ilovebees was created for the Microsoft Game Studio to promote Halo2, the sequel to the all-time hit Xbox title Halo.

Create a campaign extending the IP of the Halo brand in a clever way to attract mainstream press.

Based on the Halo fiction, ilovebees was an original radio drama that was deconstructed and delivered to consumers over an unlikely broadcast medium: ringing payphones. ilovebees was a giant multi-player, multi-platform story, immersing players in the world of Halo2 in the four months leading up to the title’s record shattering launch.

During the campaign players hunted down and answered payphones in all 50 states and several countries around the world. Each week a new episode was broadcast to the phones which the players obsessively sought out in order to unlock the content online for the broader community playing the game.

With tens of thousands of enthusiasts mobilized in public for pervasive missions, three-quarters of a million active participants working online to talk about and solve the immersive mystery, and nearly two-and-a-half million casual participants tracking the experience, ilovebees turned the Halo2 launch into a cultural phenomenon, energizing the core consumer base while attracting and keeping the attention of a audience that went well beyond core gamers.

The camaign generated significant press coverage in the mainstream press (New York Times, CNN) as well as in virtually all key gaming publications. Halo2 sold $125 mil in copies the first day of release, and has recently surpassed 7 million in title sales. The ilovebees campaign won a 2005 Game Developers Convention special award for innovation as well as a Webby Award.