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Cryptography Documents

The following documents are scanned images from photocopies, so the quality is not great, however; they are readable.

The first is the classic and often referenced "Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems" by Claude Shannon that appeared in the Bell System Technical Journal, Vol 28, Oct 1949, pgs 656-715.
pg656&657 pg658&659 pg660&661 pg662&663 pg664&665 pg666&667 pg668&669 pg670&671 pg672&673 pg674&675
pg676&677 pg678&679 pg680&681 pg682&683 pg684&685 pg686&687 pg688&689 pg690&691 pg692&693 pg694&695
pg696&697 pg698&699 pg700&701 pg702&703 pg704&705 pg706&707 pg708&709 pg710&711 pg712&713 pg714&715

The second is an article written by Horst Feistel, a member of the IBM team that developed the Lucifer and DES ciphers.  Originally published in Scientific American magazine in May, 1973, pgs 15-23, the article focuses on machine encryption.  His development of the "Feistel Network" is the basis of many encryption schemes that are currently in use.
pg15 pg16 pg17 pg18 pg19 pg20 pg21 pg22 pg23

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