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Blue Peter goes to Scout camp

Blue Peter presenter Andy with some ScoutsOver 100 Cubs, Scouts and Explorers descended on Youlbury Activity Centre at the weekend to take part in the BBC’s Blue Peter camp.

The TV show was filmed over a 24-hour period. Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere was assigned to the Bear Patrol, who showed him the ropes. Cub Scout Grace had a leading role, and she took Andy under her wing. She told him all about Scouting ('it's really exciting and you have lots of adventures') and helped him master the activities they took part in throughout the day, including Youlbury's new High Ropes course - an assault course 14 metres in the air.

The Scouts - and Andy - braved the snow, sleet and rain for the 24-hour camp, and enjoyed every minute of it, despite the weather.

Ollie, a Scout from Sevenoaks and in the Shark Patrol at camp, was particularly excited about the TV crew being there. He said 'The great thing about Blue Peter filming our Scout camp is that it is a chance for other children to see that Scouting is not just about history and tying knots; it's about climbing, camping and making new friends. I love the social side of Scouting. I was on a survival camp recently and made two really good friends. I may never see them again, but that is what Scouting's about. Whether it's for a year or a day, it's still good to make new friends. It's really, really, really, really cool!'

The whole camp will be heading along to the Blue Peter studios next week to take part in a record-breaking pancake tossing attempt - hopefully it will be a slightly warmer affair.

The 'Scout' show will be aired on Tuesday, 20 February at 5pm on BBC1.


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