Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

About the Summit

Africa needs partners, who can bring skills, expertise and resources to the problems and challenges it faces and defines. It is through these partnerships that Africa can realize its full potential.
The Leon H. Sullivan Summits bring together the world’s political and business leaders, delegates representing national and international civil and multinational organizations, and members of academic institutions in order to focus attention and resources on Africa’s economic and social development. Their mission was inspired by Rev. Leon H. Sullivan’s belief that the development of Africa is a matter of global partnerships. It was particularly important to Rev. Sullivan that Africa’s Diaspora and Friends of Africa are active participants in Africa’s development.

The Sullivan Summits are organized by the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation to highlight key issues and best practices, stimulate discussion and define opportunities, promote private enterprise and foster high-level strategic partnerships. Creative and innovative initiatives emerge out of discussions and negotiations at the Summits, and new relationships are brokered in order to make those initiatives a reality. The Sullivan Summits are bridge between America and Africa, serving as a forum for economic and cultural cooperation.