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Battalion Wars
Also known as: GameCube Wars, Advance Wars: Under Fire [working title], Totsugeki! Famicom Wars! (JPN)

Nintendo presents BATTALION WARS for the Game Cube, a military action strategy game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Instead, the game presents players with a unique style of graphics and character design, fun shooter controls, and a good amount of humor. Players take on the role of a field officer in BATTALION WARS. As an officer in the Western Frontier army, players find themselves battling the forces of the Tundran Empire at first, but the Empire and the Frontier quickly find themselves signing a peace treaty and uniting against the Xylvanians, a third faction that attacks both groups after they are weakened. Players then take direct control of their squad and head to the battlefield. One of the interesting aspects of BATTALION WARS is that players aren’t represented by any one character. Instead, they can take control of any unit on the battlefield. This allows gamers to jump around during the battle, controlling an infantryman for a few minutes, then switching to a vehicle to perform a quick assault, then taking control of a heavily armed solider to take down a bunker. The other units, of course, continue their attacks even when the player isn’t controlling them, creating an interesting system of battle. BATTALION WARS combines strategy with a third person shooter in such a way that players will enjoy. With the ability to command many different units in the same battle and plan strategies involving different units, BATTALION WARS is a great humorous war game for all players.

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Battalion Wars - September 14, 2005
Action and real-time strategy elements are successfully married in this surprisingly enjoyable war game. Full review.

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Battalion Wars - September 2, 2005
War is hella fun. Kuju and Nintendo deliver GameCube owners the sleeper hit of the season. Full impressions.

E3 2005: Batallion Wars - May 18, 2005
The Advance Wars series jumps to the GameCube.

E3 2004: Advance Wars: Under Fire Hands-On - May 12, 2004
This isn't the Advanced Wars you remember.

E3 2004: Advance Wars: Under Fire - May 11, 2004
First details.


Insider: The Huge Holiday Checklist - November 16, 2005
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Game of the Month: September 2005 - September 30, 2005
There's a battle for this month's winner.

Battalion Wars: Looking Back and Forward - September 29, 2005
Kuju Entertainment answers why its action-strategy sleeper lacked a multiplayer mode and talks about a Revolution sequel.

E3 2005: Kuju Entertainment Interview - May 19, 2005
The indie developer on Battalion Wars, Nintendo and the Revolution.

GameCube Games of 2005 - January 31, 2005
The most anticipated game of the year belongs to Nintendo. What else can GCN owners look forward to?

Insider Video Features: Nintendo Press Conference: E3 2004 - May 11, 2004
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Now Playing in Japan - November 2, 2005
Shadows (and alchemy) cover Tokyo.

Battalion Wars - August 31, 2005
You've seen the screens. Now see it in motion. Nearly 20 new and very lengthy videos!

E3 2005: Nintendo's E3 2005 Press Conference - May 17, 2005
We attend Nintendo's E3 blow-out. Details on Revolution and Zelda inside.

Kuju on the Move - July 12, 2004
Maker of GCN Advance Wars expands and relocates.

Advance Wars: Under Fire - May 11, 2004
Direct-feed footage.

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Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Kuju Entertainment
Genre: Third-Person Action
Number of Players: 1
Release Date:
US: September 20, 2005
Japan: October 27, 2005
MSRP: $49.99

ESRB Content Descriptors: Animated Violence

Features: GCN-to-GBA Link, Memory Card

Media Size: 1 GOD

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