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Futsukaichi Onsen (Chikushino City)
Futsukaichi Onsen
Easily reached by train from downtown Fukuoka City, Futsukaichi is a conveniently located onsen area. With a history of over 1300 years, Futsukaichi onsen offer a respite from the city. From the charming old onsen buildings said to have been visited by Emperor Hirohito to the new large super bathing centers such as Hakatayu and Gozenyu, there is no shortage of ways to experience Japan's unique onsen culture in Futsukaichi. Futsukaichi is also near Dazaifu Tenmangu and other historical sites, making it an ideal spot for a day-trip.

* 092-922-2421 (Chikushino City Tourism Association)
* Five-minute walk from JR Futsukaichi Station

Hakata Onsen (Fukuoka City)
Hakata Onsen
The nearest onsen to downtown Fukuoka only 30 minutes by car, Hakata Onsen is located on the banks of the Naka River. A charming hiding place in the heart of Fukuoka, it is the home of many ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) and bath houses. The hot-spring water is crystal clear, and said to be effective in healing neuralgia, rheumatism and skin diseases. Hakata Onsen is an area loved by local residents as a resting place from the excitement of everyday life.

* 092-561-6117 (Hakata Onsen Association)
* Ten-minute walk from Nishitetsu Ohashi or Ijiri Station

Harazuru Onsen (Haki Town)
Harazuru Onsen
Near the right bank halfway down the Chikugo River stretches out the onsen village of Harazuru, meaning "field crane." The area was named after cranes that were seen bathing at the river's source. Every season has something to offer in Harazuru: cherry blossoms in spring, cormorant fishing in summer, beautiful fall colors and persimmon-picking in the autumn. Many visitors enjoy the yumeguricho (hot-spring passport), a ticket system that allows them to skip from onsen to onsen.

* 0946-62-0620 (Harazuru Onsen Ryokan Association)
* Ten-minute drive from Oita Highway Haki IC

Chikugogawa Onsen (Ukiha Town)
Chikugogawa Onsen
Located on a sandbank in the Chikugo River that has been designated as a national park, the onsen is surrounded by a two-kilometer (1.5 mile) walkway. The onsen, which was discovered underground in 1955, is a rare radium spring, said to be ideal for treating neuralgia and rheumatism. With a beautiful view of the flowing Chikugo River, what better environment for enjoying a hot bath? The area also features many tourist attractions, such as cormorant fishing, fruit-picking, and ceramic ateliers.

* 0943-77-7444 (Chikugogawa Onsen Ryokan Association)
* Five-minute drive from Oita Highway Haki IC

Funagoya Onsen (Chikugo City)
Funagoya Onsen
Funagoya Onsen is located along the mountain stream of the Yabe River, which empties into the Ariake Sea. Boasting Japan's best carbonated spring, the area is one of great natural beauty. On early summer evenings, the sight of fireflies floating through the sky is particularly enchanting. Most onsen ryokan double as restaurants, offering seasonal fish such as grilled sweetfish.

* 0942-52-2101 (Funagoya Onsen Ryokan Association)
* Five-minute drive from Kyushu Highway Yame IC

Wakita Onsen (Wakamiya Town)
Wakita Onsen
Located in Kurate County about one hour by car from downtown Fukuoka, Wakita has been blessed with a sulfur-tinged carbonic spring and has served as an onsen area for as far back as the Nara Period 1300 years ago. Near the banks of the Inunaki River lie six hotels, and along the river is an ever-changing scenery of cherry blossoms, greenery and autumn colors. Bonfires are lit near the banks in the early summer and in the fall grape-picking is a popular activity.

* 0949-54-0123 (Wakita Onsen Ryokan Association)
* Ten-minute drive from Kyushu Highway Wakamiya IC


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