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d20Player - d20Player is a xoops module for managing multiple character record sheets for the DTRPG D&D.

Dasdan_mylinks - I would like to make some advanced options in the mylinks module. 1.I was thinking about adding a keywords field to each link, and using this info to get more precise search results. 2.There will be a weight assigned to keywords and stored in separate ...

debaser - This is a media player for multimedia files. Files can be uploaded, retrieved and played within Xoops using different kind of media players (at the moment: windows media player audio/video, flash player audio/normal, real player audio/video, quicktime). ...

dieserve - Dieserve provides a dice server for desk top role playing games. It manages a record of all previous dice rolls, so there's no arguments :) Players, who will have accounts on the Xoops installation where the dieserve module is installed, can easily req...

Digest - Web Digest is a remonte web content fetching module that allows you to fetch, display and monitor any desired content from internet and to display on your site. Demo: Readme:

Directory - Module to allow custom searchable directories to be built.

Directory Content Management System - The goal of this project is to turn XOOPS as a LDAP COntent management tool in a more functionnal way than many tools.

Discography - Discography module let simply create discographies with a lot of artists, albums and songs. Each artist, album or song can be commented or reviewed by users. There are user-based voting and error or mistakes reporting for administrator.

DJ Control Center - Contol Center for Radiosites

dj culex rotator - Tools for radio stations etc, showing a block containing the info of the "On air" event. Start time, end time, Dj name and station & clickable picture for more info on the event. Also useable for others showing schedules, appointments, plan for the day...

(Results 0 - 10 of 13)  first   prev   1   2   next   last   

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