the lamentable, but currently all-too-real international trade climate. CODEX is an international trade commission with international trade impact so international trade agreements are going to specify it.

The health freedom issue is what CODEX is, not whether CODEX is mentioned in international trade agreements. If CODEX is pro-illness, as it is now, then pro-illness will be the order of the day. If the Natural Solutions Foundation is successful at changing that stance, then CODEX may become pro-health and THAT is what would get implemented by the WTO and by CAFTA. Far better to have no CODEX at all, of course. And far better to have no sovereignty-busting international trade agreements, too. But given where we are right now, CAFTA is NOT a health freedom issue. CAFTA is a sovereignty issue and should be defeated as such.

As I have repeatedly said, if CAFTA and FTAA go away tomorrow, we still have CODEX as a major problem . CAFTA and FTAA will implement whatever CODEX is. If CAFTA passes it will undermine the essence of America. That’s bad enough without a health freedom threat, to boot.

Because some of the CODEX interest group (the health freedom folks, not the people who are CODEX-friendly like the Council for Responsible Nutrition [CRN], the National Nutritional Foods Association or the International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations keep shouting that CAFTA is a health freedom issue since it mentions CODEX, let me ask you a question: Is NAFTA a health freedom issue? Tell me about the impact of NAFTA on our health freedom. Is it a threat to our jobs and financial and domestic conditions? Oh yes! It is a most definite threat. But to our health freedom? No, it is not, even though Canada has made nutrients into drugs and taken more than 60,000 of them off the market through an administrative decision by Health Canada which has had terrible effect on the health of Canada. But take a look at what NAFTA says about CODEX:

NAFTA — Agreement
Chapter Seven
Article 755: International Standards and Standardizing Organizations
5) Each Party shall, to the greatest extent practicable, participate in relevant international and North American standardizing organizations, including the Codex ALIMENTARIUS Commission, the International Office of Epizootics, the International Plant Protection Convention, and the North American Plant Protection Organization, with a view to promoting the development and periodic review of international standards, guidelines and recommendations. [emphasis added]

NAFTA mentions CODEX as every treaty inside the WTO is bound to do. Has it impacted your health freedom? Do you honestly believe that it will?

If NAFTA is not a health threat because it mentions CODEX, why is CAFTA different?
Call Congress. Email Congress. Use our email engine and compose a letter to your Representatives telling them to oppose CAFTA. But oppose it as a sovereignty issue, not as a health threat issue.

Cloudy thinking never illuminated anything.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

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  1. Austin Allison Says:

    I enjoyed reading your stuff. Cool site.

  2. Travis Ford Says:

    Interesting site, and very organized too. Good work. In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.

  3. Tom Says:

    I cannot say I agree with you regarding this. CAFTA binds us further to the UN, which started all the CODEX crap. Next is the FTTA which will tie us in further, and before you know it, we will be saluting to the UN flag every morning…so much for health freedom. International law will supercede national law. Read what Rep Dr Ron Paul says on his website regarding codex and CAFTA.

  4. Jonathan Brown Says:

    You have a very talented and skilled writting. I had a great time reading your comments. which differ from the prejudices

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