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Genesis 15:18  "In that day JEHOVAH made a COVENANT with Abram saying "To your descendants I have given this land from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates 17:8 and I will give to you & to your descendants after you the land of your sojournings all the land of Canaan for an EVERLASTING possession & will be their God."



Bible Maps 1 - maps on
Bible Maps 2 - maps organized by subject

Please note: If a link is broken please send an E-Mail  and every attempt will be made to correct the problem ASAP. It is very difficult to maintain these links without user input. Thank you. If you want Bible References to pop up on mouseover anywhere on this site or any site on the Web in the translation you prefer and in context then you need to check out Instaverse. Finally, note that most of the links below are to other website collections (offsite, not hosted by Therefore you may encounter dead links due to changes of address at those websites. Note that some of the links will generate a pop-up entitled "Connect to" which is a website not affiliated with We have chosen to keep their links in this listing but if you want to view one of their maps you will need to contact them to obtain the right to access their links. Once you have obtained a "user name" and "password", the links on this site will work. For further explanation click here
Bible Maps on
Over 150 high quality Bible maps from Access Foundation

Very attractive site allowing visitor to take a pictorial tour of Israel. Open map by clicking on above link but it has a tendency to download slow even with Cable or DSL connection Click on "Israel". Next click cities you would like to visit (not all the cities have links).  Many of the pages have a 360 degree "Ipix" view which creates a realistic view.  Note that for some pictures you will need to download "Ipix"  (download

This is not a link to maps on the web but to a freeware program that allows you to download and install a satellite image map of Israel to be run on your own computer. Click for an example of what the maps look like and for a link to download the program. The information on the host site states that...

This program installs on your hard drive and is basically a small website that runs locally on your computer. It is centered around a satellite map of the Holy Land which is annotated with 135 place names. The map has a floating menu that always stays at the top left of the screen when the large map is scrolled vertically and horizontally. There are five zoom levels to the map, with the largest providing a 7200 x 5400 pixel image size, and the smallest being the 900 pixel wide image on the main page. The images cover the area from Mt Hermon on the North to the Dead Sea to the South...When a placename is clicked in the menu, the map automatically centers over the placename, to make it easier to find. Clicking on the name on the map causes a page to pop up with a narrative describing the site, one or more photos and links to scriptures referenced in the narrative. Clicking on a scripture link opens a page of the King James Version of the Holy Bible with the referenced verse at the top of the page.

BlueletterBible Maps
Many of these maps are old style layout and not as attractive as many modern maps



This is an interesting chart especially if you are studying Acts or one of the Pauline Epistles but note there is not complete agreement on the dates

Paul's Journey (Unbound Bible)

To walk through each of Paul's missionary journeys city by city click the following links for the map beneath which are the cities


1st Journey - begins at the Church at Antioch (in Syria)
2nd Journey

3rd Journey


Note: The links listed under " Map Collection" are off site and are not owned or maintained by but by Note also that is in no way affiliated with  This disclaimer is necessary so that you, the user, do not think that is charging a fee to view the maps listed below. As of January, 2007 began to require a fee to access their maps (and other resources such as commentaries, etc). Therefore if you would like to access one of the Biblecentre maps, you must pay them a quarterly or yearly membership fee. When you click any of the Biblecentre links a window pops up and asks for your user name and password. Click Cancel which will open a window that links to their subscription payment options. I have chosen to continue to make these links available because they have such a large collection of maps and some of them are fairly unique. For example, they have a nice collection of high quality 3-dimensional terrain maps. Otherwise many of the free maps on this site (e.g., click for links to over 150 free high quality maps) are comparable to the Biblecentre maps. To reiterate, note that is a free site and receives no remuneration from

3D Terrain Maps of the Holy Land


Geography of the Holy Land


The maps below are roughly chronological.


Old Testament Patriarchs


Exodus and Conquest of Canaan


The 12 Tribes in the Promised Land


The Monarchy in Israel


The Reigns of King David and of King Solomon


The Kingdom of Israel Divided


The Assyrian Empire


The Babylonian and Persian Empires


The Greek Empire - The Inter-testament Period


The Romans Empire


The New Testament Era


The Early Church

Geography of the Bible

Clickable Map of Ancient Israel - click locations for information

Maps From Around The Web - many maps but of variable quality

Many of the maps in the list are black and white and/or of variable quality


Color Maps from Bible History Online

Old Testament Maps

These maps are on and can be used freely

Manna Bible Maps

Maps from
Resolution not good in some of these maps

Old Testament

Between the Old and New Testament

New Testament

StudyLight Maps
Numerous maps  by subject and viewable in a range of sizes

Old Testament

Old Testament Empires

New Testament


New Testament Cities

New Testament Countries

Temple in the New Testament

Temple of Herod  Nice Schematic

Map of Corinth - very nice virtual tour - click name like "bema" and picture opens

Paul's 1st Journey // 2nd Journey // 3rd Journey - nice, simple to the point maps

Paul's Journeys: pictures of the sites plus Scripture (Recommended - "4 stars" - for anyone studying the book of Acts or the letters of Paul. The next best thing to being there in person)

Satellite Image Maps:
On courtesy of ISV Foundation

Old Testament


New Testament

Simple Maps Corresponding to New Testament Books
These maps corresponding to chapters of Phillips Paraphrase of the New Testament

Click Capernaum then click on "Capernaum the Town of Jesus" at bottom of page for additional pictures. You could spend some time at this site.



American Bible Society

Their Interactive Map is very innovative. It takes a while to load initially but is worth the wait. Note the list of empires on the left side of the map just above the picture of the World (the globe in bottom left corner). Hold your pointer over the empires and the route of Abraham and note map highlights the corresponding location. Note also that the banner across the top (which reads "The Ancient Near East, 1800 to 1400 BC) is a dropdown box. Click the red arrow on the right side to view a list of maps identical to those below, except that each is an interactive format. Hold pointer over the interactive map and click to enlarge. Move finger to move the map to the desired location. Note that the interactive feature requires a  Flash Plugin - Click to download


Interactive Map - allows you to "zoom in"




Old Testament


Inter-Testamental Time


New Testament

Biblelands Visual Tour
Maps and pictures from Discovery House


Galilee -- view from the Sea of Galilee
Galilee -- overview from surrounding mountains
Sea of Galilee -- view from surrounding mountains
Sea of Galilee -- view from the shore
Jordan River

Jordan River -- view of a path leading to river
City of Cana -- Site of Jesus' first miracle
City of Nazareth -- view of the city
City of Nazareth -- wide view of the city
City of Caesarea -- view of city and Mediterranean Sea
Jezreel Valley
-- view of the Valley below Megiddo

Dead Sea -- view of the Dead Sea shoreline

Jericho -- view of the city

Jericho -- view of the city from the surrounding hills

Jordan River -- view of the southern part of the river

Jordan Valley -- view from the surrounding hills

Jordan Valley -- view from on the valley floor



Old Testament


New Testament


The Tabernacle in the Old and Temple in the Old and New Testament



Nehemiah 2:13-15  - Refuse [Dung] Gate, Fountain Gate, Valley Gate
Nehemiah 3:1-32
- Sheep Gate, Fish Gate, Old Gate, Water Gate, Horse Gate


Israel in the New Testament Times

Herod's Kingdom Divided Among His Sons - Archelaus (Judea, Idumea, Samaria), Decapolis, Ituraea and Trachonitis, Herod Antipas (Galilee, Perea)


See also Paul's Journeys created by the same webmaster as the Tour of the 7 Churches of the Revelation and just as well done
Click to download and use at no charge

General Maps


Genesis through Deuteronomy (Pentateuch) Maps




Late Old Testament


New Testament


Paul's Journeys


Late New Testament/Modern

Bible Images and more...


Click for additional links to hundreds of images from both Old & New Testaments

Holy Land Photos

Over 2600 pictures including statues, ruins, some maps

Miscellaneous Maps and Pictures from Various Sites

 Old Testament:

The Patriarch's World
The Twelve Tribes of Israel
The Desert of Sinai
Exodus and the Fight for Canaan
Old Testament Nations
Old Testament Judah
Solomon's Temple
The Tribes of Israel
Old Testament Lands
Old Testament Israel
The Tabernacle
Prophets in the Land of Canaan


Images of Ephesus

Ephesus ruins and statutes - more secular perspective

Ephesus: Virtual Tour
Ephesus Ruins

Ephesus pictures

Images of Israel - 48 images

New Testament Maps & Artifacts -
Maps which can be clicked on to link to additional pictures related to the country or city.

Revelation Artwork - Click for 42 pictures which are beautiful but note this artwork is copyright.

This site also has links to a commentary on the Revelation of Jesus Christ but I would strongly recommend that you first do a Precept Upon Precept study on prophecy before you read any commentary notes on Revelation. When I led the 2 year Precept course on Revelation, I made the mistake of looking at the commentaries and became quite confused until I went back to simply observing the Scripture. The best plan to become proficient in prophecy is to first do the Precept Upon Precept Course on  Daniel (I know it's long but you will never regret the investment) as it forms the foundation for the accurate interpretation of your observations in the 4 Precept courses on the Revelation. I spent almost 3 years leading classes through Daniel and Revelation but it was the best investment of time I have ever made in studying prophetic literature. You can purchase commentaries but as discussed above you will find that in the area of eschatology ("future events") there is probably more disagreement and confusion amongst even the most conservative and orthodox Biblical scholars then in any other area of Biblical interpretation. Find a Precept class in your area (call Precept at 1-800-763-1990 to find a class near you...preferably one that is beginning the study of Daniel in preparation for the Revelation study or coerce your local Precept leader to begin this series if they've never led it). You will never regret it...the Revelation will come alive but an added benefit is that the Old Testament prophetic books (like Isaiah and Zechariah) will be illuminated by the Holy Spirit in a way you have never before experienced as so much of what happens in Revelation deals with God's Plan for the Ages at it relates specifically to the nation of Israel.

Revelation Illustrated - Click for art illustrating the Book of the Revelation. Check with author for permission to use. Commentaries on Revelation

Woodcuts by Gustave Dore Click for works by Gustave Dore (Referred to as an "Artist of the People" by Vincent van Gogh. 212 of his beautiful engraved illustrations depicting many Old and New Testament. Not copyrighted. Make impressive black and white overhead transparencies for teaching.

Click for collection of hundreds of Black and White pictures associated with a number of passages in both the Old and New Testaments.

Another source I have found helpful searching for images is the Google Image Search. E.g., type "Abraham Genesis" (note - do not include parentheses) which retrieves 148 images (as of 3/12/02). As of 4/18/05 the number of image hits matching Abraham Genesis has increased to 708 (and this is using the preference Moderate Safe Search is on). The images retrieved include classics by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, etc.

   • Advanced Image Search
Image Search Help


In addition to the Google "Image" search engine you can also occasionally find other maps & pictures by using the regular Google search below. (Select "Search WWW) For example, type in "Ephesus" and Google retrieves over 241,000 hits (as of 7/22/03), this number increasing to 686,000 as of 4/18/05! The number one hit remains "Ephesus, Turkey: Panoramic pictures of Ephesus" - click it for a well done Virtual Tour of Ephesus which is the best preserved archeological site of the 7 churches of the Revelation. But be a Berean (Acts 17:11)


"examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil" (1Th 5:21-22)



Click for a few free samples of some of the 6000 pictures available on 10 CD's. If you use pictures in preaching or teaching, consider this set. Power Point files included.

Historic Views of the Holy Land Click for older maps, drawings and photographs that reveal features of the Holy Land which are no longer visible.

Walking in Their Sandals Click

Click for a sample of maps and pictures available on the CD.

Sonlight maps on e-sword

Click E-sword the best free Bible study software available.  Multiple reference resources can be downloaded free of charge, easily installed. Online video tutorials. Many of my students have downloaded this program and all have given positive reviews. The set of Sonlight Maps (click for sample) are supplemented by a beautiful color set from another source. If you don't have a computer Bible program, consider this program. Once you use it, I am confident you will not want to uninstall it. I have found it much easier to use than another popular free resource, the Online Bible.

DOWNLOAD InstaVerse for free. It is a nifty, easy to download and install (no restart), simple to use Bible Verse pop up tool that will allow you to read every cross reference in this study quickly, in context and in the Version you prefer (Note: Only KJV is free. NAS, ESV, NIV, et al available for purchase) When you hold the mouse pointer over the Scripture reference, the passage pops up immediately and can even be highlighted (Go to "Menu" > Options > Appearance. Yellow works great). InstaVerse works anywhere on the Web as well as offline in Word for Windows, in email such as Outlook, etc. It can be enabled or disabled easily (Menu > Disable). Try the free version. It really will be amazed and edified. (click here)



These links are listed for your convenience and their inclusion does not necessarily signify that I agree with everything written on each site. The best policy is to "Examine everything carefully. Hold fast to that which is good. Abstain from every form of evil." (1Th 5:21, 22,cf Acts 17:11)


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