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Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Post Man:

I'm not dating anyone but I am stuck with a feeling of sadness. The hardest part of a relationship is letting go.

I recently fell for a guy who was about 50 -- I'm 29. We met on the phone for an interview and then we started e-mailing each other affectionately.

He asked me out, and we met once and had pricey dinner in a hotel. E-mails were the sole channel for our connection. The nightmare came when he told me by e-mail that he got married a year ago, and now is expecting a child.

I was very, very upset and have attempted suicide, but was saved fortunately. I'm still thinking of him and find it's hard to get him out of my mind and move on. I think he and I will have future; he has what it takes to be my Mr. Right.

Am I too stubborn or to...

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Dear Mr. Postman

SHE likes to party, he doesn't drink. He'd try escargot, she only wants to stick with salad. There was no denying that Cory, a 29-year-old landscape architect, and Katie, a 27-year-old advertising coordinator, came from different sides of the pond. So how did the two handle a blind date at Upper East Side eatery Café D'Alsace? Let's just say that the best word they came up with to describe each other was "nice."

He said:

I waited for a few minutes at the bar, since I got to Café D'Alsace first, and the wait staff was really friendly and helpful. The place looked pretty sleek and modern. When Katie showed up, she looked different from her photo - but still attractive.

The first thing I sensed about Katie was that she was friendly and easy to talk to. We had a good conversation about our families, and we both like to travel and are pretty active.

The only thing that was a little odd is that the people I generally hang around are pretty brave about trying new things, and as far as I could tell from a first date, that wasn't the case with Katie. The menu was pretty adventurous, and I wanted to try escargot, but Katie was...

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When it comes to begging forgiveness, some people will do just about anything for love. We salute them with these awards!

The "Keep It Under Raps" Award

"I had a fight with a girl I was dating, and to try and get over it, I went out drinking with the guys, and one thing led to another. Eventually, the phone got pulled out, and I called her. She...

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