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Toon Zone News > Front Page - "Loonatics" Promo Short Gives First Look at New Series
KidsWB "Loonatics" Promo Short Gives First Look at New Series
By Maxie Zeus
02-18-2005, 2:46 PM

While names for the "Loonatics" are still tentative, Warner Bros. has produced a promotional short showcasing the new designs, names and abilities of the Loonatics superhero team. You can view the promotional short here.

Quick summary for those who do not follow or who cannot view the link:

Buzz: Team leader with laser and martial arts expertise
Duck: Weapons expert with built-in sonar
Roadster: Super speed
Spaz: Team muscle with jaws of steel
Lexi: Disguise expert with super hearing
Slick: Vehicles and surveillance; regeneration abilities

There appears also to be a human character named Maxima who assembled the team.

Design work on the series is by Christian and Yvon Tremblay, who did visual effects duties on Swat Kats.

Thanks to Edison Carter and TylerL.

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