Free episode of Invader Zim on iTunes

Posted by Helper Monkey

Nickelodeon is offering the first episode of season one of Invader Zim as a free download on the iTunes music store. The 24-minute minute episode, called “The Nightmare Begins” can be downloaded here. But you better hurry! These free episodes usually only last a day or two before Apple reinstates their pay-for-play status.

From the iTunes Description:
The Irken armada is poised to conquer the universe, but it would be a lot easier without Invader Zim! Thickheaded, brash, and overzealous, Zim has been banished into food service for wrecking the Irken home planet. He begs the Allmighty Tallest for a second chance to reclaim his honor. Zim is sent on a “secret” mission to a planet far away on the edge of the universe - Earth. Now Earth’s only hope rests with a young UFO-hunting paranormal enthusiats named Dib. Seeing through Zim’s human disguise, Dib makes it his sole mission to defend our planet from this fiendish alien menace.

10 Responses to “Free episode of Invader Zim on iTunes”

  1. Dave Says:

    what a crock! I can’t download it!!!! its for american only :(

  2. Dave2 Says:

    go U.S.A. !!!11!1!!!

  3. Dave3 Says:

    So Zim is basically George Bush then?

  4. A.A. Says:

    TurboNick has it-but wait, it’s US only. Lucky I got the DVD’s here in Australia.

  5. Lenore Says:

    I LOVE ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tak is better though Im so happy i can get it on itunes!!!

  6. ME Says:

    i don’t see how this should be free… 2$ for a episode that u can watch for free on youtube? no thx

  7. amanda lee Says:

    invader zim rocks homos!! go gir!

  8. Daniel Rudisel Says:

    Already pay to play!! Sorry Zim fans!

  9. renee Says:

    My country’s not in the available countries!!! it’s unfair!! Why do I have to live in some specific country to buy this?

  10. john Says:

    Sadly, You cant watch them on Youtube anymore.

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