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Re: UFO Review - Roswell - The End - Koch

From: Joachim Koch <lists.nul>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 17:49:24 +0200
Fwd Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 09:05:09 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Review - Roswell - The End - Koch

>From: Mac Tonnies <macbot.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 16:28:58 -0700 (PDT)
>Subject: Progeria - Lack Of Navel & Polydactyly Are Linked

>Source: Mac Tonnies' Blog


>There's a stubborn myth that no qualified medical doctors
>think the 'alien autopsy' is 'real'.

>German Professor Claims To Identify Santilli Alien


>But the U.S. government had recently shown it was no UFO
>in 1947, but rather a spy balloon that had crashed.
>Therefore skeptics quickly guessed that the film was a
>forgery. So their opinion was that the alleged
>extraterrestrial was a rubber dummy. However, the truth
>is much more macabre. The person lying on the
>pathologist's dissection table doctors have now proven to
>be a genetically deformed girl.

Hello List,

There is a story behind the progeria nonsense which you should

At the time the Santilli scam was issued, the very successful
International Roswell Initiative, founded by Hans-Juergen
Kyborg, me and Kent Jeffrey (later Kent enigmatically turned
around one hundred degrees, maybe by 'external' pressure).

As a physician, I looked at that dummy in the film and made up
my mind if there might be a chance to find syndromes which might
cause a human body to look like the corpse in the film by
genetic defects. So I started my search - and was quite

I then published my findings in a short 'paper' in the Internet
for everyone to read. I have added the text of my findings
below. It comprises all the anatomic features which were subject
of the discussions at that time in 1995. You may also look here:


My publication was not welcomed by a man named Illobrand von
Ludwiger, who ruled like an emperor an invitation-only group of
researchers in aerial phenomena in Southern Germany. We have
been to indepent according his group rules (everything must have
been controlled by him, only he decided what was to be published
and where and so on). At that time, we were about to leave that
group with its unacceptable standards. So he could not stand the
fact that I have issued a scientific examination whitout his
blessing and ordered another medical examination by a German
physician. So my colleague and dermatologist Thomas Jansen from
the Munic University appeared with his progeria-proposal.

The physical shape of progeria patients is very different from
what was so be seen in the AA-film. And progeria is a very rare
disease, only a few patients are described in the literature.

The progeria disease appeared on the Ufo stage at that time as
the jealous attempt of the leader of the German UFO group
'MUNFON-CES' to have his own medical bulletin. And this was a
rather far-fetched one.

The impact of the International Roswell Initiave was a good wind
behind the late Sen. Steve Schiff who issued the GAO inquiry
about Roswell Ufo-related documents.

So who of you will get another Senator to come forward with
another GAO inquiry to look for documents related to experiments
with humans in the New Mexico desert? Who of you will issue
another FOIA inquiry to publish documents related to experiments
with humans by the American Military and to name the
departments, institutes and people involved with?

Then we would have a chance more to verify Nick Redfern's
findings. I hope to get the book here in Germany.

Below you can read my findings from 1995 about the
C-Syndrome(which also is a rare disease).


Joachim koch

                          *of the*
               *International Roswell Initiative*
                 Berlin, August 12, 1995

by Joachim Koch

1. Introduction

The aim of this article is to provide some medical background to
demonstrate that there exists the possibility that an autopsy
was not performed on an "alien being" in the film shown by Ray
Santilli in London on May 5th. As a general surgeon in Germany,
I feel qualified to write about this subject.

I practice in a large (700 bed) hospital in Berlin-
Spandau,Germany. During the past 18 years I have seen many
seriously injured individuals from all sorts of accidents. I
have also attended numerous autopsies. Even today, seeing a body
dissected is not pleasant for me. Although an autopsy is done in
a clinical atmosphere for medical or scientific purposes, it
nonetheless affects me deeply. When I leave the autopsy room to
return to my normal duties, I take a few moments to forget the
dissected corpse, and to remember the human being it once was.

If the being shown in the Santilli film was not a dummy --if it
was once a living being from Soccoro, Dallas, Cambridge, Berlin,
or wherever -- it deserves the respect civilized people pay to
all our deceased.

If it turns out that the entity in the film really is an alien,
then by our greedy plundering of the corpse and showing this
publicly, we will have shown how little value we place on life.
By our actions, we may have failed the test of becoming equal
members of the cosmic community.

2. Some considerations about bodies and autopsies

It is important to remember what Glenn Dennis, the mortician at
Ballard's, said he was told by the nurse who witnessed the
autopsies. According to Dennis, the preliminary autopsy was
performed in the Air Force hospital at Roswell, and the bodies
seen by the nurse had four fingers, unlike the body in the
Santilli film, which had six. If a preliminary autopsy in
Roswell had been performed and the final dissection (in the
Santilli film) was done in another place, perhaps Fort Worth or
Wright Field, then sutures placed during the first autopsy
should have been visible during the second autopsy shown in the
film, but they were not. Not surprisingly, pathologists stitch
up bodies more crudely than do surgeons, yet no one viewing the
film reported any sutures, and in fact, the "doctors" in the
film are seen making the initial cuts. The body in the film,
then, could not have been one of the bodies that the nurse in
Roswell saw being autopsied. Most, if not all, who viewed the
film were puzzled by the odd outfits of the "doctors." Kent
Jeffrey, who was present at the showing, described them in his
June MUFON Journal article as "two individuals in white anti-
contamination suits, complete with hoods and narrow, rectangular
glass faceplates..."

What were these suits for? They could not have been for
protection from radiation because in a previous film shown by
Santilli, "doctors" were seen examining a body without
protective suits. Moreover, in the recovery of an alien craft
and its crew, testing for radiation would certainly have been
one of the first steps, but Jesse Marcel, Sr., has testified
that no radiation was detected at the crash site.

The suits could not have been for protection from the odor of a
decaying body. A suit for that purpose would have required
breathing apparatus. Nor could the suits have been protection
against unknown bacteria or viruses. In that case again, some
sort of breathing apparatus would have been required to guard
against airborne organisms.

So, it is likely that the strange outfit worn by the doctors had
a different purpose -- to conceal their identities.

It is hard to understand why the autopsy was not performed under
better lighting conditions, why only two "doctors"were in
attendance, and why only one camera was operating amateurishly.

An autopsy of an alien would have been an extraordinary event.
It may have been performed in a large room or auditorium so that
many pathologists could have been present. It would have been
performed very carefully and methodically, perhaps over several
weeks' time. Careful motion picture filming and many slides
and/or still photos would have resulted. Conditions would have
been ideal to facilitate the best photographic records possible.

Nothing done by the film's "doctors" seems to indicate that they
were aware of handling something of extraordinary value to
mankind. The whole scene looked unpleasant and somehow illegal.

3. Physical Features

Only one or two of the attendees of the May 5th showing were
medical professionals. Those present did, however, see a few
features supposedly common to those of a "real alien,"such as
dark almond- shaped eyes, a larger than normal head,a small
mouth, a small nose, and smaller than normal ears in an abnormal
location. Also seen in the film were features that are not
commonly reported characteristics of aliens --six fingers on
each hand and six toes on each foot. I am not one who believes
that alien lifeforms from other planets/ worlds/dimensions must
be different from human forms. In my opionion, they could look
very similar to those on earth. We do not have to assume,
however, that a six-toed being is an alien from outer space.
Members of ourown human species here on earth occasionally have
six toes.

In medical terms, having more than five digits on the hands or
feet is a genetic variation called "polydactylism."
Polydactylism is seen in several different medical syndromes. A
syndrome is a group of symptoms that collectively characterize a
disease or abnormal condition,nearly all are named by the men or
women who first describe them.

There are approximately 34 syndromes in which polydactylism of
the fingers is present, and approximately 36 syndromes in which
polydactylism of the toes is found.

In approximately 12 syndromes hexadactylism (six digits) of the
fingers is present, and 13 with hexadactylism of the toes.

In syndactylism, two or more digits are knitted together.
Different degrees exist, and there may be skin between the
digits -- like webbing (as in the webbed feet of ducks).

Note the description of one syndrome in particular. Extreme
growth of the head; widespread eyes and deep eye sockets,
abroad-based nose; increased growth of the base of the skull; a
crescent-shaped skin fold at the inner upper eyelid;mongoloid
axis of the eyelids; no hair between the eyebrows;lowering of
the outer ear, which is small; small lips; lowerjaw
underdeveloped; low birth weight; short length at birth(dwarf
like); unproportioned growth (dyschondroplasia);multiple
variations of the ribs, breastbone, hip, knee;malformations of
inner organs possible; poly- and/or hexadactylism.

This description is not that of an alien, but of a human being
who suffers from "C-syndrome," or in the American medical
literature, from "Opitz trigonocephaly syndrome." Only a few
cases of C-syndrome have ever been described formally, and these
few died very young. Still, the description indicates the
variation possible in humans.

Another variation seen in humans is "Ellis-van Creveld
syndrome," also known as "six-fingered dwarfism." This is
characterized by the underdevelopment of various
bones,particularly the long bones of the body. Bilateral
hexadactyly is also prevalent. Another symptom is hypoplasia
(arrested development), dysplasia (abnormal development), or
absence of the teeth, fingernails, or toenails. Some of these
individuals show sexual infantilism, with hypoplasia of the
sexual organs. One third of these patients die during the first
year of life.

For a syndrome to be diagnosed, key symptoms must exist, but not
all symptoms have to be present. So, a human being could have
some symptoms of a particular syndrome, but not all, and that
human could live to early adulthood.

4. A disgraceful game

For almost 50 years, the U.S. government has denied any
knowledge of Roswell. In 1978, Jesse Marcel, Sr., spoke out, and
the investigation of the Roswell incident began. In the spring
of 1994, organizers of the International Roswell Initiative
began gathering signatures on the"Roswell Declaration" asking
the U.S. president for an executive order to declassify
information about what happened in Roswell. So far, more than
19,000 Declarations have been signed. After decades of silence,
a report on Roswell was issued in 1994 by the U.S. Air Force.
The report identified the Roswell wreckage as that of a weather
balloon. Most UFO researchers feel this was another attempt at a

A few months after the Air Force report, 14 rolls of film
appeared, supposedly showing the crashed material at Roswell, as
well as an autopsy of an alien. Have we all forgotten how the
MJ-12 documents appeared out of the blue?

What do we really have? A film producer who knows film- and
movie- making techniques, telling the public that he bought the
film from an old man. The producer does not reveal the identity
of the old man, but refers to him as Jack Barnett-- a name
similar to Barney Barnett, an alleged Roswell character.

If the film really showed alien corpses, it should have been
reviewed by independent UFO organizations using scientific
methods. Instead of providing the film for review, Mr.Santilli
began a game of cat-and- mouse. Some hints here,some interviews
there. Some pictures to elder pop stars here, some pictures to
crop circle researchers there.

Then,media involvement and the showing at the London Museum on
May 5th.

I remember when I was a medical student that by paying the
dissection assistants, it would have been possible to be alone
with the cadavers. With a lookout in place, students could have
filmed a body. It is not unthinkable that a financially strapped
student might decide to make a film to fool the UFO community.

The so-called "doctors" in the film could have been anyone--
doctors, actors, army personnel, or students. The anonymity of
the doctors is ensured by their outfits and masks. Who could
distinguish between an actor wearing a mask and a once-living
politician, given the poor lighting,poor resolution, and
distance shots of the film? Recently, those involved with the
Santilli film have attempted to explain themselves and establish
the legitimacy of the film in interviews and on the Internet.
However, in my opinion, they have lost their chance to be taken
seriously by not playing it straight from the start.

Serious researchers should not lend credibility to Santilli's
case. British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) especially
should not show the Santilli film at the Sheffield conference in
August. Instead, they should insist on a scientific analysis of
the film by independent researchers (not Mr. Mantle). Mr.
Santilli should not be invited to speak until he has disclosed
everything about the source of the film, and until he has
verified that he is not an employee of any intelligence agency.
If BUFORA permits a showing of the Santilli film without
scientific analysis,they are only encouraging this farce. The
UFO community should wake up! It's time to stop Santilli, with
his unscientific handling of this matter because he is damaging
the credibility of the UFO community. Our research into the
possibility of extraterrestrial life should not be tainted by
the Santillis of this world who follow only their own interests.

We continue to engage in, and believe strongly in,
free,independent, public, and scientific UFO research. We shall
reject any who shun that kind of UFO research for the sake of
money, religion, politics, or power. I will help thwart those on
this planet who try to prevent humankind from evolving into a
member of the cosmic community.

Joachim Koch                Hans-Juergen Kyborg
The *International Roswell Initiative* was founded by
*Kent Jeffrey* (USA), *Joachim Koch* and *Hans-Juergen
Kyborg* (both Berlin, Germany) in 1994. It is officially
greatly supported (among many others) by MUFON, CUFOS and
FUFOR and became one of the most successful international
grassroots efforts in Ufology at that time with more than
20,000 signed "Roswell Declarations".

17:49:24 27.06.2005

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