The Coca-Cola Company

About Bottling

One of our great strengths is our ability to conduct business on a worldwide scale while maintaining a local approach.

At the heart of this approach is our bottling system. Before any of our 2,400 beverage products is consumed by anybody around the world, it has to be produced, packaged and distributed. Since we reach 6 billion consumers in over 200 countries, our bottling system has to be the best. Our business opportunities are enormous and our commitment to our consumers and communities is great.

Our bottling partners are local companies so they are rooted in their communities, thinking and acting locally. They are employers, purchasers of local goods and services, good neighbors, and, of course, producers of the world's most popular beverages.

It's a big job, and sometimes it's done quite creatively. In Indonesia, for instance, boats transport Coca-Cola® and our other brands between the many hundreds of islands that make up that nation. In the Amazon, where the main road is often the river itself, water-borne distribution is also common. In some of the higher elevations of the Andes, Coca-Cola is sometimes transported by four-legged power. Across much of Africa, bottlers deliver to thousands of family-run kiosks and home-based stores on which local economies depend.