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Order Summary for Beloniformes
Main Ref.: Nelson, J.S., 1994
Order: Beloniformes    needle fishes
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Sister Order: Cyprinodontiformes     45 M years
Ref.: Carroll, R., 1988     Helfman, G., B. Collette and D. Facey, 1997
First fossil record: early Tertiary       middle Eocene
Occurs in: Marine      Freshwater      Brackish
Remarks: Interarcual cartilage (connects the epibranchial bone of the first gill arch with the infrapharyngobranchial of the second gill arch) small or absent; small second and third epibranchials; interhyal absent; lower caudal fin lobe with more principal rays than the upper lobe. Presence of a fixed or nonprotrusible upper jaw.
Class etymology: Greek aktis = ray, thunderbolt, beam + Greek pterygion, diminutive of pteryx = wing, fin. Ref. 45335.
Order etymology: Greek, belone = needle + Latin, forma = shape. Ref. 45335.
Families: 5
Adrianichthyidae , Belonidae , Exocoetidae , Hemiramphidae , Scomberesocidae
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