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O.J. Simpson
LOS ANGELES - O.J. Simpson's upcoming book about the murders of his ex-wife and her friend is exploitative and "disgusting," outraged relatives of the victims said yesterday.

Simpson reportedly was paid $3.5 million for "If I Did It," in which he hypothetically discusses how he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994, if he were the culprit.

Publisher Judith Regan told The Associated Press she considers the book, which hits stores Nov. 30, Simpson's "confession."

Family members of the victims lashed out at Regan and the Fox network, which is planning a two-part TV special airing Nov. 27 and 29.

"It's disgusting. Judith Regan is an opportunist. She's helping a murderer get his voice out there," Goldman's sister Kim Goldman told the Daily News.

"Is this [book] supposed to be a stocking stuffer for Christmas? It's gross."

Last night on CNN's "Larry King Live," Fred Goldman, Ronald's father, urged the public: "Don't watch the show, don't buy the book - send a message loud and clear."

Denise Brown, Nicole's sister, said Simpson had "decided to awaken a nightmare" and blasted Regan for "promoting the wrongdoing of criminals."

Regan and Fox publicists couldn't be reached for comment last night, but the publisher told The AP, "This is an historic case, and I consider this his confession."

In Simpson's hypothetical scenario, someone named "Charlie" committed the murders, while Simpson simply grabbed the bloody knife away from Charlie, according to sources familiar with the manuscript.

A criminal jury acquitted Simpson in 1995, but a civil jury later found him liable. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages but has never paid a dime.

The Goldmans' lawyer Jonathan Polak said yesterday he's "exploring all options . . . to bring justice," including going after "lawyers and accountants" who may have helped Simpson shield his book and TV earnings by having payments made to a third party or hiding dough in foreign accounts. But the Goldman family isn't optimistic.

"That money is probably long gone," said Kim Goldman.

With George Rush

Originally published on November 16, 2006

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