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Hall of Belated Fame Inductee System Shock View all Top Dogs in this genre

Avg. Rating: ( 9.11/10) [2136 votes]

Reviewed by: Underdogs | Gamehost: doowopman

 System Shock box cover

 System Shock screenshot
 Sample in-game music: MIDI format (right-click to save)

Looking Glass Technologies' magnum opus before 1998's acclaimed Thief was a vast improvement over the earlier classics Ultima Underworld series. One of the most sought-after underdogs of all time, System Shock is sci-fi action/RPG at its best, featuring vast gameworld, gripping plot centered around a sentient computer gone awry, plenty of high-tech gadgets, and puzzles that integrate seamlessly with well-designed 3D levels. The only downsides are the less-than-intuitive controls and uninspiring cyberspace design. Otherwise, a true classic in every respect.

Note: you can download zip file of game maps here. Also, if you think you have done everything there is to do in the game, the excellent hacker's guide to sin will change your mind ;)

Designer: Doug Church & Warren Spector
Developer: Looking Glass Technologies
Publisher: Origin Systems
Year: 1994
Software Copyright: Origin Systems
Theme: Cyberpunk, Epic 
Multiplayer Mode: None that we know of
Documentation / Extras (PLEASE NOTE: Docs/extras are counted in our one download at a time rule): Manual [1365KB] Solution 
Related Links: Games Domain review , TTLG.com's System Shock 1 Fansite Hub , hacker's guide to sin  
More Info: MobyGames | The Web
System Requirements: DOS
Where to get it: with BitTorrent (what's this?). Please note that our one-download-at-a-time rule applies here as well. If you don't use BitTorrent, click here to download [124MB]. Click here to download a specific file inside the archive
If you like this game, try: System Shock 2, Strife, Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri
Thanks to... IO Error & DoomAddict 
Technical Notes: Full CD-ROM version 

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