Judy Chu was elected to the State Board of Equalization in November 2006. She represents the Board's fourth district, which includes over 8 million residents in Los Angeles County.

Dr. Chu previously served as an Assembly Member from the 49th district, where she recently chaired the State Assembly Appropriations Committee and oversaw all legislation that had a fiscal impact on the state. She also served as a member of Speaker Nunez' executive leadership team and played a pivotal role in the development and passage of policy through the state Legislature. As a member of the Budget Conference Committee, she was responsible for negotiating the final version of California's $99 billion annual budget, and worked to maintain critical healthcare programs and social services for seniors, children, and the developmentally disabled. She chaired the Select Committee on Hate Crimes and is a member of the California Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus. She was also a member of the Assembly Revenue and Taxation, Labor and Employment, and Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committees.

Dr. Chu authored a landmark tax amnesty bill that produced over $5 billion in revenue for the state budget without raising taxes. She fought to protect victims through her Sexual Assault Survivors DNA Bill of Rights and through her bill protecting the assets of domestic violence survivors. She authored measures to protect immigrants from victimization by fraudulent immigration consultants and from deceptive bait-and-switch practices in car dealerships. Her hate crimes bills provide automatic protective orders for hate crime victims, increase the ability of victims to seek redress in civil court, improve the prosecution of hate crimes, and allow courts to mandate anti-bias counseling for perpetrators. Her legislation enables aging schools greater access to state modernization funds. Her environmental bills protected consumers from toxic substances in cosmetics, ban toxic chemicals in packaging and establish an environmental justice small grant program. Her healthcare bills improve access to MediCal and the Healthy Families program by those using community clinics, increase training for acupuncturists, and improve accountability by requiring an audit of the state's contracts for prescription drugs.

Prior to the State Assembly, Dr. Chu served on the Monterey Park City Council for thirteen years from 1988 to 2001, and served as mayor three times. Dr. Chu has been dedicated to education for decades, and was a community college professor in psychology for 20 years. She started in public service as a board member of the Garvey School District from 1985 to 1988. One of her first acts as a legislator was to obtain $250,000 to help Mark Keppel High School fix its heating and air conditioning system.

Dr. Chu has been awarded the Legislator of the Year by the California Primary Care Association, the California Children's Specialty Care Coalition and the California National Organization for Women. She has been named by the California Journal as one of the top new legislators and earned a 100% rating by the Congress of California Seniors, the Children's Advocacy Institute, the Better Business Alliance, Planned Parenthood of California, and the California League of Conservation Voters.

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