World Council of Churches Delegation

To Occupied Palestinian Territories/Israel

27 June - 1 July 2001


Wednesday, 27 June 2001

20:00 Arrival Jerusalem

20.15 Orient House - Unofficial visit to memorial service of Mr Faissal Husseini

21:00 Dinner meeting/briefing with Jerusalem Coordination Team


Thursday, 28 June 2001

08:00 Breakfast Meeting - St. George’s with Archmandrite Attallah Hanna

09:00 Depart for Old City

09:30 Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Meetings - Archbishop Cornelius & Archbishop Timothy

11:00 Depart for Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate

11:15 Meeting with HB Patriarch Torkom Manoogian & Rt. Rev. Bishop Aris Shirvanian, Director of the Ecumenical & Foreign Relations of the Armenian Patriarchate

12:00 Depart for New Gate & transfer to Bethlehem

11:30 Meeting with HG Bishop Munib Younan (Peter Weiderud only)

12:45 Lunch Roundtable/Discussion with Palestinian NGOs:

Applied Research Institute Jerusalem ARIJ- NaderHrimat, Badil - Ingrid Jadarat, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement - Ghassan Andoni, George Rishmawi, George Rishmawi (II) Wi’am - Zoughbi Zoughbi, Teddy Crum (United Methodist Mission Intern)

14:30 Depart for Lutheran Christmas Church

15:00 Ecumenical Gathering of Local Clergy/Lay Leaders

Armenian Orthodox - Fr. Razmig Boghossian

Evangelical Lutheran Chucrh in Palestine and Jordan - Dr. Charlie Haddad,

Principal of Dal Al-Kalima School, Ms. Viola Raheb, Director of Schools for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan - ELCJ

EMW, Hamburg- Martin Bloecher, Secretary (guest)

16:30 Depart for Jerusalem

17:00 Meeting with HB Patriarch Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarchate & Fr. Frans Bouwen, President - Justice and Peace Commission

18:00 Depart for St. George’s

18:15 Break!

18:45 Walk to American Colony

19:00 Meeting with HE Hanlie Booysen, South African Chargé d' Affaires, Representative Office to the PNA, HE Catharina Kipp, Swedish Consul General (Peter Weiderud only)

20:30 Dinner Meeting with Mr. Francis Okelo, UN Deputy Special Co-Ordinator

Apologies: Mr Terje Rod-Larsen, UN Special Coordinator

22:30 Group Debriefing, St. George’s Guest House




Friday, 29 June 2001

07:30 Breakfast Meeting with Mr. Richard Cook, Director, UNRWA West Bank Field

Office & Lars Tore Kjerland, Senior Press & Information Officer - TIPH

09:00 Roundtable Discussion with Israeli Human Rights/Activists Groups

Bat Shalom - Judy Blanc, Rabbis for Human Rights - Rabbi Jeremy Milgram, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions ICAHD - Dr. Jeff Halper

Apologies: Ms Gila Svirsky, Women's Coalition for a Just Peace, Ms Jessica Montell, B'tselem, Mr Yuri Averni, Gush Shalom

10:30 Break

11:00 Depart for Beit Hanina

11:30 Roundtable Discussion with Palestinian NGOs (hosted by LAW)

LAW - Khader Shqeirat, Director, & Dianne Luping, International Law Legal Officer, Land Defense Committee - Issa Samandar, Executive Director, Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees-UPMRC/Palestinian NGO Network-PNGO - Ahlam Jarrad

Apologies: Arab Association for Human Rights, Al Haq, Defence for Children International - DCI, Jerusalem Centre for Women, Legal Defense Centre for Women

13:30 Depart for Ramallah

14:15 Lunch - Orthodox Club, Ramallah

15:30 Ecumenical Gathering of Local Parish Clergy/Lay Leaders

Greek Orthdox

Adv. Yaser Jaber, Council Member

Dr. Fahed Khalaf, Medical Doctor

Mr. Marwan Toubassi, General Director for Christian Affairs in PNA, Chairman of Orthodox Club - Ramallah

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan ELCJ

Rev. Ramez Ansara, Hope Church, Ramallah

Jack Bahbah, Finance Manager

David Tannous, Hope Church Ramallah

17:00 Depart for Jerusalem

18:00 Renewal Break

19:00 Depart for Dinner

19:30 Dinner meeting hosted with Bishop Munib Younan and Mrs. Suad Younan

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Khazmo - Syrian Orthodox and member of ICC Board

Mr & Mrs. Ramzi Zananiri - Greek Orthodox, Director - ICC

23:00 Delegation Departs for St. George’s Guest House








Saturday, 30 June 2001

08:00 Breakfast Meeting with HG Bishop Riah Abu Al-Assal

09:30 Roundtable Gathering with International Church Representatives & Partners

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)/United Church of Christ, Church of Scotland, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Episcopal Church - USA, EKD - Propst German Speaking Congregation, Presbyterian Church USA, Mennonite Central Committee, Christian Peacemaker Team CPT (Catholic, Lutheran and Mennonite members), United Methodist Church, Lutheran World Federation LWF, Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, St George's Cathedral.

11:00 Break

11:30 Roundtable Discussion with CROs

Caritas - Mrs. Claudette Habash,

Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees DSPR - Dr. Bernard Sabella, International Christian Committee - Mr. Ramzi Zananiri,

Justice and Peace Commission - Fr. Frans Bouwen & Ms. Doris Saleh,

Sabeel - Mrs. Jean Zaru & Ms. Hillary Rantisi,

YMCA - Mr. Judeh Majaj, YWCA - Mrs. Abla Nasir

13:30 Lunch - HG Bishop Riah Abu Al-Assal, Christmas Hotel

15:30 Meeting with HE Adin Talbar, Danish Consul General (Uffe Gjerding only)

16.30 Delegation Debriefing and Report Writing


Sunday, 1 June 2001