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OS  0 1 2  for General Audiences.


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06/26/2006. version 4.2



OS 0 1 2 BASIC
O = Mystery or a mysterious idea, meme, or piece of media.

1 = True or an objective and rational idea, meme, or piece of media.

2 = False or a subjective and artistic idea, meme, or piece of media.



The Nature of Conflict and Idea


This is a very simple and very powerful formula and concept to understand.

All words signify ideas.  Ideas can be  called memes.

Ideas, memes and viral media seem to behave and copy themselves very similar to genes and the information replication of the DNA molecule with her accompanying genes. This field of scientific perspective regarding idea is referred to as Memetics, and the word 'meme' signifying idea was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his landmark book 'The Selfish Gene'.

Ideas/Memes, and in the 21st century, Media create our understanding of the world (our shared environment) into language for mutual understanding of our world.

Therefore, the language or words we choose to use about our environment can alter and change the environment. The ideas, language and words we choose to use create  our environment into an understanding.

Simply, our ideas of the world shape the world. And the world shapes our ideas. We create them and they create us.

This is a simple natural process for all to observe. This is the natural synergy between environment, human being, and ideas about human being and environment.


Memes in Action

A meme can also be understood as a set of organized ideas or words. Like a joke or a snippet of gossip that spreads through conversation. Or more importantly, a piece of media that spreads virally throughout the internet.

Simply, ideas, memes, media and words replicate.  Exponentially. And like DNA, they add, divide, and multiply, continually increasing in number.

Therefore, ideas and words can then be said to follow the laws of conceptual nature, like genes follow the laws of biological nature.

The laws of biological nature insure the survival and evolution of the dominant gene. The smartest. The fastest. The most effective at performing function.

Therefore, if true, similarly then ideas that are the most effective would also slowly become dominate through the laws of human nature. Therefore, only the smartest, the most intelligent and refined ideas/memes/media will survive historically.

'Idea' or 'Meme' is the seed of progressive human action and doing, and any advancement in the arts and sciences throughout history begins with an 'Ah-ha!'.

Humanity advances when art and science advance. Arts and science, human civilization advances when our ideas synthesize.

Simply, ideas begin as simple concepts and then evolve into complex systems that appear to promote the advancement of human being.

This aspect of dialectic is often referred to as the historical dialectic and this concept was introduced to Western philosophical thought more than two hundred years ago by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

The historical dialectic spoken of by Hegel is amplified by current technology exponentially in ways that may be unpredictable inside of our current academic or social paradigms. The historical dialectic comes to light in clearer terms when we understand the nature of memetics and evolutionary biology.

The need for a universal or global dialectic

OS 0 1 2 is a mutual and common sense language that all of us can translate our ideas into, and then back out of for greater understanding.

Pay Attention: The rules of nature apply to ideas. Ideas can be said to follow a natural law like all aspects of nature.

All ideas spread. All the time. Whether we agree with them or not.

The nature of an idea is to go!

An idea that is associated with fear can be observed to spread and take hold rather quickly and be accepted immediately as true without much consideration. Ideas based on fear spread faster and take hold, immediately accepted or defaulted as true because our instincts to survive overrides any rational consideration or process. When fear of common survival is communicated via idea, we often accept it as true without further consideration.
For simple example.
Someone calls Weapons of Mass Destruction! during a time of fear and uncertainty after the events of 911, and the public immediately reacts in the mutual sense of survival.

Someone else says, Hey, there was no W.M.D., it was only a deception, everybody can be calm now, and this idea takes a little longer to set in but eventually, years later, wins the majority over.

Weapons of Mass Destruction took longer to settle in as a false idea than as a true idea.

Memes that signal danger or threat spread immediately & immediately take hold unless they can be proven for certain to be false.

After some time and discussion, we eventually accept there were no W.M.D.

No more W.M.D., no more fear of W.M.D., crowd slowly, but cautiously trickles back into the theater, often with many natural questions regarding the nature or genesis of the 'false' idea of Weapons of Mass Destruction presented as 'true'.

All answers to those questions, like all other ideas, can be understood rationally only as either true or false.

What is true, and what is false about the allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq as a justification for war?

All ideas conflict or have the potential for conflict.

Welcome to the conflict of idea. Both true and false ideas conflict because even false ideas are believed to be true to another point of view, and all ideas believed to be true are in conflict with other ideas believed to be true.

This may very well signify the nature of how we map our universal (shared) and quantum (individual) environments inside of us and outside of us. It appears to be a natural, repeating, and reoccurring function of all reality.

This is the first key to understanding / perceiving/experiencing OS 0 1 2.

All ideas i.e. all information  is in a natural state of conflict and war.

This appears as the battle perceived between good and bad, light and dark, right and wrong. This side VS that side. All ideas [in conflict] seem or appear to be one or the other. Good/Bad. Right/Wrong. Male/Female. This/That. Light/Dark. Strong/Weak. Yin/Yang. Me/You. Us/Them.

Most importantly, true or false.

It appears that conflict is based on fighting for what we believe to be true so that we can avoid being 'false' about our beliefs.

OS 012 can either be true, or it can be false.

Every sentence in OS 012 is a proposition, an idea that is presented to you as true. Yet, it may prove to be false if argued under rational scrutiny.

So which is it, do you think OS 0 1 2 is true thus far, or false?

Inside of this framework of either true, or either false, there will be conflict regarding OS 0 1 2.

However, until there is a clear distinction, OS 0 1 2 may be both true and false at once.

This unique category of perception is also a function of our rational minds, and can be understood simply as mystery, or both true and false at once.

Until we agree on the mystery, there will be the conflict of idea regarding both true and false ideas.
Just because your idea about what OS 0 1 2 is conflicts with perhaps mine or another's, does not mean that you or I conflict as human beings.


Human Beings are not in conflict

Ideas conform to a set of natural laws and human being conforms to another set of natural laws.

All ideas conflict, yet Human Beings are not ideas, thus Human Beings are NOT in conflict, ideas are.

Human beings are only in conflict when human beings confuses themselves as an idea. When human being confuses human being as an idea, human being is making a illogical and irrational error that can be revealed in written language.


Human being performs a synergy like all of nature. Synergy is defined inside of OS 012 as 'All sides contribute, and all sides win the collective output of all contributing'. A side can be understood in these terms as simply a point of view.

From the perspective of a branch of mathematics known as Game Theory, this could aslo be referred to as a 'Non Zero Sum' Game. Both sides in the game contribute for mutual shared output.

Human Being is NOT in conflict.

Our ideas are.

When we confuse ourselves with our ideas, then we find ourselves in conflict with only ourselves and nothing more.

OS 012 can be understood as a dialectical tool that can help reveal these irrational errors for all to see for themselves.
An example of harmonious human beings and conflicting ideas.        

You come over my house and I ask you if you want some tea. You say no but you would prefer some coffee instead. Our ideas just challenged each other.

 Coffee sounds great, Ill have some too I reply

My idea, or suggestion, did not win you over, you had  another idea that challenged mine and served us both better.

Even in harmonious environments with harmonious human beings, ideas will still conflict.

By understanding this very simple concept and observation of the natural conflict of idea, we can all learn to BENEFIT from conflict  instead of identifying with it.

By properly identifying conflict, we become in harmony with it and accept it as a natural function. By identifying the conflicting ideas in the discussion, we immediately invoke our natural state of mutual agreement.

This is a simple and fun thing to bring into general conversation.


*WARNING: Please Read
*If we identify our self with the idea we are discussing, then we set our self up to be destroyed when the dominant meme presents itself.  We then waste a lot of time trying to protect our self from a false attack that may never exist. We sink into irrationality and confusion. We create false problems that do not exist and attempt to solve the nonexistent problem while the objective problem remains un addressed.

Historical note. The problem of terrorism has been increasing in the world as the war on terrorism advances. Does modern history give us a functioning example of this principle? Is it rational or irrational to employ and continue a solution that appears only to increase the problem that it wishes to address? 


Turning the conflict of idea into a non zero sum game for human being.

When we understand rationally that we are NOT ideas, then we learn to benefit and win when a dominant, true,  or king idea presents itself.

In the game of OS 0 1 2, we quantify ideas that are believed to be true, as one (01), and we creatively call them 'kings'.

We creatively identify them as kings because true ideas function for human being in the same sense that the exalted and mythical idea of 'king' once did for human being thousands of years ago.

True, rational, and objective ideas, like 'kings', are in service to everyone. Just like there is one king for all, the rational idea is a rational idea for all.

Rational ideas are easy to identify in written discussion because the rational idea is the idea that remains after all questions have been asked and answered honestly and all other truths exposed as false or false kings.

Rational ideas can be explained from many different points of view because a rational idea is an objective idea. An objective idea, signified as the number 1, is viewable and thus agreeable by all points of view.

When anything is mutually viewable, it is mutually agreeable by default. A rational idea is a mutually observed conceptual object, like 1+ 1 = 2.

A King or true idea is what we all believe we bring into the conversation naturally. However, if we are to agree, there can only be one true King. Therefore, discussion becomes an art and a game of strategy, for one of us has to lose a false or artistic idea that we believed to be a true and rational idea.

When we lose a false idea or a false king that we have, we only have lost by winning a new and better idea or King that will serve us better.

Both sides come to the table with a different King, but leave with the same one.

Both sides then can both win in every discussion. Both sides leave in synthesis/synergy.

King against King!

By allowing the natural 'fight' of memes, we learn that when one meme wins, it does so only because it serves BOTH SIDES of the conflict better. King memes battle to make BOTH SIDES WIN. Ideas conflict and battle (zero sum) so all human beings can benefit (non zero sum). Our ideas fight and battle so we can learn and increase our intelligence in perfect synthesis/synergy.

Just like chess, a game of honesty and clear thinking. All moves are out in the open. It is a strategy against two kings. This is the natural and exalted form of all conflict. Conflict is in service to humanity when allowed to function in her proper place.

.Conflict, perhaps, only produces misery when human being confuses herself as the idea in conflict.

When human being confuses themselves as the idea in conflict, human being does what ideas naturally do, destroy each other's framework, and human being in a state of confusion will try to kill, censor, maim, or most often shame or ban other human beings in order to win in the conflict of idea.


is a Master Meme, an undefeated champion in the conflict of idea.

©OS 012 BASIC is the natural formula for the exchange of ideas inside of successful, intelligent, and humorous dialogue between all global citizens competing in the conflict of idea.


A Master Meme is a dominant idea that will challenge and destroy ALL ideas in conflict with it. Inside of you and outside of you. Whether you agree with it or not.

A Master Meme is an idea that has become dominant and can no longer be defeated in the realm of rational discussion.

©OS 012 BASIC is a Master Meme, a Meta King idea comprised of more King ideas operating as necessary truths inside of this memetic environment, performing in complete and precise synthesis/synergy with all other master memes.

©OS 012 BASIC. An Open Source Global Dialectic that contains the conclusions of all memetic battles throughout history exalting into one simple document.

©OS 012 is an IDEA whose time has come.

©OS 012 has been formulated by many people. Many of them may never even meet in person.

©OS 012 is a collection of IDEAS that have been hard   won in the field of battle.

Ideas that have been fought and discussed for thousands of years.

Through these battles, OS 0 1 2 has had and will have many more contributors.

The battle however, has just begun. Many more challenges lay ahead.

©OS 012 will win all of them.

©OS 012 'wins' all the time because ©OS 012 contains or finds the formulas for solutions that solve all problems effectively FOR all sides  to WIN.

All sides winning is the only outcome of the axiom and proposition of ©OS 012

©OS 012 was and is created through internet discussion, a constantly refining document updated via the conflict of idea.

In this sense, ©OS 012 is an open source concept. It is permanently flawed and re finable. Please rationally define any flaw in ©OS 012 and the correction will be made. Help contribute to the global dialectic.

©OS 012 thus always upgrades to the dominant idea that serves equally the individual and everyone through valiant and honest, rational discussion.

©OS 012 is a conceptual *OBJECT that we all can agree on.

*It is the common shared observable value for the individual, unique and conquering global citizen. A one for all global dialectic. A simple and mutual language that we all can translate our ideas into and back out of for mutual understanding.

©OS 012 is a simple way to understand the true nature of all our ideas and words that we think or speak, privately or openly.

When we understand the nature of all our ideas, we understand  ourselves from a much larger and more interesting perspective.


To understand the nature of ideas themselves we only have to understand  three very simple things.

We have to know the distinction between what we say is a [true] idea, a [false] idea, and an idea that is [both] true & false. [True/False] = Mystery



The Mysterious Idea (Zero)

0  = Mystery. It is when an idea is both true and false at once. This is the factor infinite and unknown. No -thing. Mysterious ideas are ideas that signify that which is outside of our shared or individual perception. We cannot verify for any objective or subjective certainty it's truth or falsity. We 'know that we do not know'. As a value for truth, this can be understood as mysterious truth.

.This is the starting place for the dialectic in practice. All ideas, when viewed from an honest exalted perspective, are in a state of mystery until we ask the five basic questions of who, what, where, when, and most importantly how to determine what is true, and what is false. These questions are asked in a tit for tat method (an idea for an idea) once our opponents ideas have been isolated in written exchange.

We can determine what is true or false by finding the repeating indicators of what all true or false ideas appear to contain by default.



 The True Idea (One)

1= True. In the individual,it is the function of the MIND that naturally finds that which is true. THINKING,distinguishing ONE thing from another ONE, exalts in SCIENCE, logic, DIALECTIC and OBJECTIVITY. HONEST. Rational. Order. Fact. Our point of view. A=A. The thing 'in and of itself'.

True ideas signify that which is observable and verifiable in potentiality to all points of view. As a value for truth, this can be understood as pure truth.

This value of truth exalted in Western philosophy and referred to often as simply objectivity, and the academic theory regarding this value of truth is called the 'Correspondance Theory of Truth'.


The False Idea (Two)

2 = False. In the individual, it is the function of the feelings, unique experience of being that produce subjectivity or self expression. Feelings. ART. Prose/POEM. Subjective. Inspiration. Irrational. Chaos. Fiction. My and Your point of view. A=B. The Image of the thing in and of itself. RHETORIC. False ideas signify unique experiences that can only be experienced individually.

As a value for truth, this can be understood objectivly as a false truth.

This value of truth is exalted in Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism in general, and is often used to describe a profound personal or mystical experience that is beyond the truth limit value of language.


Confusing true for false and false for true

When deception or politics is introduced in the discussion, the speaker wishes us to mistake an artistic or expressive, personal idea as an objective and true idea. By finding the artistic idea, we can then easily determine what is true or deception by calling our opponent simply on their words or ideas (1), and not our images (2) or assumptions of the opponent in our minds.

This method of communication inside of the dialectic is called 'deconstruction' We deconstruct all ideas into three mutually observable categories of true, false, and mystery.

OS 0 1 2 can produce profound results through this process.

This is only accomplished  in one way and one way only.

Total and complete ruthless honesty. Self honesty and honesty with others is the fuel that operates the mechanisms of OS 012.

Dishonesty in any form is a sign of irrational and poor thinking, a thing of the past.


Honesty = Integrity. Integrity can be understood as a classification of 'synergy'. Human perception has a exalted synergy that functions when human being is honest.
Honest communication appears to be only possible amongst equals or those that perceive themselves to be equal.

Status or the desire for elevated status, or human hierarchy, is win lose political/social gaming and promotes deception to elevate position or prevent loss of position.

Human society secretly promotes deception as a way to gain favor and increase opportunity, therefore, human society has created a map of itself that is based on false and inaccurate information, believed to be true.

Simply, we don't know what is really going on because everybody is essentially lying all the time to curry favor or promote status.

On the internet, everyone is naturally equal. All points of view contribute ideas, memes, or media. There is no status or position to a point of view on the internet in terms of meme or idea. The internet can therefore evolve into the only true and honest one for all global administrative system based on win win principles for human being.

All ideas can only be either true, or false, or mystery, and be quantified as 0, 1, and 2.

The relationship to these numbers in the ordering and counting sense, mathematically, is identical perceptually to the three basic sets of idea.

Just like ordering and counting is the basic language (dividing, adding, multiplying) in mathematics for human being, true false and mystery is the basic perception and dialectic of idea for human being.

Every true idea contains a personal subjective clarifier (1.2), and all subjective perceptions contains an objectively viewable clarifier (2.1).

Thus, all ideas change and resolve continuously into true, false, or mystery equal to all human perception.

These are the furthest meta categories we can ever understand logically and rationally about idea. All ideas and thoughts and words and memes are either true or false or mystery. This is our mutual meta language and common perception equal all human beings.

The 0, the 1, and the 2. The Natural Language of Idea. Quantified and expressed in number.

Thats all there is to it.


This is ©OS 0 1 2 BASIC

Read on:

Understanding the natural language of ideas and perception allows us to communicate and integrate reality in ways which may utterly surprise us. Using this true and accurate language, we can always expose the deceptive and political agenda.

OS 0 1 2 is a non zero sum (win win) game to uproot and overcome human deception and political thinking. OS 0 1 2 identifies political thinking as the outcome of human identification as ideas, and the source of all win lose troubleshooting, irrationality and misery in the world.

Simply, the human political machine is unable to effectively solve problems or create opportunity in the complex 21st century because the human political machine depends upon deception and win lose, true vs false, this side vs that side strategy, as it's basic method of integrating and communicating ideas, solving problems, or creating opportunity.

Once OS 0 1 2 is understood as a dialectic, we can easily strategize victory and destroy the non working deceptive political memes because OS 0 1 2 embraces the laws of conflict into a mutual harmony instead of mutual misery, a dialectical martial strategy and True Budo.

As a martial strategy, we attack our opponent's ideas with win win concepts that force our opponents to isolate the source of their confusion into the written discussion.

OS 0 1 2 can be likened to an art of finding truth by making mistakes.

When performing the dialectic, we are not afraid of making mistakes or being in error, for we rely on our opponents to make our corrections and point out our errors. Thus, pure honest and creative thinking is involved inside of an OS 0 1 2 discussion.


The Internet is our rational environment for global discussion and trouble shooting.

Read on:

All effective ideas that service humanity are honest and RATIONAL conclusions.

Rational thought and honest thought can be understood as two sides of the same process.

Rational thinking allows for the advancement of both individual and the group. Irrational thinking sacrifices either the individual or the group to solve the problem.

Self sacrifice or sacrifice of others are the two distinctions of win lose strategies.

In the 21st Century, human being has the opportunity to create a win win environment to resolve global problems and create global wealth for ALL citizens.

Ineffective ideas in the global environment are the irrational  and deceptive memes promoted as objective/rational.

Irrational ideas become exposed rather easily in a rational and honest environment such as the internet discussion forums, emails, or any online discussion forum.

Irrational ideas, when deconstructed through the methodology of OS 0 1 2 are then exalted to their natural place, art, prose, poetry, theatre.


People become irrational by deceiving themselves first. Then others next. This quality of perception and anti-dialectical method is defined as 'human political thinking', it's method of expression is rhetoric.

When we are able to be honest with ourselves and others, we can correctly define  our problems and easily find the solutions. When we deceive our self and others, we create false coordinates which always fail to define and solve the problems.

Deception is a non working,  self-defeating,  and failing game in any and all circumstances. Misery is a result of irrational thinking and deception and nothing more.

Being honest with ourselves is the most important trick in OS 012.  A sense of humor is second. There is a hidden joke inside of OS  0 1 2, and you know you get OS 0 1 2 when you can laugh at it.

Most of the time we are unaware of our own dishonesty and self deception. We confuse false ideas or mysterious ideas as TRUE ones.

When we pass these false ideas on to someone else, we lie without even knowing it, further spreading inaccurate maps of our environment.

Deception is false information. False information is an error. Error does not work.

We deceive ourselves when we confuse the function of the mind (1) with the nature of the feelings (2).

Insert observation:

Human Being becomes irrational when trying to think with the feelings and feel with the mind, creating false problems  that do not exist to solve the real problems that do exist.

The irrational mind perfectly reverses all accurate information. Confusing a 1 for a 2 and a 2 for a 1.

The rational and honest mind can switch or reverse it back to its mutually viewable location.

When you deceive yourself and deceive others, you are sharing and believing in false information that does not exist in our objective environment.

False information  never works inside of math, logic or science, only in poetry, art, expression. Spreading false information believed to be true is human political thinking, evasive and non working. Creating more problems than it wishes to solve.


When we confuse false ideas for true, it is impossible to correctly define our problem because our mental image of the problem is based on inaccurate reversed information.

The rational and honest mind can switch or reverse it back to its mutually viewable location.

OS 012 only describes objectively through proposition the natural state of the mind performing its natural function,  problem solving and creating opportunity.

The natural state of our operating minds and bodies is not philosophy, but rather a mystery that can only be experienced in it's full and exalted truth.


Our minds have been refined through evolution to think and perceive. Thinking and perceiving is exalted in honesty and rationality.

Our feelings are designed to feel and experience.

Feelings do not tell us anything. Minds do not feel anything.

Feelings are exalted in our ART. Mind is exalted in our SCIENCE. We need both to conduct a healthy civilization, just like we need both feelings and thinking mind to conduct a successful and honest discussion. We do not choose one over the other. Both are a functioning synergy of human being, individually (thinking and feeling) and collectively (art and science).

Feelings are the inspiration and the energy for the mind to use to solve problems and create opportunity. The Natural Functioning Synergy of Human Being.

Feelings are unpredictable and utter chaos to the mind. They cannot be understood by the mind. They are not for the mind to understand.

Feelings are for energizing/inspiring the mind.

Just like we do not use the scientific method to understand art, we do not use the rational mind to predict or control our feelings, nor do we use our feelings or compassion to organize logical theorems or rational structures. We simply allow the natural synergy between mind and feelings to exalt into objectivity (science) and subjectivity (art) into our natural dialogue and exchange.

Enraged feelings, however, produce powerful conceptual images in the human mind, inspire the human mind to become more acutely subjective, irrational and rational in the wrong perceptive environment.

When feelings are enraged from brutal human activity, emotionally at least and physically at best as in the case of warfare and carnage, rational thinking is severely challenged as powerful feelings influence the actions.

Warfare in the middle east, as if this writing (07_30_06), is inflaming irrational thinking on all sides, escalating because the emotional need to respond (a false idea) is more individually real than the rational collective need ( a true idea) to think clearly and plan an effective and working solution. One side of human cognition is being 'chosen' as favorable over the other.

Both sides then always lose.

Modern history is a perfect functioning example of the principles suggested in this document.


When both sides of human perception, thinking and feeling, contribute in perfect synergy. All sides win. Internally and Externally.

The intelligent and inspired human being performs perfectly and effectively, individually and collectively, inside of  ternary (3) communication.

Binary (2), bivalent, Aristolian Logic, deterministic thinking or on/off code is for rigid computation and fails to consider or include1/3 of all information.

Only inside of a ternary set of cognition can Human Being appreciate her duality with greater precision and understanding.

©OS 012 signifies perfect synergy and synchronicity.

Feelings experience (2). Mind perceives (1).

Art (2). Science (1).

Mystery (0).

©OS 012 works.

All the time.

Success is your proof.

You have just downloaded and installed
OS 0 1 2.

This meme has just copied to you. (reception )

A fully integrated install can take a few moments or longer, depending on the individual. (integration)

You will then find yourself spreading and copying this meme or aspects of this meme to others at some point, whether you agree with it or not. (transmission )

You will eventually get OS 0 1 2, even if you just read it once.

Resistance is futile. Surrender to the dominant and master meme.

©=All Rights Reversed.

Reprint what you want.

OS 0 1 2 is free of charge and in the public domain.

OS 0 1 2 is spreading word of mouth on the internet in over 72 countries world wide, all beginning with one conversation which began Dec. 21st, 2002.

Synergy signifies synchronicity, synchronicity signifies synergy.

OS 0 1 2 is presented as a  poetic game and mathematical puzzle to introduce you to ternary dialectics and the concept of 'all sides win' conflict resolution and problem solving.

Please have fun and seriously consider this playful presentation and objective analysis.

All ideas presented in OS 0 1 2 can be perceived as either objectively true, subjectively false and artistic, or mystery, both true and false indistinguishable. Can you tell which is which?

OS 0 1 2 signifies a meta pattern integrity, internal and projecting outward, conceptual in nature, that is mutually shared and thus observable by all human beings.

You will naturally integrate OS 0 1 2 to the level of your unique understanding. Everybody gets the OS 0 1 2 they deserve.

Have fun with your new Operating System for Human Being.

Discussion Forum .

Come participate with us.

OS 0 1 2 is always imperfect. Help upgrade and refine our common and shared language and dialectic by finding flaws in her presentation and offering the corrections.