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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
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Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk in a scene from SMALLVILLE "Crimson."
Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk in a scene from SMALLVILLE "Crimson."
(c) 2007 The CW
What would have happened with MERCY REEF if it went to series and is a JUSTICE LEAGUE spin-off in the cards?

      Editor in Chief
Published: 2/8/2007
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As the fan base continues to grow for SMALLVILLE in its sixth year, it’s a testament to creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar’s ability to take everyone’s familiar Superman mythos and weave it organically into a brand new package.


While the series began by focusing on Clark Kent’s high school years, the past two seasons have shown him growing up and slowly finding his footing as himself and as the superhero that is yet to come.


At the Winter TCA’s, Gough sat down with iF Magazine for an exclusive one-on-one, to tease about what’s coming in the second half of Season Six, dispel rumors of a JUSTICE LEAGUE spin-off and what happened with the MERCY REEF pilot focusing on Aquaman. This is part 2 of a 3-part interview.



iF MAGAZINE: There are rumors of a JUSTICE LEAGUE/METROPOLIS series. Is this still a possibility?


AL GOUGH: There are no spin-off plans at the moment of any kind. The “Justice” episode was incredibly well received by fans and critics alike, but alas, right now, the network doesn't seem to have an appetite for a new superhero series.


iF: Martha Kent's election to the Senate seems to have put her on the backburner a bit more than in previous seasons. Will we be seeing a bit more of her later in the season, given her growing romantic attachment to Lionel?


GOUGH: The Martha/Lionel relationship will come to a head by the end of the season, and you will understand a lot more of Lionel's true motivations this season. I believe people will be surprised.


iF: Jimmy's breakup with Chloe signals a return of the crush Chloe's had on Clark all these years. Given that we know he ends up with Lois, will the two of them ever be together, even briefly?


GOUGH: Don't give up hope on Jimmy and Chloe.


iF: We've seen Lana slowly turning to "the Dark Side" this season, both with her engagement to Lex and her realization in "Subterranean" that "money is power". The revelation that she's pregnant has been a shock, as well. Is there anything you can tell us about the direction Lana's headed in?


GOUGH: Lana's had an interesting season and has really evolved as a character this year. Keep watching, I think there are some interesting twists in store in her relationship with both Lex and Clark. I don't think she has "gone to the dark side," but she has grown up this season and I think deals with the situation in a more mature manner. Lex always feared he would corrupt her, but give Lana some credit; she's stronger than you think.


iF: The WB had greenlit MERCY REEF [the series based on AQUAMAN]before the network became The CW, right?


GOUGH: If the WB were still on the air, we would be on the air. That was bizarre. The [SUPERMAN RETURNS] movie being one of those once in a lifetime things where you have a movie and television show simultaneously. Your network being cancelled being another one after your pilot has already been greenlit. That one was about the network getting cancelled and the new network had a different agenda. Suddenly you go from the favored son to the bastard stepchild.


iF: How far along in developing MERCY REEF’s first season were you?


GOUGH: They only give you [a] thirteen [episode commitment], so we certainly had the first thirteen arc’ed out and we knew the end of season one.


iF: What would have been the season ender?


GOUGH: It was basically the Ving Rhames character gets recaptured and is taken back to Atlantis.


iF: Were you going to do the same kind of stories in the way you adapted Superman for SMALLVILLE.


GOUGH: Yes, again what we learned from SMALLVILLE was to not get marred with a freak of the week thing. There were a lot of different stories to tell on land and sea. The mythology, Atlantis, would have been a small portion of it. Every fourth episode would have dealt with some of that mythology. I think it could have been very interesting that we’re destroying their society and Atlantis has sort of turned into eco-terrorists – sending back people they’ve sort of reprogrammed as suicide bombers. There was an environmental angle to it that was very interesting and you could talk about politics in the way that the best of sci-fi can talk about it -- the way that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA does. It was definitely a cool show, we had a lot of good ideas for, the cast was certainly great. It was probably a bigger, epic show than SMALLVILLE.


iF: How deep did you go into the comics?


GOUGH: There was this whole ATLANTIS CHRONICLES that sort of pre-dated Orin. It was the history of Atlantis and it was fascinating. Unlike Superman, there really isn’t a set core mythology for Arthur Currie. There are a couple different versions of it. We went with the most classic one, but instead of making the dad a Lighthouse keeper, we made him a Coast Guard and for story reasons, it’s another reason to bring stories to the show.


(additional reporting by Tony Whitt)





Florence from Bs.As Argentina sez...
Hello Mr. Gough, the last few days you said that you and Miles cant play any romance between Lois and Clark because you have still restriccions. So, Lois and clark wont be together in smallville??? or Someday in the nexts seasons will you eliminate that restriccions/obstacles?? I understand that Now is too soon for the relationship (clark and lois) but maybe in the next season or in eight season? It could be??? Please answer me..I need to know.
[2/12/2007 8:35:19 PM]

Stuart from Wisconsin sez...
Mr. Gough, This won't sit well with some of the fans of Smallville, but for my taste (unless there is a DC Comic's bylaw your obilgated to)Clark & Lana are the true match for this show. At some point in the show it would be great to have Clark rescue Lana in a scene similiar to the ending of Spiderman II. Full blown revelation of Clark's abilities and his love for Lana. Wish I could add more, but I have to go. Mr. Gough you and your folks are doing an excellent job with Smallville. Please keep it up. Thanks, Stuart
[2/12/2007 10:45:24 AM]

chris from miami sez...
Al, what is up with the ULTIMATE FAN contest?
[2/12/2007 10:08:08 AM]

CARLOS from MIAMI sez...
If they sacrificed Jonathon Kent(John Schneider)to progress Clark s destiny. Then gat on with it.Let the Lana, Clark thing go.It would be a major disapointment if Clark never wears thr suit. I envision the last show like this: Clark goes to train at FOS. Martian Manhunter makes everybody forget they met Clark before,except Martha and Chloe. Lex goes to jail for the murder of his father. Last two scene, few years have pass and Clark is introduce to Lois at the Planet by Perry White, she does not remember him, Clark wearing his eye wear. next scene he is flying with the suit , superman theme in the backgound.End of Smallville. Start of Metropoli. Thank you
[2/12/2007 8:12:11 AM]

James from Orlando,Florida sez...
Mr. Gough, When are you going to end the stupid Clark & lana roller coaster ?(I think after 5 seasons enough is enough already) . It's time Clark focus on the more important issues (such as His DESTINY- To save the world) , (His Future - as a Man) Also When are we going to see more Lois & Clark interaction ? When is Clark going to fly Fulltime ? When is he going to wear The Glasses ? When are we going to see him as SUPERMAN ?
[2/12/2007 12:08:56 AM]

Jackie from Michigan sez...
Mr. Gough, I think you and your staff have done a great job with the shows. Also if it wasn't for the cast of smallville the show wouldn't of been such a hit and so dynamic. I know we will never see Tom Welling don the superman suit at all, but I was wondering if there were going to be any episodes of him taking flight? Is Clark and Chloe going to be an item? I think Clark and Chloe would be great together. Chloe knows Clarks secret and understands the importance of his destiny. I think it would be easy for Clark to confide in her as a potential lover and soulmate. This way Clark isn't truly alone. Thanks for a great show, keep up the great work!
[2/11/2007 11:11:05 PM]

Ferbs from Canada sez...
To open just to let you know I have a statement and question. Well first, I'm a fan of the Clark + Lana relationship, the chemistry the actors have is incredible. Now, I think it'd be great if you strayed from the comics and how Lois and Clark are "destined" to be together. I think Clark should be with his highschool crush, Lana (from both the Superman movies and Smallville). Also I couldn't help but notice since Lionel became Jor-El's oracle so to speak if Clark should ever need Jor-El in a physical sense like in episode 5-3. When you were naming the character did "Lion-El" ever cross your minds?
[2/11/2007 10:14:40 PM]

Nick from Calallen, Texas sez...
Mr. Gough? What are your views on the spiritual aspect of Superman Returns in relation to your own views of the Clark Kent/Superman seems that your story always follows a self contained legacy, while Superman returns argues CK/Superman's Christlike qualities. Do you believe this to be respectful or unneccessary?
[2/11/2007 9:22:38 PM]

Mauro from Bs As, Argentina sez...
Hi Al! First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate you and your writing partner, Miles Millar, for the excellent show ayou've provided the interested audience for the past six years. I'd really like to know if Clark will be learning to fly this season or in the next one. Also, will the fortress-jor-el-kryptonian plot grow bigger ? (I mean, since fallout we haven't seen a single shot of the fortress... and we do miss Jor El's voice hehe. I hope we can enjoy a few more seasons of Smallville. Congrats to everyone!
[2/11/2007 6:15:19 PM]

Flore from Bs As - Argentina sez...
Hi Mr. Gough I am from Argentina..I started to see smallville when Lois show up. I saw the interview..and I need to ask: Will we see Lois and clark together or something like that?? I think that is time that Clark forget about Lana. Why do you insist with Clark and Lana? It is bored!!
[2/11/2007 4:17:33 PM]

elisa from canada sez...
I would like to know if clark and lois would end up together in final season 6 orend up a couple in smallville
[2/11/2007 10:41:28 AM]

Imzadia from Southeast Louisiana sez...
SMALLVILLE has been great overall. I had watched the 'pilot' & liked it but, I didn't like the 'Freak-of-the-week' formula during that 1st.year. However, it was when Smallville moved to another nite against one of my established favorites that I gave it up. Now, 5 yrs. down the road, I'm a newly re-devoted fan. A few of my favorites have run their course, therefore leaving open slots for me to view other series. I chose to go back & check out Smallville & was quite pleasantly surprised. I purchased the DVDs of all the previous seasons to catch up. It was an amazing experience! It completely sucked me into the emotion of Clark's journey. I've got 3 grown children so, I identify with Martha. The whole 'mothering thing' kicks in when Smallville's on. I want to protect, console, & encourage Clark, too. I can count, on one hand, the episodes I didn't particularly like and they span the entire 6 seasons so far. Keep up the great work. I hope you all get to complete the re-telling of Clark Kent's story. It may not be the Perfection we fans expect every week, but IMHO, it's always entertaining and worth my time. I've loved everything "Superman" since the 50s B/W series, except the "Superfriends" & that 80s "Superboy" series. I LOVED Superman I & II & the new movie, and of course, Lois & Clark, but I think Smallville's even better, so I'll be loyal until it's finished. It's among my favorite top 5 TV shows that I watch. I'm spreading the good word about it & some of my daughter's co-workers have borrowed my DVDs so that they can keep up with Smallville. Thanks again, Mr. Gough & Millar & whole creative staff + actors for "Smallville".
[2/10/2007 4:59:57 PM]

Eric from Green bay Wisconsin sez...
Lois Lane is The True Love & Soulmate of SUPERMAN/Clark Kent, When are you going to show us Why she is ? When Are we going to see SUPERMAN DAMNIT? When is Clark going to fly fulltime ? (In the comics as well as all the other incarnations of the mythology of Superman , by now clark Kent has discovered he can fly and has done so .) When is Clark going to don The Glasses ? When is Lois going to become The Ace Reporter for The Daily Planet ? When is Lex going to take over Luthorcorp and rename it LEXCORP ? When is Clark going to leave smallville and live in Metropolis ? When is Jimmy,Lois & Clark working at the Daily Planet as a team with Perry White ? When is BATMAN/Bruce Wayne & Wonder Woman/Diana Prince going to show up ?
[2/10/2007 2:01:41 PM]

Terry from Detroit sez...
When are we going to see Clark wearing The Classic SUPERMAN suit ? And when is he going to Fly ? And When is he going to realize he's got a huge crush on Lois Lane? Also when is he going to waer the Glasses and work @ The Daily Planet with Lois Lane, Perry White & Jimmy Olsen ?
[2/10/2007 1:47:35 PM]

Raquel from Connecticut sez...
I want to see Chloe and Clark together i think that they would make a very cute couple...and it is dissapointing to know that lana will have a would've been nice to see lex as a father, it might have changed him in a we saw with the lexmas episode in season 5....
[2/10/2007 9:57:58 AM]

Hilary from Ney York sez...
Lois and Clark belong togather, not just in the comics and the mythology, but in smallville... Crimson was the best episode directed, scripted, and shown this wh0le season and it would eb awful if they didn't comtinue the Clois storyline!
[2/10/2007 8:34:21 AM]

luke from my house sez...
what is the final season 6 smallville episode name?
[2/10/2007 6:43:12 AM]

Anne from Norway sez...
I want to see Clark and Chloe together,before he starts to discover his feelings for Lois!! :)
[2/10/2007 4:01:42 AM]

Menar from South Africa sez...
I want to see Chloe and Clark together, I mean before he starts to discover his feelings for Lois. And I don't think it will make Lois second best to Lana if Clark ends up with Lois. If you look at the original source material (the comic books and stuff), while Lana never completely resolves her feelings for Clark, Lana was only ever Clark's childhood sweetheart. Lois is Clark's true love.
[2/10/2007 12:18:40 AM]

Eric from Pennsylvania sez...
When is this show going to refocus on the mythology of Superman? When is Clark going to wear glasses? Hint... Lois and Jimmy shouldnt be seeing Clark without his glasses if he is later going to be Superman folks!!!!!! We want more flying from Clark not Kal-el!!
[2/9/2007 9:29:19 PM]

Andrew from LAX sez...
I wish that they (the CW) would have kept Mercy Reef... they did a really good call on RUNAWAY that was canceled after, what, 3 or 4 episodes.... I watched the pilot episode and I thought that it had the potential to be BETTER than Smallville (which seems impossible, because I'm a really HUGE fan)... Anyways, my question is "How/Why did the idiots at the CW drop Mercy Reef instead of Runaway?"
[2/9/2007 3:34:04 PM]

LALA from REP DOM sez...
I miss seeing Clark and Lana together :S
[2/9/2007 2:36:29 PM]

Donna from Sylmar, Ca sez...
Please tell us if there is a future between Lois and Clark in smallville at all???? When I mean future, atleast will Clark start a secret crush or admiration for Lois, like what we saw in Lois and Clark... the first 2 seasons were how Clark tucked his feelings for Lois.... ???????????? pls.. i need an answer now.....
[2/9/2007 1:12:01 PM]

kal from omaha sez...
I want to see Clark and Lana back together.
[2/9/2007 7:22:46 AM]

Linda tyler from FRESNO.CALIF sez...
[2/8/2007 10:19:42 PM]

Peter from New York sez...
Mr. Gough , What are you future plans for Lois & Clark ? Is Lois going to be working @ The Daily Planet soon ? When is Clark going to get a fulltime intrest in Jornalism ?
[2/8/2007 9:35:18 PM]

sam billy from Washington sez...
So are clark and chloe goning to kiss this season 6? And is chloe and Jimmy going to break up again before the season ends?
[2/8/2007 6:48:09 PM]

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