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About Zoo School
The Environmental Education Program at Zoo School offers highly motivated students the opportunity for a diversity of learning experiences to meet their academic, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. The school is designed to heighten an awareness of the enviroment, stimulate creative thinking, develop leadership, promote intellectual growth, and increase self esteem. The curriculum is designed to use the school's natural settings to provide hands-on experiences fulfilling the requirements in each subject area.

We aim to provide:
- an awareness of our natural environment
- an interdisciplinary approach to education
- an experience for personal and social growth
- opportunities for students to use a variety of learning styles
- hands-on learning experiences
- an atmosphere conducive to independent thinking
- decision making skills

Enrollment and Selection Criteria
Each spring, 60 (sixty) Fifth Grade students are selected to attend Zoo School for the following year. Please click here to learn more about how students are selected, and what students qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoo School
To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Zoo School, please click here. If you have a question you do not see answered on our list, please contact us.

Applying for Zoo School
Download the application and paperwork for Zoo School here.
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