Dr. Arcoma Gonzalez Lambert
Lift Your Body and Your Spirit to a Higher
Plane and Truly Blossom with Health
Dr. Arcoma Gonzalez Lambert is a licensed naturopathic
physician (N.D.) who attended the National College of
Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year graduate level naturopathic
medical school. She is educated in all of the same basic
sciences as an M.D. but also studied holistic and natural
approaches to therapy.

She has a strong emphasis on disease prevention and
optimizing wellness. In addition to a standard medical
curriculum, she has completed training inclinical nutrition,
botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, counseling
(especially health coaching), minor surgery,women's health,
geriatrics, pediatrics, and oncology.
Arcoma Gonzalez Lambert, N.D.
The areas of special interest that will be explored are:

Preventive Medicine
Cardiopulmonary Health, Doctoral thesis based upon "Early Intervention for Ischemic Heart

Detoxification, Digestion, and Elimination

Immune Support and Optimization

Longevity and Life Extension

Specific health concerns: Weight Loss, Thyroid Optimization, Cancer Prevention, Heart Disease
Prevention, Physician-Supported Smoking Cessation, etc.

Compare Curricula of Naturopathic Medical  Schools With Conventional Med Schools

Dr. Lambert has written several scientific medical articles for the journals, The Science and
Environment of the Eclectic Repertory and NDUpdates as well having a book pending
publication. Additionally, she serves as a consultant to the nutraceutical and functional medicine