NEW UPDATE: 15 January 2006. Holy crap, dudes, have I been absent! I've been adding rankings to the database as I get 'em, but last week some guy attached to his a "Are you still taking these?" which made me realize the reason votes have dropped off is because I have dropped off. Whoops. So I went and downloaded an FTP program so I could change this message-- seriously, that was the only thing holding me back, since updating the Rankings themselves takes about two clicks of a mouse. Last time I observed, "This month's update puts Star Trek: Titan on the map, causing it to displace the DS9 post-finale books as top series... but for how long?" Apparently one update long (though in this case that's about six months), since Titan has settled into a respectable fourth place. Now Vanguard's on the map too-- so many series, so few publishing slots! Until next time, folks, hopefully it comes a bit sooner.


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This page's purpose is to serve as a fan-driven assessment of the various and sundry Star Trek novels put out since Mission to Horatius all the way back in 1968.  The way it works is simple: each fan assesses a novel on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being good; one being not) and sends these assessments to the novel rankings site; where I compute them in to my statistics and discover the average rankings amongst fandom.

Ties between books with equal scores will are broken (if possible) by the number of votes the book has received.  Though throughout the majority of the rankings, two votes are necessary to attain listing, ten are required to make it into the Top Ten, and five for the new category of Top Twenty of 2003-05.


Please vote responsibly.  Do not vote more than once.  Vote by sending an e-mail specifying novels and the score you wish to give them on a scale of 1 to 10 to  An excellent list of all Pocket Books adult novels can be found at

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