The Wodehouse short stories

The stories are generally listed by the familiar titles under which they appear in book collections, but alternate titles are cross-indexed. The number-and-letter code comes from Daniel H. Garrison's Who's Who in Wodehouse. The codes in the right column list the primary book collections in which the stories appear; an index to the codes is at the bottom of the table.

Where I have been able to determine which of multiple magazine appearances is the source for a book appearance, the book is listed in the same row of the table. If the book reference spans multiple magazine reference rows, I would be grateful for additional data about the relation between book and magazine versions.

A parenthetical title with the abbreviation cf. refers to an earlier or later story with significant plot similarities or reused elements. Without the abbreviation, parentheses indicate an alternate title listed in reference books, where I'm not sure which version appeared with that alternate title, or occasionally a series title as with "Tales of Wrykyn".

Please send corrections and additional information to

Neil Midkiff
October 2001

Absent Treatment11ATReggie PepperUKStrand1911/03 M2La MMJ EJ
Adrian Mulliner, Detectivesee Smile that Wins, The
Adrian Mulliner's Greatest Triumphsee From a Detective's Notebook
Adventure of the Split Infinitive, The02SIschoolUKPublic School Mag1902/03 PS1
Affair of Boats, An
(Tales of Wrykyn No. 4)
05AB school UKCaptain1905/07 TWE
Afternoon Dip, An04AD school UKPearson's-UK1904/09 TWE
UKGreyfriars Holiday Annual1925Jackson's Dip
Against the Clock09ACJoan RomneyUKPearson's-UK1909/06 -
Ahead of Schedule
(cf. Ways to Get a Gal)
11AS UKGrand1910/11 MU
All's Wellsecond half of IJ version of Bingo and the Little Woman
All's Well with Bingo37AWBingo LittleUSSat. Eve. Post1937/01/30 CWB EBCe
Amazing Hat Mystery, The33AHDronesUSCosmopolitan1933/08 YMS VW
Another Christmas Carol70ACMullinerUSPlayboy1970/12 WM
Anselm Gets His Chance37AGMullinerUKStrand1937/07 EBC VW
USSat. Eve. Post1937/07/03 
Archibald and the Masses35AMMullinerUSCosmopolitan1935/08 YMS
Archibald's Benefit
(cf. Reginald's Record Knock)
10ABgolfUSCollier's1910/03/19 MU GO
Archie and the Sausage Chappie20ASArchieUKStrand1920/04 IA
USCosmopolitan1920/06The Sausage Chappie
Artistic Career of Corky, The16ACJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1916/02/05Leave It to JeevesMMJ EJas "Leave It to Jeeves" in MMJ and EJ
UKStrand1916/06Leave It to JeevesCOJe WoJ
At Geisenheimer's15AG USSat. Eve. Post1915/08/21 M2L
UKStrand1915/10The Love-r-ly Silver Cup
Aubrey's Arrested Individuality15AA USVanity Fair1915/05 -
Aunt Agatha Takes the Count22AAJeeves & BertieUKStrand1922/04 IJ CrIJ split: Aunt Agatha Speaks Her Mind/Pearls Mean Tears
USCosmopolitan1922/10Aunt Agatha Makes a Bloomer
Aunt Agatha Makes a Bloomersee Aunt Agatha Takes the Count
Aunt Agatha Speaks Her Mindfirst half of IJ version of Aunt Agatha Takes the Count
Aunt and the Sluggard, The16ASJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1916/04/22 MMJ COJe EJ
USSat. Eve. Post1971 Winter 
Author!01AU school UKPublic School Magazine1901/10 TSA
Autograph Hunters, The05AH school UKPearson's-UK1905/02 UW TWE
Awakening of Rollo Podmarsh, The23ARgolfUKStrand1923/01 HG F!
USRed Book1923/03Rollo Podmarsh Comes To
Awful Gladness of the Mater, The25AGBobbie WickhamUSSat. Eve. Post1925/03/21 MMSMr. Mulliner frame added for book
Babe and the Dragon, The02BD school UKCaptain1902/02 TSA
Back to the Garage29BGtheatreUKStrand1929/07 PS3
USCosmopolitan1929/07Franklin's Favorite Daughter-
Battle of Squashy Hollow, Thesee Sleepy Time
Benefit Match, A06AB UKWindsor1906/08 -
Bertie Changes His Mind22BCJeeves & BertieUKStrand1922/08Bertie Gets His ChanceCOJ [narr. Jeeves]
Bertie Gets Evensee Scoring Off Jeeves
Best Sauce, The11BS UKStrand1911/07 UW
USPictorial Review1913/02A Dinner of Herbs
Best Seller
(cf. Parted Ways)
30BSMullinerUSCosmopolitan1930/06 MNMr. Mulliner frame added for book
Between the Innings05BIcricketUKNovel Mag.1905/07 -
Big Business52BB  USCollier's1952/12/13 -very similar to Lilliput version
UKLilliput1953/03 PS7
Mullinerrewritten as Mr. Mulliner/Reginald Mulliner story FQOae WM
Bill the Bloodhound15BBtheatreUSCentury1915/02Bill, the BloodhoundM2L
Bingo and the Little Woman22BLJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1922/11 IJIJ split: Bingo and the Little Woman/All's Well
Bingo and the Peke Crisis37BPBingo LittleUSSat. Eve. Post1937/05/29 EBC
Bingo Bans the Bomb65BBBingo LittleUSPlayboy1965/01 PP
Bingo Has a Bad Goodwoodsecond half of IJ version of Comrade Bingo
Bingo Little's Wild Night Outsee Word in Season, The
Birth of a Salesman50BSBlandingsUSThis Week1950/03/26 NS FQOp
Bishop's Cat, Thesee Story of Webster, The
Bishop's Folly, Thesee Cats Will Be Cats
Bishop's Move, The27BMMullinerUSLiberty1927/08/20 MMM
Bit of All Right, Asee Room at the Hermitage, A
Bit of Luck for Mabel, A25BLUkridgeUSSat. Eve. Post1925/12/26 EBC
Black For Luck15BL UKStrand1915/06 M2L
USRed Book1915/07 A Black Cat for Luck
Blenkinsop's Benefit04BBschoolUKCaptain1904/08 TWE
Bolt from the Blue, TheMM14Roland BlekeUKStrand1914/05 MMeans
USPictorial Review1916/06The Episode of the Financial Napoleon
Borrowed Dog, Thesee Episode of the Dog McIntosh
Bradshaw's Little Story02BLschoolUKCaptain1902/07 TSA SwO
Bramley Is So Bracing39BIFreddie WidgeonUSSat. Eve. Post1939/10/28 EBCa NS VW
Brother Alfredsee Rallying Round Old George
Brother Fanssee One Touch of Nature
Buried Treasure36BTMullinerUKStrand1936/09 LEO CWB WM
USThis Week1936/09/27Hidden Treasure-
Buttercup Day25BDUkridgeUSSat. Eve. Post1925/11/21 EBC
By Advice of Counsel10BA UKStrand1910/07 MU
USPictorial Review1910/09 
Cagey Gorilla, Asee Monkey Business
Came the Dawn27CDMullinerUSLiberty1927/06/11 MMM
Castaways, The33CAMulliner
UKStrand1933/06 BCE
Cats Will Be Cats32CCMullinerUSAmerican1932/03The Bishop's FollyMN
UKStrand1932/06The Bishop's Folly
Chester Forgets Himself23CFgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1923/07/07 HG F!
Clicking of Cuthbert, The21UCgolfUKStrand1921/10The Unexpected Clicking of CuthbertCC VW
USElk's Mag1922/07Cuthbert Unexpectedly Clicks
Clustering Round Young Bingo25CRJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUSSat. Eve. Post1925/02/21 COJ
Code of the Mulliners, The35CMMullinerUSCosmopolitan1935/02 YMS
The Colour Line20GFtheatreUSMcClure's1920/03+04The Golden Flaw-McClure's is combined issue for March-April 1920
UKGrand1920/04  PS3
The Come-back of Battling Billson35CBUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1935/06 LEO EBCa
Coming of Gowf, The21CGgolfUKStrand1921/05 CC F! GO
USMcClure's1921/06+07 McClure's is combined issue for June-July 1921
Company for Gertrude28CGBlandingsUKStrand1928/09 BCE
Compromisedsee Fate
Comrade Bingo22CBJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1922/05 IJIJ split: Comrade Bingo/Bingo Has a Bad Goodwood
Concealed Art15CAReggie PepperUKStrand1915/02 PS2 EJ
USPictorial Review1915/07 
Corner in Lines, A05CLschoolUKPearson's-UK1905/01 UW TWE
Creatures of Impulse
(cf. The Crime Wave at Blandings)
14CI UKStrand1914/10 PS6
USMcClure's1914/10 -slightly longer version
Crime Wave at Blandings, The
(cf. Creatures of Impulse)
36CWBlandingsUSSat. Eve. Post1936/10/10-17 LEO CWB
Crowned Heads15CH USArgosy1914/06 M2Le
Cupid and the Paint-Brush03CP UKWindsor1903/04 -
Custody of the Pumpkin, The24CPBlandingsUSSat. Eve. Post1924/11/29 BCE
Cuthbert Unexpectedly Clickssee Clicking of Cuthbert, The
Dastardly Behaviour of Bashmead, The- UKVanity Fair-UK1903/11/19 -
Dear Old Squiffy20DOArchieUKStrand1920/05 IA
USGolden Book1933/01 
Death at the Excelsior14DE UKPearson's-UK1914/12The Education of Detective Oakes-
USAll-Story Cavalier Weekly1915/03/13The Harmonica Mystery
USThe Saint Detective Mag.1955/06The Harmonica Mystery
USEllery Queen1978/05  UW PS1
Debut of Battling Billson, The23DBUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/06 U
Deep Waters10DW USCollier's1910/05/28 MU SwO
The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace22ECJeeves & BertieUKStrand1922/10 IJ
USCosmopolitan1922/11The Exit of Claude and Eustace
Deserter, The05DEMike JacksonUKRoyal1905/08 PS11 TWE
Dinner of Herbs, Asee Best Sauce, The
Disappearance of Podmarsh, The15DP USVanity Fair1915/06 -
Disentangling Old Duggiesee Disentangling Old Percy
Disentangling Old Percy12DOReggie PepperUSCollier's1912/03/30Disentangling Old DuggieEJ
UKStrand1912/08 PS2
USGolden Book1934/10  
Division of Spoil, A06DSschoolUKCaptain1906/09 TWE
Doing Clarence A Bit of Good
(cf. Jeeves Makes an Omelet)
13DCReggie PepperUKStrand1913/05 M2La MMJ
USPictorial Review1914/04Rallying Round ClarenceEJ
Doing Father a Bit of Good20DFArchieUKStrand1920/06 IA
Dudley Is Back to Normal
(cf. Joy Bells for Barmy)
40DIBobbie WickhamUKStrand 1940/07 PS8
Dudley Jones, Borehunter- UKPunch1903/04/29
Editor Regrets, The39ERBingo LittleUSSat. Eve. Post1939/07/01 EBC
Educating Aubrey11EAschoolUKLondon Mag1911/05 TWE
Education of Detective Oakes, Thesee Death at the Excelsior
Eighteen-Carat Kid, The13EC UKCaptain1913/01-03 18K
Eighteenth Hole, The-golfUSVanity Fair1915/08 -
Episode of the Dog McIntosh29JDJB, Bobbie WickhamUKStrand1929/10Jeeves and the Dog McIntoshVGJ
USCosmopolitan1929/10The Borrowed Dog
Episode of the Exiled Monarch, TheMM14 Roland Bleke UKStrand1914/08 MMeans
USPictorial Review1916/09 
Episode of the Financial Napoleon, Thesee Bolt from the Blue, The
Episode of the Hired Past, TheMM14 Roland Bleke UKStrand1914/09 MMeans
USPictorial Review1916/10 
Episode of the Landlady's Daughter, Thesee Landlady's Daughter, The
Episode of the Live Weekly, TheMM14 Roland Bleke UKStrand1914/07 MMeans
USPictorial Review1916/08 
Episode of the Theatrical Venture, TheMM14 Roland Bleke UKStrand1914/06 MMeans
USPictorial Review1916/07 
Excelsior48EXgolfUKArgosy1948/07/01The Hazards of Horace BewstridgeNS GO
Exit of Battling Billson, The23EBUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/12 U
Exit of Claude and Eustace, Thesee Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace, The
Extricating Young Gussie15EYJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1915/09/18 -virtually identical to book versions
UKStrand1916/01 M2L EJ
Farewell to Legs35FLgolfUSThis Week1935/07/14 YMSa LEO GO
Fat of the Land, The
(cf. Stylish Stouts)
58FLFreddie WidgeonUSThis Week1958/11/02 FQO
Fatal Kink in Algernonsee Man Who Disliked Cats, The
Fate31FAFreddie WidgeonUKStrand1931/05 YMS
Feet of Clay50FCgolfUSThis Week1950/06/18A Slightly Broken RomanceNS GO
Fiery Wooing of Mordred, The34FWMullinerUSCosmopolitan1934/12 YMS Cr
Fifteenth Man, The06FM UKWindsor1906/12 -
First Aid for Dora23FAUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/07 U
First Aid for Freddiesee Sticky Wicket at Blandings
First Aid for Looney Biddle20FAArchieUKStrand1920/10 IA
Fixing It for Freddie
(cf. Helping Freddie)
26FFJeeves & BertieCACanadian Home Journal1928/09 COJ
Franklin's Favorite Daughtersee Back to the Garage
Freddie, Oofy, and the Beef Trust 48FOFreddie Widgeon first? pub. in The Best of Wodehouse (Pocket Books, 1949)FQO as Oofy, Freddie, and the Beef Trust in FQOe
From a Detective's Notebook59DNMullinerUKPunch1959/05/20 WM
USEllery Queen1975/02Adrian Mulliner's Greatest Triumph
Gala Night30GNMullinerUSCosmopolitan1930/05 MN
George and Alfred
(cf. Rallying Round Old George)
67GAMullinerUSPlayboy1967/01 PP
Go-Getter31GGBlandingsUSCosmopolitan1931/03Sales ResistanceBCE
Goal-Keeper and the Plutocrat, The
(cf. The Pitcher and the Plutocrat)
12GKsoccerUKStrand1912/01 MU SwO
Golden Flaw, Thesee The Colour Line
Gone Wrong-  ->in The Cecil Aldin Book (Eyre & Spottiswode, 1932)
Good Angel, The10GAKeggsUKStrand1910/02 MU UWset in England
USCosmopolitan1910/02The Matrimonial Sweepstakes-set in America; slightly longer; first mention of "Lord Emsworth"
Good Cigar Is a Smoke, A67GC  USPlayboy1967/12 PP
Good-bye to All Cats34GBFreddie WidgeonUSCosmopolitan1934/11 YMS
Great Fat Uncle Contest, Thesee Stylish Stouts
Great Sermon Handicap, The22SHJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1922/06 IJ
Guardian, The08GUschoolUKWindsor1908/09 SwO TWE
Harmonica Mystery, Thesee Death at the Excelsior
Harrison's Slight Error03HSschoolUKCaptain1903/01 TSA
Hats Off to Algernonsee Leave It to Algy
Hazards of Horace Bewstridge, Thesee Excelsior
Heart of a Goof, The23HGgolfUSRed Book1923/09 HG F!
Heel of Achilles, The21HAgolfUKStrand1921/11 CC F!
USChicago Tribune; St. Louis Globe-Democrat1922/06/11 
Helping Freddie
(cf. Fixing It for Freddie)
11HFReggie PepperUKStrand1911/09 MMJ EJ
USPictorial Review1912/03Lines and Business
Hero's Reward, Thesecond half of IJ version of Scoring Off Jeeves
Hidden Treasuresee Buried Treasure
High Stakes25HSgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1925/09/19 HG F!
Homeopathic Treatment04HTschoolUKRoyal1904/08 TWE
Honeysuckle Cottage25HCMulliner (book version)USSat. Eve. Post1925/01/24 MMM VWMr. Mulliner frame added for book version
USFantasy & SF1958/12 
How Paine Bucked Up02HPschoolUKCaptain1902/10 TSA
How Papa Swore in Hindustanisee When Papa Swore in Hindustani
How Pillingshot Scored03HPschoolUKCaptain1903/05 TSA
UKGreyfriars Holiday Annual1926 
How's That, Umpire? 51HTcricket NS
Idle King, The03IK UKSunday Mag.1903/05 -
I'll Give You Some Advicesee Tangled Hearts
In Alcala11IA UKLondon Magazine1911/12 MU
Indian Summer of an Uncle30ISJeeves & BertieUKStrand1930/03 VGJ
Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy, The26ICJeeves & BertieUKStrand1926/04 VGJ
International Affair, An
(Tales of Wrykyn No. 6)
05IAschoolUKCaptain1905/09 SwO TWE
Introducing Claude and Eustacefirst half of IJ version of Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch
It Was Only a Firesee Story of William, The
Jackson's Dipsee Afternoon Dip, An
Jackson's Extra04JEMike JacksonUKRoyal1904/06 PS11 TWE
Jane Gets off the Fairway24JGgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1924/10/25 HG
Jeeves and the Blightersee Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch
Jeeves and the Chump Cyril18JCJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1918/06/08 IJ EJIJ split: A Letter of Introduction/Startling Dressiness of a Lift Attendant
Jeeves and the Dog McIntoshsee Episode of the Dog McIntosh
Jeeves and the Greasy Bird65JGJeeves & BertieUSPlayboy1965/12 PP WoJ
Jeeves and the Hard Boiled Egg17JHJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1917/03/03 MMJ COJ EJ
Jeeves and the Impending Doom26JIJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1926/12 VGJ
Jeeves and the Kid Clementina30JKJeeves, Bertie, Bobbie WickhamUKStrand1930/01 VGJ
Jeeves and the Love That Purifies29JLJeeves & BertieUKStrand1929/11 VGJin VGJ as The Love that Purifies
USAlfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine1987/07 
Jeeves and the Old School Chum30JOJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1930/02 VGJ
Jeeves and the Song of Songs29JSJeeves & BertieUKStrand1929/09 VGJ
USCosmopolitan1929/09The Song of Songs
Jeeves and the Spot of Art29SAJeeves & BertieUKStrand1929/12 VGJin VGJ as The Spot of Art
Jeeves and the Stolen Venussee Jeeves Makes an Omelet
Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest16JUJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1916/12/09 MMJ COJ EJ
Jeeves and the Yule-Tide Spirit27JYJeeves, Bertie, Bobbie WickhamUKStrand1927/12 VGJ VW
Jeeves Exerts the Old Cerebellumfirst half of IJ version of Jeeves in the Springtime
Jeeves in the Springtime21JSJeeves & BertieUKStrand1921/12 IJ EJIJ split: Jeeves Exerts the Old Cerebellum/No Wedding Bells for Bingo
Jeeves Makes an Omelet
(cf. Doing Clarence a Bit of Good)
59JMJeeves & BertieCAToronto Star1958/08/22 FQO WoJ
USEllery Queen1959/08Jeeves and the Stolen Venus
Jeeves Takes Charge16JTJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1916/11/18 COJ EJ
Job of Work, A13JWboxingUKStrand1913/01 PS5
USCollier's1913/09/06 -
Joy Bells for Barmy
(cf. The Right Approach)
47RA USCosmopolitan1947/10 PS7
Joy Bells for Walter 56JBgolfUSThis Week1956/10/17Keep Your Temper, WalterFQOaeNot in GO
UKJohn Bull1957/02/16Keep Your Temper, Walter
Juice of an Orange, The33JOMulliner
UKStrand1933/02 BCE
USAmerican1933/02Love on a Diet
Keep Your Temper, Waltersee Joy Bells for Walter
Keeping in with Vosper26KIgolfUKStrand1926/03 HG
Keeping it from Cuthbertsee Keeping It from Harold
Keeping It from Harold13KI UKStrand1913/12 -
USLiberty1926/02/27Keeping it from Cuthbert
Kid Brady, Light-weight05BL boxing USPearsons-US1905/09 -
Kid Brady--How he Assisted a Damsel in Distress06BA boxing USPearsons-US1906/03 -
Kid Brady--How he Broke Training05BB boxing USPearsons-US1905/11 -
Kid Brady--How he Fought for His Eyes06BF boxing USPearsons-US1906/07 -
Kid Brady--How he Joined the Press06BJ boxing USPearsons-US1906/05 -
Kid Brady--How he Took a Sea Voyage07BT boxing USPearsons-US1907/03 -
Kid Brady--How he Won the Championship06BW boxing USPearsons-US1906/01 -
Kind-Hearted Editor, The- UKThrone and Country1908/12/05 -
Kink in His Character, Asee Ordeal By Golf
Knightly Quest of Mervyn, The31KQFreddie WidgeonUSCosmopolitan1931/04Quest-
Mullinerrewritten as Mr. Mulliner/Egbert Mulliner storyMN
L'Affaire Uncle John01AFschoolUKPublic School Mag.1901/08 TSA
Ladies and Gentlemen v. Players08LGJoan RomneyUKWindsor1908/08 -
Landlady's Daughter, TheMM14 Roland Bleke UKStrand1914/04 MMeans
USPictorial Review1916/05The Episode of the Landlady's Daughter
Last Place, The
(Tales of Wrykyn No. 5)
05LPschoolUKCaptain1905/08 TWE
Leave It to Algy54LABingo LittleUSBluebook1954Hats Off to AlgernonFQO
UKJohn Bull1959/05/16 
Leave It to Jeevessee Artistic Career of Corky, The
Letter of Introduction, Afirst half of IJ version of Jeeves and the Chump Cyril
Letter of the Law, The36LLgolfUSRedbook1936/02A Triple Threat ManYMSa LEO
Level Business Head, The26LBUkridgeUKStrand1926/05 LEO EBCa
Life with Freddie66LFBlandings PP
Lines and Businesssee Helping Freddie
Long Arm of Looney Coote, The23LAUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/11 U
Long Hole, The21LHgolfUKStrand1921/08 CC F!
Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best26LEBlandingsUKStrand1926/06 BCE
Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend28EGBlandingsUSLiberty1928/10/06 BCE VW
Lost Bowlers, The05LBcricketUKStrand1905/09 -
Love Birdssee Nodder, The
Love Me, Love My Dog 10LMKeggsUSHampton's1910/07The Watch DogPS4earliest buzzer character, Lord Bertie Fendall
UKStrand1910/08 -
?Home1931/08A Dog-Eared Romance-
Love on a Dietsee Juice of an Orange, The
Love that Purifies, Thesee Jeeves and the Love That Purifies
Love-r-ly Silver Cup, Thesee At Geisenheimer's
Luck of the Stiffhams, The33LSDronesUSCosmopolitan1933/11 YMS
Magic Plus Fours, The22MPgolfUKStrand1922/12 HG
USRed Book1923/01Plus Fours
Making of Mac's, The15MM UKStrand1915/05 M2L
USRed Book1916/05The Romance of "Mac's"
Man Upstairs, The10MU UKStrand1910/03 MU UWset in Chelsea
USCosmopolitan1910/03The Man Up-stairs-set in Washington Square, NYC
Man Who Disliked Cats, The12MC UKStrand1912/05 MU
USLadies Home Journal1916/01Fatal Kink in Algernon
Man Who Gave Up Smoking, The29GUMullinerUKStrand1929/03 MMS
Man Who Married a Hotel, The20MHArchieUKStrand1920/03 IA
Man with Two Left Feet, The16TL USSat. Eve. Post1916/03/18 -
UKStrand1916/05 M2L
Man, the Maid, and the Miasma, The 10MM UKGrand1910/02 MU
Manoeuvres of Charteris, The03MCschoolUKCaptain1903/08-09 TSA
UKGreyfriars Holiday Annual1927Out of Bounds
Masked Troubadour, The36MT USSat. Eve. Post1936/11/28Reggie and the Greasy Bird PS9rewritten with character and setting changes
Freddie WidgeonUKStrand1936/12  LEO CWB original version
Matrimonial Sweepstakes, Thesee Good Angel, The
Metropolitan Touch, The22MTJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1922/09 IJ
Mike's Little Brother13ML UKPall Mall1913/10 -
Military Invasion of America, The15MI USVanity Fair1915/07-08 -Revision of the novel The Swoop!
Missing Mystery, Thesee Strychnine in the Soup
Misunderstood10MI UKNash's1910/05 UW
USBurr McIntosh Monthly1910/05 
Mr. McGee's Big Day50MM USEllery Queen1950/11 PS1
Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure26PTBobbie WickhamUSLiberty1926/01/23The Rest CureBCE
Mixed Threesome, A20MTgolfUSMcClure's1920/06 CC F!
Mixer, The: He Meets a Shy Gentleman15TMdogUKStrand1915/11 M2Le
USRed Book1916/06 A Very Shy Gentleman
Mixer, The: He Moves in Society15MSdogUKStrand1915/12 M2Le
USRed Book1916/07 Breaking into Society
Monkey Business32MBMulliner
UKStrand1932/12 BCEwith Montrose Mulliner and Oxford-educated gorilla
USAmerican1932/12A Cagey Gorilla-with Mervyn Mulliner and Harvard-educated gorilla
Mother's Knee20MKArchieUKStrand1920/11 IA
Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppo26MBMullinerUSLiberty1926/09/04 MMM
No Wedding Bells for Bingosecond half of IJ version of Jeeves in the Springtime
No Wedding Bells for Him23NWUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/10 U
Noblesse Oblige34NOFreddie WidgeonUSCosmopolitan1934/09 YMS
Nodder, The33NOMulliner
UKStrand1933/01 BCE
USAmerican1933/01Love Birds
Not Out of Distancesee There's Always Golf!
Odd Trick, The02OTschoolUKCaptain1902/08 TSA
One Touch of Nature14OTbaseballUSMcClure's1914/08Brother FansM2L
Oofy, Freddie, and the Beef Trustsee Freddie, Oofy, and the Beef Trust
Open House32OHMullinerUKStrand1932/04 MN
Ordeal By Golf19OGgolfUKStrand1920/02A Kink in His CharacterCC
Ordeal of Bingo Little, The54OBBingo LittleUSBluebook1954/05 -
Ordeal of Osbert Mulliner, The28OOMullinerUSLiberty1928/11/24 MMS
Ordeal of Young Tuppy, Thesee Tuppy Changes His Mind
Out of Boundssee Manoeuvres of Charteris, The
Out of School09OS USAinslee's1909/09 MU
Passing of Ambrose, The28PA Bobbie WickhamUKStrand1928/07 MMS'(said Mr. Mulliner)' added for book version
Parted Ways
(cf. Best Seller)
30BS* UKStrand1914/12 -
USPictorial Review1915/06 
Paving the Way for Mabel20PWArchieUKStrand1920/07 IA
Pearls Mean Tearssecond half of IJ version of Aunt Agatha Takes the Count
Personally Conducted07PCJoan RomneyUKCassell's1907/07 TWE
Petticoat Influence06PIJoan RomneyUKStrand1906/02 -
Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey!27PHBlandingsUSLiberty1927/07/09 BCE VW
Pillingshot, Detective10PD school UKCaptain1910/09 UW TWE
Pillingshot's Paper11PP school UKCaptain1911/02 TWE
Pitcher and the Plutocrat, The
(cf. The Goal-Keeper...)
10PPbaseballUSCollier's1910/09/24 ->in The Fireside Book of Baseball (Simon & Schuster, 1956) and The Baseball Reader (Lippincott & Crowell, 1980)
Playing the Game-schoolUKPearson's-UK1906/05 TWE
UKGreyfriars Holiday Annual1924Scott's Sister
Plus Fourssee Magic Plus Fours, The
Politeness of Princes, The
(Tales of Wrykyn No. 2)
05PP school UKCaptain1905/05 SwO TWE
Portrait of a Disciplinarian27PDMullinerUSLiberty1927/09/24 MMM
Pots o' Money11PO UKStrand1911/12 MU UW
Pride of the Woosters is Wounded, Thefirst half of IJ version of Scoring Off Jeeves
Prisoner of War, A15PWLora Delane PorterUKStrand1915/03 PS10
USIllustrated Sunday Mag1916/02/13 -
Prize Poem, The01PP school UKPublic School Mag.1901/07 TSA 18K
Pro, The06TPcricketUKPearson's-UK1906/08 PS10
Prospects for Wambledon29PWtennisUKStrand1929/08 LF
Purification of Rodney Spelvin, The25PRgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1925/08/22 HG Cr
Purity of the Turf, The22PTJeeves, Bertie, Bingo LittleUKStrand1922/07 IJ Cr
Questsee Knightly Quest of Mervyn, The
Rallying Round Clarencesee Doing Clarence A Bit of Good
Rallying Round Old George
(cf. George and Alfred)
12RRReggie PepperUKStrand1912/12 M2La MMJ EJ
USCollier's1913/09/27Brother Alfred
Reformation of Study Sixteen, The04RS school UKRoyal1904/11 TWE
Reggie and the Greasy Birdsee Masked Troubadour, The
Reginald's Record Knock
(cf. Archibald's Benefit)
09RRcricketUKPearson's-UK1909/07 PS12
Rest Cure, Thesee Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure
Return of Battling Billson, The23RBUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/08 U
Reverent Wooing of Archibald, The28RWMullinerUKStrand1928/08 MMS
Right Approach, The
(cf. Joy Bells for Barmy)
47RAMullinerUKLilliput1958/09 FQO WMMr. Mulliner frame added for book version
 USPlayboy1959/01 PS7rewritten, with changes of names
Rise of Minna Nordstrom, The33RM(Mulliner)
USAmerican1933/03A Star is BornBCEMr. Mulliner frame added for book
Roderick the Runtsee Sir Agravaine
Rodney Fails to Qualify24RFgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1924/02/23 HG F!
Rodney Has a Relapse49RRgolfCANational Home Monthly1949/02Rupert Has a RelapseNS VW
Rollo Podmarsh Comes Tosee Awakening of Rollo Podmarsh, The
Romance at Droitgate Spa37RD USSat. Eve. Post1937/02/20 CWB EBCe VW
Romance of a Bulb-Squeezer, The27RBMullinerUKStrand1927/03 MMM Cr
Romance of an Ugly Policeman, The15RU UKStrand1915/01 M2L
Room at the Hermitage, A20RHArchieUKStrand1920/09 IA
USCosmopolitan1920/11A Bit of All Right
Rough Stuff, The20RSgolfUSChicago Tribune1920/10/10 CC
Rough-Hew Them How We Will10RH UKStrand1910/04 MUset in London
USCosmopolitan1910/08 -set in New York
Rummy Affair of Old Biffy, The24RAJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1924/09/27 COJ
Rupert Has a Relapsesee Rodney Has a Relapse
Ruth in Exile12RE UKStrand1912/07 MU UW
Ruthless Reginald
(Tales of Wrykyn No. 1)
05RR school UKCaptain1905/04 TWE
Sales Resistancesee Go-Getter
Salvation of George Mackintosh, The21SGgolfUKStrand1921/06 CC F!
Sausage Chappie, Thesee Archie and the Sausage Chappie
Scoring Off Jeeves22SOJeeves & BertieUKStrand1922/02 IJIJ split: The Pride of the Woosters is Wounded/The Hero's Reward
USCosmopolitan1922/03Bertie Gets Even
Scott's Sistersee Playing the Game
Scratch Man40SMgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1940/01/20Tee for TwoEBCa FQO GO
UKStrand1940/09Tee for Two
Sea of Troubles, A14ST USMcClure's1914/09 -set in America
UKPearson's-UK1915/06 M2Lset in England; in M2La as "A Sea of Trouble"
Secret Pleasures of Reginald, The15SP USVanity Fair1915/06 UW
Shadow Passes, The50SPBingo Littlefirst? appeared in Nothing SeriousNS
Shields' and the Cricket Cup
(Tales of Wrykyn No. 3)
05SC school UKCaptain1905/06 SwO TWE
Shocking Affair, A03SA school UKPuffin Post1973/Q2 TSA SwO
Signs and Portents- UKStage and Sport1906/05/19 -
Sir Agravaine12SA USCollier's1912/06/29 MU
USEscapade1961/02Roderick the Runt
Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch22SRJeeves & BertieUKStrand1922/03 IJIJ split: Introducing Claude and Eustace/Sir Roderick Comes to Lunch
USCosmopolitan1922/04Jeeves and the Blighter
Sleepy Time65STgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1965/06/05The Battle of Squashy HollowPP GO
UKArgosy1965/10The Battle of Squashy Hollow
Slice of Life, A26SLMullinerUKStrand1926/08 MMM
Slightly Broken Romance, Asee Feet of Clay
Smile That Wins, The31SWMullinerUSAmerican1931/10 MN Cr
USEllery Queen1952/06Adrian Mulliner, Detective
Something Squishy24SSBobbie WickhamUSSat. Eve. Post1924/12/20 MMSMr. Mulliner frame added for book
Something To Worry About13ST UKStrand1913/02 MU SwO
Song of Songs, Thesee Jeeves and the Song of Songs
Sonny Boy39SBBingo LittleUSSat. Eve. Post1939/09/02 EBC
Spot of Art, Thesee Jeeves and the Spot of Art
Spring Frock, The19SF UKStrand1919/12 -
USSat. Eve. Post1919/07/12The Spring Suit
Spring Suit, Thesee Spring Frock, The
Star is Born, Asee Rise of Minna Nordstrom, The
Startling Dressiness of a Lift Attendantsecond half of IJ version of Jeeves and the Chump Cyril
Sticky Wicket at Blandings66SWBlandingsUSPlayboy1966/10First Aid for FreddiePP
UKArgosy1967/04First Aid for Freddie
Stone and the Weed10SW school UKCaptain1910/05 TWE
USBoys' Life1923/08; 1936/03; 1971/03  
Story of Cedric, The29SCMullinerUKStrand1929/05 MMS
Story of Webster, The32SWMullinerUSAmerican1932/02The Bishop's CatMN
UKStrand1932/05The Bishop's Cat
Story of William, The27SWMullinerUSLiberty1927/04/09It Was Only a FireMMM
Strange Disappearance of Mr. Buxton-Smythe, The01SD school UKPublic School Mag1901/12 PS1 TWE
Strange Experience of an Artist's Model21SEArchieUKStrand1921/01 IA Cr
Strychnine in the Soup32SSMullinerUSAmerican1931/12The Missing MysteryMN Cr
Stylish Stouts
(cf. The Fat of the Land)
65SSBingo LittleUSPlayboy1965/04 PPbook version expanded from magazines
UKLondon Evening Standard1965/12/24The Great Fat Uncle Contest
Success Story47SSUkridgeUSArgosy-US1948/03/01Ukie Invests in Human NatureNS
Sundered Hearts20SHgolfUKStrand1920/12 CC
Tabby Terror, The02TT school UKPublic School Mag.1902/02 TSA
Tangled Hearts48THgolfUSCosmopolitan1948/09I'll Give You Some AdviceNS GO
Tee for Twosee Scratch Man
Test Case, The15TCReggie PepperUKPearson's-UK1915/12 UW PS2 EJ
USIllustrated Sunday Magazine1915/12/12 
There's Always Golf!36AGgolfUKStrand1936/03 YMSa LEO GO
USRed Book1936/04Not Out of Distance
Those in Peril on the Tee27TPMullinerUSLiberty1927/05/21 MMS GO
Three from Dunsterville11TD UKStrand1911/08 MU
USPictorial Review1912/08 
Tithe for Charity, A55TCUkridgeUSPlayboy1955/04 FQOe
Tom, Dick, and Harry 05TDcricketUKGrand1905/07 UW PS12
Tried in the Furnace35TFDronesUKStrand1935/09 YMSe CWB VW
Triple Threat Man, Asee Letter of the Law, The
Trouble Down at Tudsleigh35TDFreddie WidgeonUKStrand1935/05 YMSe EBCa
Truth About George, The26TAMullinerUKStrand1926/07 MMM
Tuppenny Millionaire, The12TM UKStrand1912/10 MU SwO
Tuppy Changes His Mind30TCJeeves & BertieUKStrand1930/04 VGJas The Ordeal of Young Tuppy in VGJe
Ukie Invests in Human Naturesee Success Story
Ukridge and the Home from Home31UHUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1931/02 LEO EBCa
Ukridge and the Old Stepper28UOUkridgeUKStrand1928/06 EBC
Ukridge Rounds a Nasty Corner24URUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1924/01 U
Ukridge Sees Her Through23USUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/09 U
Ukridge Starts a Bank Account67USUkridgeUSPlayboy1967/07 PP
Ukridge, Teddy Weeks & the Tomatosee Ukridge's Accident Syndicate
Ukridge's Accident Syndicate 23UAUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/05 U VW Cr
UKStrand1923/06Ukridge, Teddy Weeks & the Tomato
Ukridge's Dog College23UDUkridgeUSCosmopolitan1923/04 U
Uncle Fred Flits By35UFDronesUSRed Book1935/07 YMS VW
Unexpected Clicking of Cuthbert, Thesee Clicking of Cuthbert, The
Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court29UBMullinerUKStrand1929/02 MMS
USFantasy & SF1952/10 
Unpleasantness at Kozy Kot58UKDronesCAStar Weekly1959/08/01 FQOa
Up from the Depths51UFgolf NS GO
Voice from the Past, The31VPMullinerUSAmerican1931/11A Voice from the PastMN
Washy Makes His Presence Felt20WMArchieUKStrand1920/08 IA
Watch Dog, Thesee Love Me, Love My Dog
Ways to Get a Gal
(cf. Ahead of Schedule)
57WT UKDream World1957/02 PS5
Welch's Mile Record02WM school UKCaptain1902/11 TWE
When Doctors Disagree10WD UKStrand1910/12 MU UW
When Papa Swore in Hindustani01WP UKAnswers1901/08/24 How Papa Swore...UW
Wigmore Venus, The21WVArchieUKStrand1921/02 IA
Wilton's Holiday15WH UKStrand1915/07 M2Le
USIllustrated Sunday Mag1916/03/19Wilton's Vacation-
Wilton's Vacationsee Wilton's Holiday
Wire-Pullers, The05WPJoan RomneyUKStrand1905/07 18K
USStrand-US1905/08 -
Without the Option25WOJeeves & BertieUSSat. Eve. Post1925/06/27 COJ Cr
Woman is Only a Woman, A19WWgolfUSSat. Eve. Post1919/06/07 CC
Word in Season, The40WSBingo LittleUKPunch1940/08/21 FQO
USHarper's Bazaar1940/09/15 
USThis Week1958/05/18Bingo Little's Wild Night Out

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