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Fluff*star- 02-02-2006
Jamiee Foxworth on Oprah **Warning-nudity!!!**
She is too pretty not to have been getting any work anywhere! I know it's hard to get roles in Hollywood, and that it's even harder for black actresses, but she couldn't do anything besides porn? I don't know what to think of her agency or her parents (she said she didn't finish school). Once an innocent child star, Jaimee found herself entering into the seedy underworld of porn. At age 19, she says she agreed to do a photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar. When she arrived at the studio, Jaimee realized there was more money to be made in the adult film industry. Intoxicated and feeling pressured by her boyfriend to come up with some cash, she agreed to do an explicit sex scene with another actress. During this time, Jaimee recounts that her "self-esteem was just completely to the floor." "It was, to me, the quickest money," Jaimee says. "I was so naïve, and I was drinking." After living the life of a child star, Jaimee says she didn't have any skills to fall back on and working at a fast-food joint wasn't an option that she considered. "I'd never lived a normal childhood," she says. "I always went to auditions." Jaimee remembers feeling ridiculous and degraded after making a porn film, but she never thought anyone would find out…at least not for a few years.